Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Me tuday

Hellow. Oh No, I didn't know that I did not update this blog fur 3 days!! verrry sorry about that. I was very busy to design fur new promo items (free gifts fur Yogi merchandise purrchase) tuday. it took all day. really.

And these are photos of me tuday(I meen Aug 30).
I hink I was surrprised by something.

middle aged man in napping

Suddenly looked good.
my new promo photo with Japanese blog title.

There are more on Yogi And Furriends on Facebook. I post different photos from same day/same photo session on this blog and Yogi And Furriends page, (of course). posting same photos on 2 different places is not very good. (fans do not feel they need to visit both places if they see the same thing) some times same stuff here, but usually post or write different things.

well that's all fur now, my Momsy is fine. Shanks fur visiting my blog. see you tomoroooo or 3 days later, XLXL... Yogi

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sun Bathing

Hellow. I am sorry fur not posting fur few days here. was very busy!! But my Momsy has taken many photos of me in the last few days, so I can post here some tuday.

It's been very hot here in CO in this week. I feel that I am lucky that I has no fur this week. But it's the final week of August from tomoroo, we can expect Snow anytime as early as September in CO, so I may not feel I am lucky about no fur on my body 2 weeks later.

Sun bathing, feels gud!!

Cleen myself
I cleened Hattie befure I eeet her.

I has grumpy eyebrows!!
Well. those are my latest photos in the last 2 days. I'm doing fine as you see.  My Momsy can't log in FB still. sorry fur inconvenience.
this is all for tuday, see you tomorooo or 3 days later  not sure, but soon, XLXL... Yogi

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hellow. How are you tuday? was there earthquake in CO yesterday? I didn't know that, but I think I was exercising yesterday in a.m yesterday, maybe my exercise shaken the mountain bit then.. I didn't feel anything.

By the way, I hink my PC is strenji, it can not post the latest funny pic by Imoe on my fan page on Facebook  last night, so I hink I am gonna try posting it on here. 
Here it is. New ad with me.
In the photo above, I am not sure if I am helping the girl purrson to carry her XXXL backpack or torturing her with adding my XXXL weight on her backpack.

By the way I'm happy tuday 'cause "The Yogi bag (design B)" is all sold out tuday!!

I bought one too, to wear it. see? 

 I appreciate peeple who purrchased my merchandise, but also can not believe there are peeple who want to carry me around or wear me(we haveYogi Tee), or drink with me(Yogi Mug).. strenji...

well, that's what's new around me. See you tomoroooooo, XLXL.... Yogi

Monday, August 22, 2011

My New hat!!

Hellow. My momsy can not log in to FB though her profile page is still on FB,.. some furriends have thought of her and us, and sent us gifts by mail. our furriend Maggie sent me and Hattie handmade knit hats!! they were lovely!! she sent me a green froggie hat and a Hot pink monkee hat fur Hattie.
I'd like to show you..(really lovely).
not bad
I hink I am gonna wear it in da winter.

Pink Monkee hat (fur Hattie, but I tried it on too)

my wrinkly profile
What did you think? look good? scary??  ShanQ Maggir fur thoughtful gifts to us. that's all fur not tuday,
XLXL... Yogi

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Hate Crime!

 Hellow. Sorry if the today's title scared you.  But I'd like to pick the subject tuday, because one of my good furriends on FB and her cat was involved with this type of incident few days ago.  I thought it could happen to anyone, I want all of you guys be careful.

Somebody might be thinking of hurting you. Be careful.
 Well, According to the furriend who was involved with the incident, she found blood in her house when she got home, and noticed that one of her cats got injured, wounds on his legs. (she didn't know how he got the wounds at first). her cats were allowed to go outside  even when the friend was not at home, without anyone supervise them, then this scary thing happened. I told her to consider moving out the area if she can, for her and her cats safety, 'cause if this means there is someone who hates cats or likes to hurt cats in her neighborhood, he/she might be attacking her cats again(the friend owns many cats in her home).  You know.. Staying there until something bad happen could get you involve in the worst case(somebody could die),  sometimes doing something for not involving in da bad thing ahead is important, I think. (like.. women should avoid walking alone outside in late night, if lucky, she might be able to arrive her home safely tuday, but not sure if it's the same tomoroow, if she can think this is not good for her safety,  she should do something  such as having someone to pick her up by car, right?) When nobody is at home, letting cats go outside freely is not really a good idea.. my friend could have prevented of the incident if she had kept her cats inside. Now she knows someone hurts her cats or hates cats seems to be in her neighborhood,  it sure is not comfortable to live in the area for cat owners. what if the reason of the attacker was actually not cats, but my friend?
if the attacker hates my friend, he/she would do something to scare her again. that's scary.

