Tuesday, December 27, 2011


 Hellow furriends!! sorry I did not update this blog for a month!! now this is like "Monthly Yogi". By the way,  how was  your XXX'mas? did you have a gud time with your furrmily and furriends?  I had a work on XXX'mas. you know, I had to sit on the dinner table as a faux ham all day. Like Santa Claus, when almost evvybody else take day off and have fun, I have to work. but the other 364 days/year, same as Santa, I have plenty of free time, allowed to sleep as long as I want, so it's OK.

 Well... my XXX'mas surrprise to my fans was this(see pic).
The XXXL ornament (Bowling ball size or even bigger)
See the fire alarm on the wall(behind the tree right top corner)? the ornament is bigger than that.
Partially handpainted, one in the world, $5,000. but not fur sale. (at Yogi museum).
we also have made small size Yogi ornaments this year. some fans have purrchased.

Yogi ornament Design #1($4)
Yogi ornament Design #2 ($4)
* those ornaments are approx 2 inches dia. glass.

we've also made a furriend ornament ... Luna the fashionkitty one. but it was not for sale, was for gift purrpose to Luna.
Yogi and Luna ornament(Luna one is at her house now) 2 most gorjas feline gals on FB!!
Luna liked our handmade gift to her(along with Yogi calendar, Yogi M&M, Yogi card). see details on her page on FB.Luna the fashionkitty fan page

And .. Did you get XXX'mas prejent?  do you want to see what  I got???
The Burberry!! Real one this year (Imoe gave me a faux one last year).

Akshally I was wishing for the Deluxe wrinkle treatment set from Avon, but Burberry arrived instead.

I've sent this XXX'mas cards to furriends who sent me one and regular customers of Yogi shop. sorry  it's all gone.

 *some furriends might have received one in different design.

Well, I hope I did entertain you guys enough ..  Happy new year is coming soon. enjoy Holidays!!!
XLXL... Yogi

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Hellow.  It's almost the end of 2011. Shanks Givving weekend is almost over, XXX'mas is coming soon. Speeking of Holidays, we think of Gifts. Speeking of it, ShanQ fur furriends who have purrchased the Holiday Yogi purrse and Calendar. (still available, some furriends were impatient, could not wait to get them until XXX'mas, so they shopped early).
Yogi purrchased the Holiday Yogi purrse fur herself

I was not going to talk about how popular Yogi merchandise was, but I'd like to talk about gifts today.
Last time I mentioned that I'd release fan mail address for Yogi (P.O Box).   I can release the address now;

Yogi And Furriends
P.O. Box 31523, Aurora, CO 80041

This is not physical address of Yogi, she is in CO, but far away from this P.O address, Imoe gonna pick up mail for Yogi.  Letters, cards, photos of furriends only pleese.  Gifts to Yogi accepted only if it's handmade by you, and not in XXXL size packaji. Yogi mom can afford to buy anything from store, so she says no Shanks to gifts from store. if you have XXXtra money to buy gift to Yogi,  please spend the money for needy homeless furriends in your area. they appreciate XXXtra money for them, and that's the gift Yogi wants most (having thoughtful fans who care about homeless furriends).  Or buy Yogi merchandise for yourself, we Yogi And Furriends gonna use part of sale  from merchandise sale to donate needy homeless furriends.

My Mom had a strenji furriend in Japan, the furriend liked to give gifts to people, that is nice, but she often sent me , Imoe the cat, cat food ~including a box of dry cat food (Whiskas in a box printed with Japanese company name), canned cat food, treats etc.. to USA via Air mail. To send me a box of dry food, she paid over $30 for shipping!! the food itself was approx $5(in Japanese currency). I didn't know why she was OK to waste money in such way. if she did not ship it to me to US, she could spend $30 for better way.. that money could afford to pay 6 more boxes of the food.. she could have given those extra food to needy homeless street cats in Japan. my mom always told her that Imoe is very finicky and does not eat most food(that was true), but she never stopped sending me gifts like dat. (mom often took those food to adoption place(inside pet supply store) to donate). I hink a purrson like mom furriend just wants to impress other people, and to do so, she even want to waste money. that is not good.

Well. That's all for now. Please think of who you should help first. XLXL

Yogi and Imoe

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Let's Recycle!!

Hellow. I am sorry for not updating this blog. Me, Imoe had to move to a new house recently, so I had no time .. now I'm at new house, things have been getting back to normal little by little.  While I was not here, there were some news about Yogi.  Her fan page on Facebook "Yogi And Furriends" has now 886 fans(as of today), I hope we'll reach 1,000 fans soon.
And speaking of my new house.. finally I moved in the neighborhood where US post office is in walking distance!! So I've got P.O Box there, and this P.O Box address will be used for Yogi business/her fan mail address.  I'll release the address soon.
Is Yogi  most popular Sphynx cat in the world now??

