Tuesday, May 3, 2011

#14. Visiting furriends (part 1)

 Hellow. How are you?  I'm grumpy as usual. see?

Today I'd like to show you some pics of me and my furriends . well, sometimes I visit my furriends although I am not so socialized purrson.
This is the picture of my furriends in Denver Zoo, can you find me?? 
This is my furriend Luna The fashionkitty and me. I visited her to help her grooming her XXXtra fluffy fur
but she thought I was going to eat her or something, and screamed !! am I scary in this pic???

And this was Licca chan Doll (a doll like a Barbie, but for Japanese child purrsons). when I visited her(in her Doll house), she wanted to dress me up and cuddle me..
This is some famous football purrson. he has got cold and slept with holding tissue paper in his hand, you see? I helped him to clean his nose while he was sleeping. I'm very helpful cat, actually.                                  

That's all for now today, Have a nice afternoon, see you tomorrrrooooooo. XLXLXLX.... Yogi 

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