Then the next day of her cat injury incident, she said that she found garbage was thrown in her yard when she got home.  (seems like someone hates her in her neighborhood). She had to call the police this time, and had them to investigate.
Keep your cats indoor always especially when nobody is at home.
According to the friend, now she has two cases- the garbage thing and her cat thing seemed to have done by 2 different individuals. she said the purrson who hurt her cat could be the woman next door because she and the woman had a problem over the plants in their yard. (who should cut them off,, that kind of thing) , this is scary, if as the friend suspect,the next door woman has hurt her cat for the yard problem, she could get mad at anyone at anything... (there are many leaves come in my yard from both side of neighbor's yard, but we don't get angry at neighbors about it..but some people care about that kind thing.. and get a bad idea to tell their message to the purrson in da really scary way. I think this could happen to anyone. according to the friend, the woman next door hates cats.. that's why I put the title of this post "Hate crime",
some people are complicated to get along with.. we should always be aware of our surroundings in anywhere, anytime. that is the key to prevent of bad thing happen to us and your loved ones including cats.
that's what I think...
Cats should hide like this when their humans are not at home.

Well, this is all for now, See you tomorrroooo(if I have something to write, I will). XLXL, Yogi

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Funny pics

Hellow. As you might notice, I can not be here daily lately due to my momsy's FB problem, so I think I should not put the date  in the title area.
Yes, My momsy has still been in trouble with FB, As many of you might know, she created the 2nd acct 2 weeks ago, the page is still on FB, but now FB does not allow her to log in. I am worried that many friends might misunderstand her as if she does not respond to their comments or stuff they tagged her in and might jump to the conclusion like.. she ignores them intentionally.. I hope they read my blog.
To forget bad thing at this moment, I'll post my recent Funny pics here tuday.
New Orenji hair-refreshing me!!
Me, score purrfect 10 woman
me with real hair 
Buddha Hair
I'm Imoe
Guru Yogi
Well, that's all fur tuday. I'll be here tomoroo if I can. XLXL... Yogi

Monday, August 15, 2011

Aug 16, 2011 Finally???

Hellow. sorry for updating reeelly in strenji schedule lately. I was helping my Momsy on FB last week, and then was busy in listening to the peeple who complained about her acct (we really do take care of fans as much as we can handle), some even got angry because other furriends were added by my momsy to her list befure them!!(order is not important!! pleese calm, woman!! actually not one, few..very grown women who complained the order). strenji.. sure was. Anyway these are my photos from yesterday, my momsy took some when I was exercising with my gym. I walked in da cat tunnel.. lets say, about 15 seconds. walking is good, I wonder how much calorie was gone in da 15 sec walking.
da cat tunnel
See? I walked from the purrple side and got out at yellow side.
XXXL belly still haning there, not lost much weight, I guess.
And Oo I am not sure yet, but I was asked if I'd accept an interview fur da magajin article fur SPhynx magajin!! Finally I has got a chance to be seen in da world!!! I hope....

Well, that's all fur tuday, see you tomoroooooo, XLXL... Yogi

Sunday, August 14, 2011

8/13~14/2011 "Momsy is back on FB!"

 Hellow. sorry about updating this blog in funny date/hour lately (my excuse is ; when the sponsor is on/off the internet, it's difficult to get new info/photos, don't know what to write about). Anyway luckily within 48 hours of the last post on this blog, my momsy has been returned to FB  today (I mean Saturday).
 then as soon as people learned it, many of them asked me questions -"how to find her acct?!", "why has she not added me?" " why am I not in her list? " etc...

 I don't know. 
All I know is that she probably wants to be careful if she is going to rebuild her furriend list this time. it may be taking time for her to decide accepting all requests or ignoring some. please understand.

Me and my food Hattie.
I have not talked to her much about FB thing yet(all I told her was to ask her to feed me), so I don't know if she's going to talk with everybody as she used to do, or keep her furriend list as small as possible.
Sorry about this short post, but I just wanted to let you know that she's back n FB now.

