Friday, August 5, 2011

August 4~5, 2011 "Let's think of Domestic violence victims and their pets".

 Hellow. I am aware of that more and more people tell me that they enjoy my blog lately, so it makes me think that I have to bring a really good subject everytime, and carefully think what to talk about here daily.

 Often what I heard or discussed about on Facebook earlier the day become the subject on my blog. I think it's a good idea.  Well, it's been about 2 years since I have been involved in the FB cat comunity, I have heard of many issues about animals there and joined the talk. But I think it was the very first time yesterday that I saw the post from furriend that was asking for help for the domestic violence reason.
the post was asking us if anyone in West Virginia area can help 4 cats (fostering them is fine), the post said those cats were in very horrible circumstance, and the owner wants to provide them safe place to stay. it did not say much, but I had an feeling that it could be about a domestic violence victim and her cats, so I asked the furriend  if so, and she said yes, but not her, it was her furriend. and her cats.
she said that her furriend took her cats a hotel temporarily at this time, but don't know what do to after their hotel stay is over(only few more days). the woman concerns safety of her cats, and.. does not want to give up her cats.

Do you think there are some people who can foster her cats in the area, but those people are afraid of  the woman's husband or BF that he might find out they foster the woman's cats and might contact them? might involve them in trouble?  if a man controls everything of a woman, and cares about everything she does, he might notice her cats are gone, and even if he is not interested in cats, he might ask her where she took her cats, huh?
this is difficult issue to help. people may want to foster her cats, but do not want to be involved with her trouble with her man...

Few days ago, a mail from local women's shelter was in my mailbox, it was not to me, was sent to previous house owner, but I opened it anyway, and the first thing I read in the letter said that they has now space for pets of domestic violence victims, so woman, children, and also her pets can stay in the shelter together. Unfortunately where I live is in CO, not Virginia. But I suggested the furriend to contact their local women's shelter 'cause they might be able to help pets of domestic violence victims. 
I think it's great that our local women's shelter thought of pets of domestic violence victims, and made space for their pets to stay, I hope all women's shelters in all states should do the same 'cause we often hear that not only the woman, her children, her family, even her pets can be victimized by the bad husband or BF, not only women, everybody around her might need help. 

Do you know if any women shelters in Virginia state can help pets of domestic violence victims? if so, please let me know, or if anyone can foster the woman's cats, please let me know also. (West Virginia area).

I'm gonna beat up all bad-selfish men with my XXXL punch.
There are so many animal related issues that never end or stopped, why?  I am sure this is not 100% end, but I have heard that many people heard about child prostitution issue in South Asia, and mentioned about it on the internet, then it prevents of many bad tourists visiting those countries now. one thing we can do is to increase the number of people in our side, so someone in each countries can say NO when they witnessed a wrong thing.

Well that's all for tuday. see you tomorrrooooo, XLXL.   Yogi



  1. Well, I don't know any womens shelters in that area, but I have read that those abusive men go to women's pets first to show them what he is capable of. So he tortures her pet. Of course the woman gets scared when she sees her pet getting beaten up...or put on fire...or body parts cut off...and knowing she is next... I do believe there are many womens shelters out there that accept women, kids and pets because I have read before that many of these women own pets and if women's shelters do not accept pets, the women will have no place to she stays with the bastard. Then the awful abusive cycle never ends.

    Abusive people have their problems that need to get fixed, but they need to realize that and want to fix them.

    I hope those kitties you mentioned here will remain safe...whatever their situation is.

  2. Shanks fur writing mee. I asked several furriends to give me ideas to help the woman(see Imoe profile page and find "Note" I created one for the discussion), they told me that govrnment housing dept, to Church could help such needy peeple. (which I did not know, and did not think of since I am not US born purrson, and no Church purrson). I am not quite sure if cats are really in danger in the situation. the woman said she left home and decided to stay in a hotel with her cats, but the man is with her..(strenji, isn't it?)his father threatened her too., she said..then her husband or BF and his father both scare her?? many things are not clear but the woman is scared fur sure, and worried about her cats.
    Like our Baka musuko, violent tempurr purrson do not admit easily what he's been doing to others, and not easily agree to go to treatment. (other than they did commit crime, and arrested and go to prison with requirements of anger management class).
    it's scary that we can not do anything to such bad men until they actually hurt somebody.