Monday, April 10, 2017

Can we buy these Vegan beauty products ?

 Recently my manager has received samples of Loreal Shampoo and Conditioner,
She wants to buy beauty products that are not tested on animals,
and she knew Loreal was not "Not tested on Animals",
so she knew she was not going to buy the shampoo and conditioner as long as
they were from Loreal, but she did not want to throw the samples away, so she
decided to use,  But ..
Surprise! she found the words " Vegan" "Not tested on Animals" on the  package.
Seriously? Loreal?

Can you see the right top of the tube says 100% Vegan?

V means Vegan

the magazine ad
Not tested on Animals!
She also knows that Nutrogena skin care have Natural products which are
also "Not tested on Animals".

Nutrogena Naturals
package of the Nutrogena natural: see? the bunny means "Not tested on animals".

When you need to buy Vegan skin care or hair care product at the grocery store,
there are not many choice as you might know.
Some stores carry Vegan products lately ( I mean certified ones such as Alba Botanica,
Yes to.., Bart's Bees) , but not enough to choose, and yet expensive, 
So if the familiar brand like Nutrogena and Loreal sell "Not tested on Animals" products,
it'll be very convenient, and helpful. it gives us more choice.

But can we buy those products? 
this does not mean many other products from Loreal and Nutrogena are 
also "Vegan". 

this is very confusing. we want to buy Vegan products with words "Not tested on animals"
but if we buy those Loreal shampoo or Nutrogena Natural skincare products,
the money will go and support the companies who are not 100% vegan. 
why do those companies  make and sell those vegan products if they are not 100% certified vegan companies? 

I want to see the bunny or the words " not tested on animals" on all products from 
those companies in the future. (I hope)

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Telegraph News website (UK)

  As I showed off many times last year, I was on media as one of Trump look cats.
One of those media were Telegraph News website (UK).

Recently we checked if the website was still visible from USA.
( the article I was on was written and published a year ago).
O yes, the website URL was still valid, but when we clicked "Share",
we've got an error message which said "this feature is no longer available",
so we thought the article on the website might be removed anytime.
And we wanted to keep it before it becomes unavailable.
we took screenshot the article from the beginning to the end
(over 15 pages) ,  then created the slideshow,
so we can now see them as a video.

we've uploaded  it on our You Tube channel just now.

I was also featured on OK magazine (UK) website back then.

I was on OK magazine website too,
but OK magazine website was not visible in USA, so we asked UK friends
if they could see. They checked and sent us screenshots. (shown above)

I seemed to have been bit late for being famous in USA.
I heard that many media in US were talking about Trump Your Cat  around June~July
in 2015, my first photo submission was Sept 2015. so that's why I was on Media only overseas.

But better than nothing, of course.

Thank you for your support,



Sunday, January 29, 2017

Customer support via SNS

As you can imagine, my manager uses PC and mobile a lot daily.
contacting and getting the latest photos of me from my Momsy,
hosting my pages, updating my page twice a day,
update my Instagram,  designing for merchandise, and so on,

And often gets technical problem with her devices.
The first thing most people do is to call the customer support, but
she has not confidence in explaining her problems over the phone, in English,
often wishes that she could show the customer support people her problem in photos.

So she used to write to the customer support in E-mail,
but E-mail does not allow photos to attach,
and she has to explain all her problem in one message,
writing a full explanation takes time.

I don't know how she found, but I think
oneday she saw a tweet from a phone company about a new product,
and asked a question,
then she got the answer very quickly,
so she has started using Twitter whenever she got a question, or when she needed
technical support,
she tried Outlook, T-Mobile, USPS,  Samsung, HP etc..
all of those business immediately replied via Twitter,
until they hear  "it was fixed, thank you" from her,
 they do not stop writing her back.
she can attach the photos to her message as well.
so she does not need to write full (long) explanation, and the
companies understand what the problem is immediately.
Asked Samsung for help about the error
they do not stop commuinicating until they hear me say "fixed!"

Major companies/business Twitter accts allow people to send messages with/without follow.
(*between individual accts, you must follow each other(with friends, celebrities)
 in order to send message).

 Major companies/business Twitter acct shows Message button. 

My manager has got supports from all those companies via Twitter immediately.

I thought this way to contact support is faster and convenient,
so I decided to talk about it here today.
try it next time you need help from business.

Monday, January 23, 2017



As you guys know, I use 2 languages on my SNS -English, and Japanese.
(why? because I'm interenational, and prejident).
I bet many of you have seen me hosting Japanese friends in Japanese language on FB,
Twitter etc.. and I have 2 blogs that 1 is here, and 1 is Japanese version.
Often 2 my blogs do talk about different topics,
I mean Japanese one is not the translated version of this English version of Yogi blog.
if you do not understand Japanese, but want to know what my Japanese blog topics are,
you gotta ask someone fluent in the language to translate for you.