XLXL... Yogi

Friday, August 12, 2011

August 11 &12 "My cat community on Facebook today" by Imoe

 Hellow.  This is Imoe. Oh yes, if you were furriends with Yogi momsy on FB, it was sad day because her acct is gone today. She disappeared yesterday evening from FB even without saying good bye to me. But in the last message we exchanged, she said  that No need to worry about Yogi fan page and blogs, she would continue supplying me Yogi photos and info via e-mail, so I did not get panicky and hosted "Yogi And Furriends" page(FB) today(Thursday) as usual, also updating this blog now. many furriends appreciated that they learned that Yogi And Furriends page was still on FB and updated today.  
Yogi (1~2 weeks ago)
So..What  I want to talk about here tuday is Social Networking, Facebook is super fun and convenient, I was even able to meet a favorite star in purrson by using FB (people who knew him introduced me to him via FB, and told him a lot about me, even asked his purrmission to give me a phone# of his), also other favorite meowsician is my furriend on FB, and sometimes thinks of me and writes me messaji, I just can't believe things like dat happened via my PC in my own house, without going anywhere, not even needed to pick up phone. fur me, can not imajine to quit FB. sometimes I meet peeple who copy me on FB,(so they think they can be furriends with meowsicians  or someone who know them  in purrson), and don't like it, but I can handle with such small problems. I don't want to give up what I've got  for what I don't like.
But for Yogi mom, what she experienced last week must have been verrry scared and shocked. I just can not believe why FB believes the report by someone without investigating if the report was about the real bad thing caused by the person in report. do they know if the purrson sent them report was mentally normal?   when we go to the individual page and click "report this purrson" link, form appeared, and all we do is to check in the list such as report is for this person is impurrsonator, or scam, or etc.. and the purrson's page contains adult contents, or discrimination, etc.

Yogi mom was reported for " false name was used for the acct". other than that, nothing wrong in her acct. False name hunt by FB is not success for it, and very unfair. I know many people from other countries write their names in their language, can not see if it's real by FB, I know very many Arab kids not only write their names in Arabic, they often change names, and never been reported or caught by FB.
And Yogi mom's case, the purrson who reported Yogi mom acct to FB was acting like a stalker for Yogi mom for months, asking her for her real address(so she thought she could  monitor Yogi mom via google map), and  without asking Yogi mom's plan or any permission, suddenly said that she(the crazy woman) bought a ticket to CO to meet Yogi mom in purrson, and told her that she wanted to stay in Yogi house while her CO visit. so... strenji, then when she felt that she's been rejected, she got angry, and sent Yogi mom e-mail to curse her etc..  I wonder FB knew the report was by such a mentally-ill purrson, and if they think what they did from her report (delete Hattie) was right thing.
this is like a murder committed by a purrson with mental problem that is overlooked, or no charge was given to the purrson caused the incident.
Yogi (1-2 weeks ago)
If they see the report for false name acct, FB should notify the purrson first to change ID name to real name, and if the purrson do not make change after 2-3 notices, then they should suspend their acct as reported. I hink the stalker woman wrote FB something not true on Yogi mom's acct too, (such as discrimination  for example because she was rejected by Yogi mom, but her own fault).
that's very selfish, and I just don't know why FB easily believe report sometimes, but sometimes never believe and no action they make(such as offensive page "I Hate cats" on FB never gone no matter how many people reported). why???

Anyway, SNS like FB should provide many options for us to be able to stay safely and simply to enjoy, not to be scared or worried.

I'll post any update if I hear from Yogi mom or receive Yogi new photos from her.

XLXL... Imoe

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

AUGUST 9~10, 2011 " I HATE SHARING!!"

 Hellow, I am sorry that I did not update sooner, this is supposed to be Daily Yogi that I should write something daily,  but sometimes I am busy ( I has another Yogi blog Japanese version and Yogi And Furriends on FB also). sorry about dat.

Well, Furst, I'd like to show you the video of me, this is to show you that I am greedy cat who hates sharing.

see ?

I don't like sharing my stuff with others, and I don't like others do not share their stuff with me.

And the latest photos of me below from yesterday. my Lunch time.

#1. Ooo smells guud.

