Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sun Bathing

Hellow. I am sorry fur not posting fur few days here. was very busy!! But my Momsy has taken many photos of me in the last few days, so I can post here some tuday.

It's been very hot here in CO in this week. I feel that I am lucky that I has no fur this week. But it's the final week of August from tomoroo, we can expect Snow anytime as early as September in CO, so I may not feel I am lucky about no fur on my body 2 weeks later.

Sun bathing, feels gud!!

Cleen myself
I cleened Hattie befure I eeet her.

I has grumpy eyebrows!!
Well. those are my latest photos in the last 2 days. I'm doing fine as you see.  My Momsy can't log in FB still. sorry fur inconvenience.
this is all for tuday, see you tomorooo or 3 days later  not sure, but soon, XLXL... Yogi