Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31, 2011

Gud Evvning!! updating late might again... I'm grumpy!!
You might think I am sleeping, but look closer, opening eye.
 I am always grumpy almost 24 hours/day. sometimes smile, once in a month or so. you want to see my smile?
The Smile Yogi.
Today, my little brother(not biologically related) has received mail from his FB furriend in UK, inside the mail, he found fresh catnip, he got crazy~~, but did not share it, I got angry, so I decided to stalk him, followed him fur waiting to attack to him... (picture below.. he's XS and I am XXXL as you can see).
Click to enlarge, so you can see how big I am.

And this is just published by Imoecat on FB, my funny picture by her for today. the title is "The Dog Food"
I hope you like this pic.
  That's all fur today, see you tomorrrrroooooooo.

XLXL... Yogi

Monday, May 30, 2011

#40. My Holiday Monday (updated 11:43pm in Mountain time, Monday)

Gud evvning, I was bored all day today because Holiday Monday, I do not like Holidays in US, 'cause many people think they are supposed to spend Holidays with furrmily and relatives, and many holidays are not set certain date, they are always monday. never be able to remember until next year's calender is published every year!!!

So grumpy me (as usual ) was drinking and eating potato chips on the bed.
The XXXL body there belongs to me, not the Hattie(the other SPhynx in the pic)I am sitting on her.

Hangover. I got upside down.(my feet)

 I don't like Holiday, so I think I am going to sleep after showing you the latest funny pics here.
I went UK again to bother the couple...with my sexy legs.

Visited Hair salon.
See you tomorooo, XLXL(will be tomorroo in 1 minute).. Yogi.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

#39. Yogi the middle aged man.

Hellow. updating at evvning again, it seems Holiday weekend, but I had no plan, was sleeping all day today.

 many furriends seemed bored and said they had been on PC and talking on Facebook all day today.they should have taken nap all day like I did, it could have saved energy. Ooo I have to return to Facebook later to entertain them ...I really do dat daily, make them laugh.  yesterday I played as a middle aged man constructor with helmet, you want to see that?
I think I look great with Helmet.
As many of you might know, I am often told that I look like a middle aged man(I am female). probably because of my XXXL belly and bald head with wrinkles. when I disguise as middle aged man, I look purrfect, don't you think?

can you tell where I am??
 Looks like I am very well blended in those middle aged men..well, that's all fur today. see you tomoroooo
XLXL... Yogi

Saturday, May 28, 2011

#38. Gud evvning!!

Gid evvnung furriends, I was in the talk with some homeless cat issue all day on FB today(have you seen it? some page post homeless cats info, and people who care join the thread to talk about how to help, some offer money, some offer transportation etc.. I think that's very good and effective). there was a very sad one who was blind, senior(9yr old but only 3.5 lbs) injured, and someone from IL wanted to adopt him, and let the shelter know it, but shelter has ignored her request and killed the poor boy. everybody who worried about the boy was so upset, they still write comments for the topic on FB today.. so sad, and very outrageous.

I myself was once homeless, and have lived in the animal jail. that was very scary and not comfortable. Oh yes, even pure bred dogs/cats become homeless, nobody is guaranteed or promised to have a happy life with responsible purrson and  a home for life, so homeless pets issue is not just somebody else's issue. it's something evevybody should think of. I was able to send some money from the sales of Yogi merchandise to needy furriends NYC earlier this week, that made me feel bit better, but money do not change the situation so quickly, what else can we do??
Me, earlier this week,, Airplane ears.
  And this is the funny pic of me by Imoe cat last night, me got ticket.
Me scary.
I think I'll take a nap now. see you tomoroooooo,
 XLXL... Yogi

Friday, May 27, 2011

#37.Yogi catalog

Hellow. it's sunny day here in CO finally today, but what I do is eet-sleep-eet-sleep-bully-eet-sleep(repeat) as usual.  About Bullying, I have no intention to bully others(as I showed before, I live with 6 other Sphynx, they are all in size XS ~S, I am the only one in size XXXL), but they mostly hide or go away when I get near them.(watch the movie "Evvybody affuraid of me" in one of my blog topic in April, you'll see how others react when they see me). when people see others run away from me, they think I bullied them, dat's all. by the way, I am going to post Yogi catalog today.

Yogi mug, available in June, need to sign up for pre-order list.