But  Do not use GOOGLE, BING  etc.., I do not recommend online translator,
because inaccurate.
I show you here example.

The latest posts from my other blog (Japanese)

the part in blue, says 頑張って書くわ
(means "I'll write with my best", or "I'll write very hard")
I put the sentence in Bing translator

See? it can not translate correctly. Bing says what I said in Japanese means
"Good luck and Write".
then I put the sentence in the translator, to translate into Japanese.

O No, it did not translate the same as original words I first entered.
Can you see?

Another example

Japanese sentence in the blue area : あたしの写真持ってポーズしてくれって
(2 Cellos must have been surprised(or shocked) when they were asked to hold my photo).

This time, I put the sentence into Google,

It says " I was surprised", (not 2 Cellos).

Some people think they can be friends with anyone in the world because
they can use online translator,
I have seen on FB that a friend from Europe commented my Japanese friend that
"you are so sweet", in Japanese.

But no such expression in Japanese with the word "Sweet",
but the friend apparently did not know it,  and believed what Google gave her was correct,
she pasted the words as her comment to my Japanese friend, that looked very strenji, and even
'cause if you tell Japanese people "you are sweet" it means, the person is immature, or inexperience, don't think things seriously.. like that.

So be careful of using online translator, if you need help,
asking someone who is fluent in the language is  the best.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Happy New Year !

Yah, Happy New  Year!
I have been thinking of how to take care of this Blog space,
also my other SNS.

What can I do here ?
Our friend Daisy, the Curly cat has quit her blog 1-2 yrs ago.
her mom said she has been busy and  updating her blog was difficult.
('cause need to find the topics to write daily, weekly...)
I feel the same,
since this Blog title is "Daily Yogi", it sounds like this blog
space is for all about me.
what I do daily is sleeping 10 hours or more /day, eet, and babysit, that's
the reality of "Daily Yogi". I rarely have any news.
latest photos are posted on my FB page twice daily.
news are posted on my FB pages too.

What I know is that the reason people use blogs lately seems for the information about
fashion, trend, ideas, health, food etc.. about living.
so I think I'm gonna bring any kind of topics here, anything I think helpful or interesting.
OK? I will talk about it here.
Of course, if there is something about me to write, I will do so.
so I can update this blog more often, I think.

How to make Yogi craft?

cusotmized doll ideas?

How to find more food after your bowl gets empty?

Yah, I'll bring varieties of topics here from now. I want to talk about many things, not
only about me, cats.

See you!!


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Favorite Commercial

I don't watch TV at all, so I don't know what's new on TV, or if  there are anything
 funny on TV lately. But whenever we visit on the internet, customized advertising appear 
automatically, right?  
Well, MSN thought I might like this commercial,
and showed me over and over,

... I liked it! 

Mountain Dew Kick Start ad. 

The problem is, Mountain Dew Kick Start is an energy drink.

I showed this to my child purrson, and she liked it too,
everytime we go to the store, she asks for it ever since..
and I allow her to buy only one can in 1-2 weeks.
(is it OK for children to drink?? this advertising seems for everyone,
from kids to adults).

I found this reverse version too.

According to my child purrson, it tastes good.

I don't know who picked this ad to show me, but it sure was effective to sell
us the product.



Sunday, May 1, 2016

Meet 2Cellos

After The Japanese TV show in March,
my manager went to the 2Cellos concert in April.
(2Cellos - 2 Gorgeous young cellists from Croatia)
She had a VIP ticket, means she was able to meet the artists in purrson after the show.

She had nerve to ask 2Cellos for the strenjiest request for her,
And they did. (ShanQ very much!)

O No!! Stjepan Hauser is holding my picture!!

In the photo above, Luka (the guy in the black shirt at left) was wondering
if the picture he was looking at was real.
The famous picture of me and prejident Obama.

And I've got this!

Yogi XLXL! (signed by Luka)

Live video by my manager (below)
*there is more on my Yogi TV on You Tube
Yogi TV

They don't sing, they only play the Cellos, but not just classic music,  they play popular songs as
well. Not boring, really.

My manager always wanted to show her child purrson the real instruments, and
professional person(s) who can play the instruments in live.
she thought 2 Cellos's show would be purrfect to take her child purrson.

My manager said that they were very nice and lovely people.

ShanQ Luka, Stjepan, Dusan!! Please come Colorado again in the next US tour.