Anyway, today I'd like to talk about Recycling. I am the type of a purrson who can not throw away things.. and want to keep stuff(such as plastic bags, shopping bags from stores, papers with blank one side, empty boxes from mail, ribbons from gifts, etc..). used clothes are no exception, I have saved some to make doll clothes, or some accessories for child purrson.
There days People have been talking about recycling more than ever. not only me, many people want to help eliminate wasteful things.(but my daddy is anti-recycle man, I often get tempted to scratch him).

This is an idea I've introduced recently on Yogi And Furriends page. "How to make an instant dress/sweater for your pet with USED Socks". Take a look at the picture of How to..(below)
Isn't that easy? I liked the idea because we can use Used socks for making this dress. some furriends used sleeves from Used long sleeve shirt instead, and for adult cats, you might need to get Used sock from XL daddy, (and of course, Yogi needs to get one from ShaQ).
Special Shanks to The Skinny Sphynx group on FB(private group, not everyone can join, invitaion only).

And I've just found a verrry intersesting book that I was waiting for.
2 yrs ago I remember my furriends and I were wondering if there was the way to recycle cat hair because we saw someone made a doll or something out of cat hair on FB. we asked the purrson how to do that then, of course, but sounded complicated to do, also someone said it was impossible..so I forgot about it for a long time until today!!

This is the book about how to make craft with cat hair!! (by a Japaneese purrson.. I need Japanese edition instead of translated edition in English).

Of Course Yogi can not make anything with this book, but if you have regular cat with fur, you can try. evvyone should make the small finger puppet that looks like your cat at least one, with her/his fur. Someday he/she is gone, but you can always remember his/her with his/her real fur puppet.

I hink recycling in this way is fun. recycling idea like this makes me feel good too.

If you're interested, pleaes try.

See you soon, XLXL... Imoe

Monday, October 24, 2011

Holiday Yogi shop (as of October 24).

Hellow. This is Holiday Yogi merchandise special. Not yet started shipping,  you can still sign up for pre-order.

So far we only have 3 items to sell.
#1. The Holiday Yogi purrrrse.
The Holiday Yogi purrrrrse(front)
Yes, one side of the purrse is blue, and the other side is Pink(Pink purrple..or pinkish brown to be exact)
very soft satin-like fabric, handles, bottom of the purrse are leather, approx 8"x10" not very big, $35/each.

S&H is $5. comes with Free Yogi M&M(see details below item#3)

#2. The Yogi Calendar 2012~366 Days with Yogi
Calendar cover

Desk calendar in very high quality glossy papers, approx 3x8, small. we wanted to make XXXL size calendar, but considering furriends who order Yogi merchandise from outside USA, we made this calendar in XS.  $10/each.
(*we'll discount for multiple order)
S&H is $2/calendar(will combine S&H for multi count order)

#3. The Yogi M&M Chocolate candy.
I know this is XXX unusual for a cat to sell. Only for Yogi and her fans. Real M&M, Yogi image printed on.

Actually it was more like drawing than photo copy

$6/pack comes with sticker, button, and the postcard including S&H.
Or Free with Holiday Purrse purchase,
Or $4 with Calendar purchase

We have not started shipped any item yet. we'll still re-order those items to be in stock in November, so  you can sign up today.

if you are friends with Imoe Bakaneko on FB, contact her directly on her wall or e-mail.
or write imoe to imoecat@gmail.com

Sorry we have not owned online shop yet. if anyone is inconvenient to contact in using FB, we'll sell some items on Ebay.com before Holiday. we'll post the link to the auction then.
Part of Sale of Yogi merchandise goes to needy homeless furriends, tortured victims etc..

ShanQ ~Imoe

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sometimes Rescue/adopt is not easy

 Hellow, I'm Imoe, sorry for the delay again. I'd started writing earlier this week on this blog to update, but I totally got stuck, my draft made no sense, so I had to change the topic.  Now I think I should write something I saw on FB today.
It's about rescue/adoption thing.
It's been 2-3 weeks, a young Sphynx girl has been looking for a new home in TX area, I've asked some people in TX, and even Yogi momsy (we (Yogi and me) live in CO, TX not so furrr), many people said that they raised their hands for the girl, but still the girl can't find a home, and now she is looking for a foster. But finding foster for her may not be easy also.