Sexy Yogi mousepad available in June, need to sign up pre-order list.

Yogi and middle aged man Tee, XL only one in stock ($14)

Yogi tote (approx13x13x2.5 canvas) sold out, back in stock in June($10) 

Free Yogi gifts. while supplies last(still available) come with any purrchase.(autographed photo, 2 pcs stickers, sexy magnet and business cards)  

  If you would like to purrchase Yogi merchandise, please write comment on this blog or visit Yogi and Furriends on Facebook, and write on the wall. the sales is pretty good (Yogi mug has 15 pre-order in the first 24 hrs I posted on FB few days ago), but still not popular enough to open store with merchandise always in stock. sorry for the inconvenience. Pay Pal, check or M.O.

  And this is me latest.
I think I was grumpy as usual then...  I hope you are not grumpy like me. well, then see you tomorooooo.
XLXL.... Yogi

Thursday, May 26, 2011

#36.The Yoggy Mouse

Hellow. sorry for late to update today again. this is what I am doing tuday.(photo taken 20 min ago)
It's really difficult for me to write something daily because my 24 hr is "eet-sleep-eet-sleep-bully-eet-sleep(repeat)" mostly, so to entertain you guys, I need to create funny pictures of me daily. here is one of Imoecat(the creator) 's favorite, the Yoggy Mouse, me disguised as Mickey Mouse... strenji...
I think I look pretty much like Micky.

In Burberry pant(some furriends think it's a diaper cover)

The Yoggy  mouse broke the plane.(click the pic to enlarge).

I hope I could visit the Disney land fur vacation 'cause I work hard as you see and also my daily schedule is boring.I want to chase and eet the real Micky mouse in the Disney land.
See you tomorrroooo, XLXL.... Yogi

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

#35. Wrinkle treatment

Hellow. sorry for bit late to update this blog today.  Still not good weather here in CO today, and I am grumpy.
See? but even if good weather, it's dangerous to go outside to play here, because sometimes wild bears visit my area and Coyote also.(seriously). I am not sure if I am scary to those wild animals..

I'm going to show you some latest pics of me here.

And this is my daily funny pic by Imoe cat yesterday. me in wrinkle/line treatment ad.
Can you see me in the ad?(click to enlarge). I tried this treatment but unlike the woman at left page, I got more wrinkles and look scarier than before!!!!!
and Imoe is asking furriends if anyone want to purrchase Yogi Mug cup, (pic of the mug below)
If you'd like to purrchase, sign up with pre-order list . contact Imoe cat .(if you're furriends with her on FB, write her, or write on Yogi and Furriends page on FB, or leave comment on this blog). will be available in next month and approx $20 including S&H to US residents. the mug has the same colorful pics of me at both sides(front and back).

And oh yes, we had donated money to Animal Alliance NYC from Yogi And Furriends, the part of sales of my merchandise.  I do not overprice my merchandise, yet give some to needy furriends.

Well, then see you tomorrrooooo. XLXL...Yogi.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

#34. Hellow

 Hellow, How are you today, it's rain here in CO. it's dark outside, no fun, so I think I am going to work in my home today (I am a bijiness woman now, you know? still processing Yogi merchandise order/ship today, and designing for new merchandise).  I'll show you.
See? I'm checking the sales with my Pink Lap top.

Break time, although I have no fur, I has to cleeeen.

Now I'm at Yahoo.com to check my fan mail.
 See? I am working today... on the bed!! I'm the boss in da bijiness, I am allowed to work from the bed, I hink.
 And this is the latest work by Imoe from last night- M&M and Me.
  I love chocolates!! see? akshally I purrefurrr the one made in Euro or Japan, but I was hungry then, ate all M&M in the bowl. well then, see you tomoroooo. XLXL.... Yogi

Monday, May 23, 2011

#33. Yogiton

Hellow.  I am Imoe. First of all, I'd like to say ShanQ to all furriends who purrchased Yogi merchandise in the weekend. I am still working for the order today. The part of the sale will be used for donation to homeless furriends. (furst  place I want to send monee is the rescues in NYC). As a creator/designer, I was surrprised that people actually purrchased the merchandise with Yogi whom not yet even introduced on TV or any media. yet not because they want to help us to save up donation money, but because they liked my design...(Oh No!)
this is just my guess, but I think many people have now their own world through the internet, and feel as if the people and even animals they know on the internet are their celebs. our furriend Luna the fashionkitty has started selling her merchandise too, (and I heard that some furriends bought Luna merchandise) I think buying and collecting stuff from "My celebs" gonna be popular.
and Imagine, what if Yogi fans who own Yogi merchandise oneday see Yogi on TV or magazine?? they must be very very excited as if they were the first people who discovered her.

