Saturday, January 31, 2015


Good Grumpy Morning!!

As many of you might have heard,  one of my roommates "Mimsy has gone on Jan 29, 2015
She was 14 yr old, older than me, had no eyeball, blind.
very smart and furriendly cat.
I am gonna post her pics here today.

Eester 2012. she was fine

XXX'mas 2011, I think

2010 oneday Momsy had an idea to give her eyes
 *sorry if this offend anyone, but momsy(my owner) just  placed the eye ball on her face, not glued on her face.
Mimsy and Tink

Mimsy , Hattie and Milton

Mimsy, Hattie and  me 

 Mimsy was this big in 2011-2012, as you see in the picture above (with me on sofa)
 But look at her in her recent photo with me (taken few weeks ago) below, can you see
 how small she was? I think Momsy said Mimsy was 4 lbs or so in the last month.

Mimsy, Hattie, Tink and me

Mimsy and me (I was grumpy)

Mimsy and me

Mimsy liked to play with a ball.

Many people were impressed by this video that she drops the ball to
the downstair, and finds the ball by herself, then picks up, takes to the upstair
and do the same thing again. (*Again she was blind)

This Video was viewed even by the Cat Fancy magazine,
and they gave her compliment.

Me told Cat Fancy about Mimsy

She was a good cat, we all will miss her, RIP Mimsy.
ShanQ for loving her. Pleaes remember her always.



Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Breakfast At Tiffany's With Yogi

2015 Happy Meow Year to you!!

Good Grumpy New year!!
As many of you might remember, my manager had started painting of my portrait in October, 2014,
and it took nearly 2 months (20x20 big), By the time it was done, we had nothing else prepared for
selling as Holiday Yogi merchandise!!!
designed quickly photo calendar, then as some fans requested, we started designing
"Yogi  Funny photo calendar".
( I mean  we have Classic photo calendar and Funny photo calendar for 2015).
 We have designed some new funny pics for calendar, and picked some from our previous work
 (as seen on Yogi and Furriends in 2011-2014).
We're happy with new designs, and would like to show you some.

We did something new- got me on time machine and sent me back to the 60's, and 70's .
then I was in the Movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" !!
In my calendar, it is called
"Breakfast At Tiffany's with Yogi".
lets see "Breakfast at Tiffany's with Yogi"

The cat in the movie is me!!

Our Funny pic calendar for January,
Audrey is wearing our best selling item
The Yogi sleep mask, and Yogi necklace.

I played as a comforter for her.

Again, I played as a comforter for her in the movie!

 I am not sure if it is a Romantic movie or Scary movie.

Anyway, the Funny pic calendar is available for purchase. (but only 2 left)

(Classic calendar is all sold out.)

O yah, and from the sales of my calendar, we have sent $50 donation to NYC rescues
(for homeless dogs/cats).