The problem is that this girl is allergic to so many things, very sensitive. she's allergic to wool, furniture, dogs, even humans. (maybe she needs a new home only, I mean a house not including a human inside) monthly shot is required. Even experienced, multiple Sphynx owners are not really 100% sure about  how to help the cat in such condition. The rescue purrson says the house where foster/adopt the girl must provide her a room with no carpet, furniture, a dog.
I've never heard of this much complicated and difficult case to adopt. this is like  too many "No's" to all the way.  I really worry if she can find a someone who can take care of her for life.
Since the girl has so many "No's". I even wonder if keep telling people about the girl can help anything. But probably I should keep telling and asking people if anyone can handle with a cat.

Glad I am healthy.

Yogi healthy so far too.
Sorry about this short article. I'll be busy with Holiday Yogi shop soon. we'll sell Yogi Calendar, Purrse, (and probably 1-2 more items before X'mas), and make moneee,and will give some to needy furriends as we usually do. But  we don't boast as if what we do is 100% good.  Rescue people need physical help more than money, such as in NYC. Money does not become a human.


Monday, October 10, 2011

5x7 Folded Card

Berry Merry Frame Holiday Card
Create personalized holiday cards online at Shutterfly.com.
View the entire collection of cards.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

October 8, 2011 ~ Pets and Fashion

Hellow, I'm Imoe. I'm XXX sorry fur not updating this blog nearly 2 weeks!!!!!  I had a problem with my right arm~hand fur few days(felt swollen, and many fingers hurt) earlier this week, really. I've always taken care of my eyes not to get bad such as avoiding reading much, no TV, avoid dark room to read/write/paint etc..(my dad likes to sit in a dark room just turn on TV or PC there, and he needs reading glasses at early 40's. I don't want to wear glasses.. any kind!!) so I take care of my eyes but never thought that I had to care about my right hand/arm as well. Since I do write/paint/craft, hurting my right hand/arm would be real trouble.

Anyway, while I was not here fur 2 weeks, there were many topics on FB , and I'd like to pick the one about Pets and Fashion.
The Lion Hat by Maggie(our furriend from FB)
 This photo of Yogi(above) was released about a week ago by Yogi momsy, and I thought this was very cute, so I copied it and posted many places on FB for advertising purpose for Yogi fan page then.
1-2 days later a woman from Sweden complained on Yogi And Furriends (Yogi fan page) on FB about this hat(called a stupid hat) and blamed Yogi momsy as if she has neglected in taking care of Yogi (the woman thought that's why Yogi was fat). She said putting clothing including accessory item such as hat on pets was animal abuse.  So I talked with the woman until she understood. Once I convinced her by explaining that Yogi does not wear anything usually, and she has been very big and fat even before she was adopted by her current owner. But later I had to say.. "why only Yogi gets blamed for clothing,? (Yogi not famous for fashion), what about our furriend Luna?" then the talk got worse... (Luna=the fashionkitty, who wears dress and bow daily and famous for it).
Luna the fashionkitty. she always looks like this, I mean in dress and bow on her head.
I told the woman to look at Luna, and she did and said immediately she hates Luna.(Oh No, Luna is an innocent cat!! how could  she say "Hate her!"?) Blamed that her mom had no right to have pets if she treats her cat like a doll.
I understand that pets with clothing may look very strenji for some people, even shocked, and depends on clothing, some pets might look silly as if being dressed up to be laughed by people, if somebody feel that way, then they might feel as if those pets are treated like a doll by their owners, or get bad impression as if their owners are very selfish etc...

There was similar argument 3-4 weeks ago about other cat furriend on FB, it was "bad taste outfit" case.  two of our good furriends on FB had made up event for wedding for their cats.  the bride cat owner made her  cat a wedding dress, and put it on her cat and took photos for the event, and posted those photos on her page, event page, also used the photo as her profile picture, and immediately one of our friends got mad at it and attacked the bride cat's mom because the friend said it made the cat look very stupid, it was animal abuse, and she wants to file her complaints against the bride cat's mom with some animal right org. I thought that was overreaction, but really if you put your cat in silly outfit, some people feel those pets look sad or miserable, and feel as if their owners are bad. even blame it as animal abuse. (So if you enjoy dressing your pets, take your time, pick nice clothes for them.).
Anyway those people who attacked the wedding cat and Luna think clothing on pets are part of animal abuse.
they assume that animals hate be put clothing, therefore any animals with clothing must be forced by their owners, that's how those people believe. But if many people think the same, no pet clothing business would have been existed now.