Anyway this is my latest creation (last night) ... yesterday it was Yogi+Oprah=Yoprah, and today's is Yogi and Elton,=Yogiton..(strenji..).  Elton John has adopted a baby, and so happy now...
I hope you like it.. well, see you tomorooo, XLXL ... Imoecat

Sunday, May 22, 2011

#32.The Yoprah

Hellow. how are you? it's little better weather here in CO today(compare to 2-3 days ago), but still not like the beginning of the summer or in the mid of Spring. I hink I am going to watch TV and take a nap all day as usual.

Speaking of TV, I've heard of that Oprah show will end this week. many furriends of me on FB do not like it, they gonna miss her show.. anyway I've created the new picture of me last night.
The Yoprah!! it's not a name of  a monster, it's Yogi+Oprah, 2 popular  XXXL women in US.
The Yoprah, (me and Oprah )
Do you like it? I hope so. maybe I should send this pic to Oprah.. I wear her curlers and she has got my body, I think naked Oprah look similar to this. (saggin boobees and XXXL bottom). 

Well... I still have to work for processing Yogi merchandise order and shipment today, so let me go now.
See you tomorooooo. XLXL... Yogi

Saturday, May 21, 2011

#31. Sexy me!!

Hellow. sorry for late to update tuday. I was very busy for processing Yogi merchandise order all afternoon, (order still coming from fans, today ..wow!). the new item is The Yogi tote.  (shown above). isn't that stylish? At this time this is sold out., but this will be available again next month. if you'd like to get one fur sure, write me comment or contact Imoe cat on Facebook on Yogi and Furriends page. ($15/bag including S&H for US residents. plus free Yogi gifts-my autographed photo, magnet, business card, and stickers, details on Yogi and Furriends page on FB)

Anyway, In one of the recent design photos by Imoe cat, I look sexy!! see??(below)
Suddenly I've got those sexy legs in fishnet.
Imoe really does not like to put cats' face on Human body when she makes funny photos, but she thought this looked very natural as if the legs really belong to me. (same reason why she often play with my face with hair, she thinks not so fun to do it on regular cats with fur, but very funny on hairless me).
she put me on Broadway Meowsical stage too...looks very natural really. I hope you liked it too.
 I'm sleepy(1pm here in CO) now, and I hink going to have a nap. see you tomoroooo.
XLXL... Yogi

Friday, May 20, 2011

#30. My funny photos by Imoecat "Me and Food"

Hellow. How are you? I'm sleepy (it's almost noon here in CO). see?  I've ooverheard the conversation between Imoecat and my Momsy on FB that I'm now as popular as Luna the fashionkitty !!! I can't belieeve. ShanQ fur suppurrting me. well, I'm showing my funny pics by Imoecat again. "me and Food" theme photos today. I hope you'll giggle.
Me look like Soysauce bottle

New Hat & hair extention from McDonald's

Potato me

This is real product in store, the Yogi Tea.  
 I hink I am still sleepy, and continue napping all afternoon. Hey, new Yogi merchandise has just arrived today. will be listed on Ebay later, keep your eye on Yogi Fan page on FB. Shanks for visiting me here tuday. See you tomorooooo/ XLXL  Yogi

Thursday, May 19, 2011

#29. my funny pictures by Imoe cat~ Yogi with people

Hellow. totally ran out of topics to write here.. (updating daily with something only about me is difficult), but I think I gotta crack you up, so I will show you here my recent photos by Imoecat. (means funny pictures).
This is exactly what you guys do when you see me on your PC

I've got caught in the Michael Jordan's XXXL boxer. nice fit.

Stealing Kim's hotdog

with my furried Lady Gaga

Joined the band(RATT)

With the XXXL Japanese man, this is a cover photo of Japanese Gay men mag

Did you like them? I hope so. it's still not good weather here in CO. I think I am going to nap again. see you tomorooooo. XLXL.. Yogi