Thursday, May 5, 2011

#16. Visiting my furriend Imoe cat

Hellow,  Yogi Tee, 1 sold last night. Yees!!  I'll make donation with part of the sale for homeless friends in shelters. I was a homeless once also, Yes I was, so homeless cats issue is not other cat's issue to me. I know how sad and scary being alone is. I would like to do something for them.

By the way, I'm showing you guys the pics of me visited my furriend Imoe-cat and her furrmily. I live in CO, and so does Imoe. did you watch my video I posted here last week? did you see that I live with 6 other Sphynx cats in my house, and everybody afraid of me and do not play with me? so as you can imajine, I has no play mate in home, so I visit Imoe sometimes.

 Imoe's daddy picked me up with his pimp car,but as you can see, I did not fit inside car, so he told me to get on the roof of the car but I flat the back of his car..
 I showed them "ShanQ fur inviting me-Dance". Imoe daddy worried about me might cause earthquake in the house, and telling Imoe to stop me.
Child purrson read me a book. she picked the book fur me, was very interesting. I ordered a copy for myself when I got back my home.

That was much fun than staying my own home with unfurriendly 6 Sphynx cats in size XS/S!! do you visit furriends? you should. See you tomorrrroooooooooooo. XLXL.... Yogi

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