Monday, May 30, 2011

#40. My Holiday Monday (updated 11:43pm in Mountain time, Monday)

Gud evvning, I was bored all day today because Holiday Monday, I do not like Holidays in US, 'cause many people think they are supposed to spend Holidays with furrmily and relatives, and many holidays are not set certain date, they are always monday. never be able to remember until next year's calender is published every year!!!

So grumpy me (as usual ) was drinking and eating potato chips on the bed.
The XXXL body there belongs to me, not the Hattie(the other SPhynx in the pic)I am sitting on her.

Hangover. I got upside down.(my feet)

 I don't like Holiday, so I think I am going to sleep after showing you the latest funny pics here.
I went UK again to bother the couple...with my sexy legs.

Visited Hair salon.
See you tomorooo, XLXL(will be tomorroo in 1 minute).. Yogi.


  1. I enjoy your captions on your photos! LOL!

  2. Shanks Angee fur writing me here!! glad you enjoy my blog.stop by anytime!!