Monday, April 16, 2012

Yogi and Bijiness~Yogi on Twitter

 Hellow. We've celebrated fur 1 st Anniversary of Yogi fan page (Facebook) "Yogi And Furriends" last month, now.. this Blog is also 1 st Anniversary today(April 16), Miss Tamar from I HAVE CAT blog has suggested me to start Yogi Blog about a year ago (* the cat Miss Tamar owns, you see on the blog profile page is not me).  I was not sure if I could do, but tried anyway.. now this blog has average 1,000 visitors/month. I think that is good. (ShanQ Tamar!) Anyway We're gonna talk about Yogi And Bujiness in the next 30 days.

 As some fans know, we sell Yogi merchandise and donate part of sales to needy homeless furriends, tortured victims, or rescues. To help them more, Yes, we need to promote Yogi to be more popular, and to help Yogi be more popular.. what do we have to do?..Buying fans for her FB fan page? (I heard it's possible, what a sneaky feature/option!. We do not cheat the number of Yogi fans 'cause we really want to know who really likes her, don't want to know the number of volunteers). No, but one thing I know is "making connection" is effective and important to build any bijiness, and Yogi has started Twitter last month. but I didn't know what to expect, or what was gonna happen at all..

On the First day we've started adding people to follow by searching for the people who like cats including few celebs, Tweeted some people, and what I found in my In-box next morning was ..
Singer  Lisa Loeb is following you!

And this:
Nicole Richie mentioned you!

 I could not believe this, all those happened within 24 hrs of opening acct!!. Nicole Richie answered Yogi in this tweet.  Since this was the first Interactions for Yogi on Twitter, I didn't know what it was at first. I thought she was talking to @joel Madden(her husband whose name is also on this Tweet) but I think  Nicole is talking to Yogi : "OK by me, that's how Joel Madden describes me sometimes".
The original Tweet from Yogi to Nicole was like.."Hi Nicole, I heard you have a cat, I'm a Sphynx cat, I hope you are OK with cats with no fur".
How many cats have ever received Tweet back from Nicole?

And on the Day 2, I was gonna announce Yogi fans about Yogi acct on Twitter, posted the info on Facebook, and I don't know why, but I saw this on FB..
Yogi The prejident (@prejidentyogi) on Twitter, it says, but the profile picture of Yogi the prejident is Mr. Trump!! why???  Yogi's Twitter profile pic is this(below) , I know she kinda look like Mr. Trump, but why did his pic appear with Yogi Twitter ID name?? This kinda thing only happens to Yogi,
Yogi 's celeb/media related followes After Lisa Loeb are:
Sexy ex-Playmates -Barbi Twins(*they reply to Yogi quite often)

Actor- Ken Wahl

Author-Karen Farrell

 Karen has just published a cat book Cat Sense by Karen Farrell

Rapper-Cash L3WIS 

Purina Cat Chow(this is the copy of the talk with them, they also are my follower)

And.. this is bit strenji follower from Japan..
Japan Royal Jelly company!!! they must think Yogi is a Queen Bee!

The Talk.........

Yogi And People

Yogi And Barbi Twins (Yogi and Barbi addressed to Khloe Kardashian)
The picture Barbi Twins said they loved was this:

There was Anti Fur, Anti Kardashians protest in the last weekend, Yogi Tweet was involved with Barbi Twins and their followers (retweeted by 21 people!! scary... I think they trusted Yogi 'cause she naturally looks like a cat with "NO FUR" policy).
I was so happy to know that even celebs like Barbi twins liked Yogi funny pic made by me.

And this was the record of little chat with Lisa loeb. She said Yogi "Nice picture!". wow!

 I think Yogi does great job on Twitter. all these happened to her in the first 30-40 days of opening her acct.
Yogi also Tweets in Japanese from this acct and got some followers from Japan. Can't wait to see how her Twitter 6 months later looks like.....

 If you're interested, go to Twitter and find Yogi The Prejident (@prejidentyogi) to follow.(you can go to Twitter and can see Yogi Tweet update at right on this page).