Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Summer Skincare for Sphynx cats

Good Grumpy July!
It's Summer here,
Summer is better for us naked cats than
I stay indoor all year long,
But often people ask me if I need
special skin care during summer
like humans need to use sun screen in

I don't know.
I know I am hairless but I regularly do
lick my body like regular cats with fur.
what if something bad for health is ingredient(s) in
Sun protection products?
Should I still use it for preventing of sun burn, or
skin cancer?
skin whitening mask??

One of our Shynx owner furriends asked a
similar question that she has been wondering (and worried) about
freckles on her cat.
I brought the subject on my fan page today on Facebook.
So many furriends responded to it, including a Vet nurse purrson
with very helpful info.

What I've learned from the conversation, are
to tint your window during summer for your cats
I think someone said that you can buy a peel and stick type of
tinted sheet for windows,
and/or put a shirt on your cat.
Although Sunscreen products for pets are available in store,
they did not recommend.( if need something, Use coconut oil) .

If you'd like to see the entire conversation,
please visit my fan page
Here>>Summer skin care for Sphynx

I have some spots on my back that just look like Russet potato


I hope today's topic is helpful for all wrinkly furriends.

Enjoy Summer!!