#2. I'm eeting!! don' t talk to me!
#3 OH NO!! Hattie stealing my food, I am not amused!!
#4. I'm not happy, I'm grumpy, Hattie looks satisfied,  Not funny.
Sharing is not fun!! I wish I were only one cat in my house... (I has 6 other Sphynx in my house).
Well, that's all fur tuday, See you tomorooo,
XLXL.. Yogi

Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 7~8, 2011 "You Has a Question fur me!" #2

 Hellow. furst I'd like to say ShanQ to some furriends fur their useful infurmation to helpthe domestic violence victim I mentioned in my last post. I was glad that I did not try helping her only by myself . One of my furriends said that "Church could help the woman and her cats", I never thought of  that. I really think it's great that I have a community with many good furriends even if it's online.

Me yesterday.

 Well, then, Today I am gonna answer your questions.
from Stephanie;
  "If you  were President, what is the first thing you would take care of?"
Yogi: "Oo dat's a good question, well, I hink I am gonna order FBI to catch all peeple who did bad thing to animals, and order NASA to send them to the moon. (including  Michael Vick, Fur manufacturers, Hunters, bad celebs such as Jeniffur Lopes who never gives up real fur)" . 

 Next, from Kitty Monga, 
"My mum loves your blog, and wants to know if you eat yogurt?" 

Yogi: " Oh yes, I lick Yogurt sometimes, Say Shanks to your mum fur me, XLXL"

And Next  from Keiko  
her original question is written in Japanese 

her question is about my funny pic. (shown below) 
Translation of her question" what were you looking fur in the man's underwear? did you find anything?"

Yogi: "oooo, I was looking fur  something to eet, I foung a potato there".

I cleaned my paw with the towel befure eeting the potato.
 I reeelly enjoy this, I meen answering questions from furriends. you can send me your questions too, anytime.
well, this is all fur tuday. see you tomoroooooo, XLXL.. Yogi

Friday, August 5, 2011

August 4~5, 2011 "Let's think of Domestic violence victims and their pets".

 Hellow. I am aware of that more and more people tell me that they enjoy my blog lately, so it makes me think that I have to bring a really good subject everytime, and carefully think what to talk about here daily.

 Often what I heard or discussed about on Facebook earlier the day become the subject on my blog. I think it's a good idea.  Well, it's been about 2 years since I have been involved in the FB cat comunity, I have heard of many issues about animals there and joined the talk. But I think it was the very first time yesterday that I saw the post from furriend that was asking for help for the domestic violence reason.
the post was asking us if anyone in West Virginia area can help 4 cats (fostering them is fine), the post said those cats were in very horrible circumstance, and the owner wants to provide them safe place to stay. it did not say much, but I had an feeling that it could be about a domestic violence victim and her cats, so I asked the furriend  if so, and she said yes, but not her, it was her furriend. and her cats.
she said that her furriend took her cats a hotel temporarily at this time, but don't know what do to after their hotel stay is over(only few more days). the woman concerns safety of her cats, and.. does not want to give up her cats.

Do you think there are some people who can foster her cats in the area, but those people are afraid of  the woman's husband or BF that he might find out they foster the woman's cats and might contact them? might involve them in trouble?  if a man controls everything of a woman, and cares about everything she does, he might notice her cats are gone, and even if he is not interested in cats, he might ask her where she took her cats, huh?
this is difficult issue to help. people may want to foster her cats, but do not want to be involved with her trouble with her man...

Few days ago, a mail from local women's shelter was in my mailbox, it was not to me, was sent to previous house owner, but I opened it anyway, and the first thing I read in the letter said that they has now space for pets of domestic violence victims, so woman, children, and also her pets can stay in the shelter together. Unfortunately where I live is in CO, not Virginia. But I suggested the furriend to contact their local women's shelter 'cause they might be able to help pets of domestic violence victims. 
I think it's great that our local women's shelter thought of pets of domestic violence victims, and made space for their pets to stay, I hope all women's shelters in all states should do the same 'cause we often hear that not only the woman, her children, her family, even her pets can be victimized by the bad husband or BF, not only women, everybody around her might need help. 

Do you know if any women shelters in Virginia state can help pets of domestic violence victims? if so, please let me know, or if anyone can foster the woman's cats, please let me know also. (West Virginia area).

I'm gonna beat up all bad-selfish men with my XXXL punch.
There are so many animal related issues that never end or stopped, why?  I am sure this is not 100% end, but I have heard that many people heard about child prostitution issue in South Asia, and mentioned about it on the internet, then it prevents of many bad tourists visiting those countries now. one thing we can do is to increase the number of people in our side, so someone in each countries can say NO when they witnessed a wrong thing.

Well that's all for tuday. see you tomorrrooooo, XLXL.   Yogi


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3, 2011 ~ The Yogi movie "Yogi tries to eeet Hattie" .

