Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekly Yogi~ 1950's

Hellow. I'm Imoe. I almost forgot about updating this blog this week... sorry about that. I've been painting Yogi purrtrait now as shown the beginning of it last week plus working for Holiday Yogi merchandise design. purrsonally I might have to move out the house I currently live anytime from now, so I'd like to prepare Holiday stuff already now in September.

Speaking of Holiday merchandise. this is a Holiday Yogi card design(shown above).  Yogi as a Ham for Holiday dinner. I was looking for an image of big ham, but found this cute one from the 1950's instead, and liked to add Yogi in the image, and that's how I created the design of the card. (the card will be included to any Holiday Yogi merchandise order, one per customer) .
then I was thinking about the people in the 50's. I liked what they have created then-fashion, art, lifestyle, culture, etc.. visually very attractive, I love their creation, but there was something bad about the era- people did not think much about animals then.
if you watch classic TV shows from the 50's~60's(such as I Love Lucy, Bewitched), you'll see they talk about  fur, hunting, ..and  whenever they don't know what to do with stray dogs. they tell children to take the animals somewhere to leave, as if those things are normal then.
and  the popular cartoon show like Tom And Jerry was OK then simply as an entertainment, and for children, then, but when I bought Tom & Jerry DVD few years ago, the package  now says : this show is not for children. because as you know, the show has too much violent and could get viewers impression that cats are bad, or Ok to beat or hit with car, or set fire on them etc..
that's not good.

Today, in 2011, not visually attractive to me, but glad modern people consider animal rights, and what's fair/unfair to them more than the people in the 50's.

Yogi portrait in progress

the latest funny photo,
Well, this is all for now tuday, ShanQ for visiting. ... XLXL... Imoe

Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekly Yogi~Yogi calendar 2012

Hellow. I am really sorry that this blog has been like Weekly Yogi now. I've been verrry busy. it's fall now almost.. we are planning to get new Yogi merchandise to sell for Holidays, and now  I , Imoe has to design new merchandise and get sample.
One of Holiday merchandise is Yogi Calendar 2012 "366 Days with Yogi", we've got sample here, and it looks OK. I'd like to show you some details.
The Yogi calendar is made with glossy high quality paper. but small.(shown with 2011 Luna the fashion kitty calendar)
We wanted to make Yogi calendar in XXXL size, but it probably scares people with XXXL size photos of hers in 366 days, and we gotta charge XXX shipping cost to fans overseas to ship, so we decided this XS size instead, so price is low, and can ship evvywhere in the world without XXX tra postage.
Cover(the beginning of scary new year) 

August with Yogi XXXL butt
Small, but I think this is fun looking calendar(whenever you see Yogi, you can giggle). if you would like to purrchase one, please visit me at Yogi and Furriends on Facebook, write on the wall, or write me in the comment box on this blog.  will be sold about $12 or less including S&H (for US residents).

And as you might have seen I have been painting Yogi now. I've added some deetails today.
I hope I can finish....I do not like to paint animals with hair(people with facial hair a lot.. either), but Yogi has no hair, just many wrinkles, I might like to paint her.

Well, that is what's new in Yogi world this week. please stop by Yogi And Furriends fan page on Facebook, I at least be there daily and hosting the page there. Yogi mom has come back on Facebook and posting new Yogi photos daily lately.

well then see you tomorooo or next week, XLXL .... Imoe

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekly Yogi~ "You has a Question fur me!!"

Hellow. sorry it's been like Weekly Yogi now instaed of Daily Yogi. I've beeeeen very busy lately. it's September now, I gotta start Holiday Yogi merchandise project in Sept, (start designing, planning, ordering smaples etc..).
I've been busy but fine, ShanQ.

Well, today is "You has a question fur me!" . I am gonna answer to your questions.

Q1. from Jose; What's your favorite TV show?

Yogi: Well.. I like to watch "Yogi bear" cartoon. You see, me Yogi, and he's Yogi,  I am a cat and he's a bear. we diffurreent animals, but I find that Yogi bear and I have something in common such as always looking for food,  smarter than humans, and people think we're scary. also Yogi bear does not like sharing, I hink.

Q2. from Daniele; Where is your favorite snoozing spot?

Yogi: "my fave spot to sleep is on top of the buffet on her heated pads, where the table chandelier is. I'll show you the picture of the place".
See?  the Chandelier.

Q3; from Kitty Monga;  What moisturizer for da supple skin?

Yogi "I don't use Moisturizer, and you see what has happened to my skin... wrinkly evvywhere!!".

ShanQ fur sending me questions. if you have any questions (something want to know about me), write me with your question via comments on this blog or on Yogi And Furriends wall.

and Funny photos by Imoe too now weekly, she has made some today. I'd like to post here.
Not only paparazzi from media, even house guests bother me with their camera inside my own home!!

New hairdo.

Me in Dog food ad again, it't talking about something not natural in dog food.
 Well, that's all for now. I have some topics I want to write here, hope I can update more than once a week this week. ShanQ fur visiting. XLXL... Yogi

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weeekly Yogi by Imoe

Hi How are you? I am verrrry sorry for updating this blog less often now. I did not even make Daily Funny photos with Yogi for 2 weeks or so, but I did make some tuday, so I am showing here tuday, also will show the one banned from FB.(I hope Blogger won't be angry at me).

But First, some latest Yogi photos from her Momsy. (why I call her Momsy is because sounds similar to  one of her Sphynx cats names , there is one who is blind, named Mimsy. oneday I was trying to tell Momsy something faster on FB, and spelled wrong, I was supposed to type the cat name "Mimsy" but accidentally typed "Momsy" then, well, strenji, but she's a mom of Mimsy, Momsy sounds matching to Mimsy name,, right?  I thought cute, den started using the name as her nickname).

Yogi in vertical photo
Very E.T  in this photo.
Well then, the latest funny photos of Yogi by me. "The catalog shopping with Yogi"
Yogi wants to order one for winter.
Special fitness ball fur children.
The Body Pillow
And there are more...
Yoga master
Licking  fur by myself and using the product get same result. Licking is cheaper.
Well, this is all for now, I hope you'll enjoy today's post, and to US furriends, Happy Holiday weekend, enjoy!!  XLXL... Imoe