Hellow. As I talked last time, my Momsy's FB acct has gone 2 days ago, all photos and videos that were on her old FB acct is now all unaccessible (more than 1,000 photos of me and other Sphynx in my house, videos were posted there). My Momsy has kept all her photos in her memory cards, but not sure if she's going to repost 1,000's of photos to new her FB page. Furriends who have ever tagged in to photos/videos by my Momsy have also lost all photos from us.

There was a rare video that my momsy posted You Tube once but not on FB pages directly from her file. it was available fur a little while, but she cancelled her You Tube acct, and it was gone, since was not on FB, we missed the video a lot.
But I found it yesterday!! my furriend Butterball (a young Sphynx boy looks like me, I mean his face, not belly). and his dad had copied the videos of me from my Momsy and posted them on You Tube, so it's available to view again!!!

I'd like to show you the moovie here. the original title of the movie was "Yogi tries to eat Hattie". Hattie is one of the other 6 Sphynx I live with, and the only one who is not afraid of me. she's often seen around me in photos.
Hattie and me,
I might look furriendly to her in a photo like this, but what I think of is to eat her. Making her feel safe with me, and making her trust me is the furst step.

See? I tried to eat her feet over and over, and was going to attack her. there was no acting/pretending involved since I am a cat, 100% honest, who I really am.

She's dead

She's crying behind me because she thinks I'm gonna bute her after I finish flossing  my teeth.

XXXL me sitting on XS her.

 The rumor is not rumor, that is not rumor but true that I am XXXL, mean, aggressive and always hungry.

Well, this is all fur now, see you tomorooooooooooooooooooooo, XLXL, Yogi

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 1~2, 2011 "Bully"

 Hellow. it's August now. it was strenji day (Aug 1). I am not sure if I can bring this subject here, but now many people in the world use FACEBOOK, so maybe I should talk about  what happened today on FB.

The title of today's post "Bully" is not about me. (although I Bully other SPhynx in my house once a day).  But First, let me think about Bully from what I do...why do I bully others? maybe because jealous because they can move faster and freely, and look good, also they are younger than me.

Me, yesterday

   What I'd like to talk about here today is Facebook Bully,  well, my momsy has lost her FB acct last night(about 24 hrs ago from now) that some Bully purrson reported to FB and her acct had been deactivated by FB. the reason for the report was "using false name", I have heard of it that using made-up name for FB acct is not OK, but how do they know who use real name or not?  they even allow child purrson to create acct, if FB impose everybody to use real name for their FB page, it won't be safe for some people such as young women, teens, child purrsons, even famous people.  In my experience, most people exchange their real names, address as they get closer to others on FB, and that is enough, no need to show real name outside. I hink. also the reason most people want to use false names is to protect their ID from strenjers, not to deceive others or want to get others involve crimes.

 And in my momsy case, the problem was a crazy purrson my momsy once became furriends with. the crazy purrson reported unnecessarily to deactivate my momsy acct.  She and my momsy often had chat online outside FB, and my Momsy had begun  feeling  strenji about the purrson, and tried to keep some distance from the purrson, but the purrson wanted to be closer to my momsy, so she got upset, and started harassing my momsy by sending strenji e-mail,  my momsy had kept ignoring, and it got the purrson more and more angry, I hink.  I hink the crazy purrson was obsessed with my momsy, and worried as if she might lose the furriendship once she goofed to have given bad impression to my momsy. (once goofed or failed their plan, some people get angry and become aggressive, I hink that is). I talked to some furriends about this matter on FB today, and some said it was jealous, but I am not sure, I feel that the purrson felt desparted in losing favorite furriend than being jealous to my momsy.

Let's take a break with my cute pic(yesterday)

  So if you like some furriends purrticularly and wish keeping the furriendship longer, you have to be considerate purrson, but not a selfish purrson. you must observe the furriends and listen what they way carefully. that's the first step to understand someone well, and to be good furriends with them. I hink.
when building furriendship fails, bullying or harassing do not work. (look at me!! most my siblings afraid of me, and don't play with me 'cause I bully them and scare them).

Me cleening my XXXL belly.
   Well, please be careful in meeting strenjers online. Not only FB. there are many places like FB online now.

That's all fur now, if you have any questions about my momsy's acct, write Yogi and Furriends wall. see you tomoroooo, XLXL....Yogi