I myself do not like to put anything even a small accessory like hat, (only wear collar for ID purrpose), so pet clothing is nothing to do with me at all, never thought of it seriously, I've seen some fashion pics in the old cat book "Good Mousekeeping" , and remembered that I was really impressed and thought they were cool, so I am not against fashion on pets.
If your dog/cat hates wearing clothing/accessories, you should stop continue, try again some other time, or give it up completely. if your dog/cats do not care, and let you put clothes on them, congrats, you can enjoy dressing your pets. that's it.  Those attacker people can blame only when they see dogs/cats who are forced to wear clothing by their owners, and treated bad if they do not obey. (for example- if they do not wear dress, they don't get food).  But not right to attack to a purrson like Luna mom, Luna mom is a verrrry responsible cat owner purrson,  she thinks of Luna furst in any situations, like when they have to go to travel, she doesn't think of leaving Luna of course, and does not think of using airplane because of bad experience with air travel in past,  she takes Luna everywhere as much as possible and allowed. Luna is provided a lot more than what she basically needed. She's very Happy cat, Lucky cat. Not treated like a circus animal fur sure!

And pleeese, I would like to say those attackers that if you have so much energy to attack such a small issue like clothing on pets, pleese be a volunteer for rescuing real abused animals, homeless dogs/cats, horses... join Peta for against fur campaign... to help more serious issues.

Yogi in her new Tiger hat, Nice.
We do funny things with Yogi here on her fan page.. everywhere you see Yogi=funny, if anyone think we do wrong, pleese understand, we can explain. Yogi funny just by putting human hairdo pic on her face photo as you know, even just draw eyebrows on her face, very gigglez. I do not do it to make people hate her, everytime I create funniez with Yogi image, and show you guys, you guys love her. Being loved by many people is the happiest thing, and I love to make Yogi the Happiest cat in the world.

XLXL... Imoe


Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekly Yogi~ 1950's

Hellow. I'm Imoe. I almost forgot about updating this blog this week... sorry about that. I've been painting Yogi purrtrait now as shown the beginning of it last week plus working for Holiday Yogi merchandise design. purrsonally I might have to move out the house I currently live anytime from now, so I'd like to prepare Holiday stuff already now in September.

Speaking of Holiday merchandise. this is a Holiday Yogi card design(shown above).  Yogi as a Ham for Holiday dinner. I was looking for an image of big ham, but found this cute one from the 1950's instead, and liked to add Yogi in the image, and that's how I created the design of the card. (the card will be included to any Holiday Yogi merchandise order, one per customer) .
then I was thinking about the people in the 50's. I liked what they have created then-fashion, art, lifestyle, culture, etc.. visually very attractive, I love their creation, but there was something bad about the era- people did not think much about animals then.
if you watch classic TV shows from the 50's~60's(such as I Love Lucy, Bewitched), you'll see they talk about  fur, hunting, ..and  whenever they don't know what to do with stray dogs. they tell children to take the animals somewhere to leave, as if those things are normal then.
and  the popular cartoon show like Tom And Jerry was OK then simply as an entertainment, and for children, then, but when I bought Tom & Jerry DVD few years ago, the package  now says : this show is not for children. because as you know, the show has too much violent and could get viewers impression that cats are bad, or Ok to beat or hit with car, or set fire on them etc..
that's not good.

Today, in 2011, not visually attractive to me, but glad modern people consider animal rights, and what's fair/unfair to them more than the people in the 50's.

Yogi portrait in progress

the latest funny photo,
Well, this is all for now tuday, ShanQ for visiting. ... XLXL... Imoe

Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekly Yogi~Yogi calendar 2012

Hellow. I am really sorry that this blog has been like Weekly Yogi now. I've been verrry busy. it's fall now almost.. we are planning to get new Yogi merchandise to sell for Holidays, and now  I , Imoe has to design new merchandise and get sample.
One of Holiday merchandise is Yogi Calendar 2012 "366 Days with Yogi", we've got sample here, and it looks OK. I'd like to show you some details.
The Yogi calendar is made with glossy high quality paper. but small.(shown with 2011 Luna the fashion kitty calendar)
We wanted to make Yogi calendar in XXXL size, but it probably scares people with XXXL size photos of hers in 366 days, and we gotta charge XXX shipping cost to fans overseas to ship, so we decided this XS size instead, so price is low, and can ship evvywhere in the world without XXX tra postage.
Cover(the beginning of scary new year) 

August with Yogi XXXL butt
Small, but I think this is fun looking calendar(whenever you see Yogi, you can giggle). if you would like to purrchase one, please visit me at Yogi and Furriends on Facebook, write on the wall, or write me in the comment box on this blog.  will be sold about $12 or less including S&H (for US residents).

And as you might have seen I have been painting Yogi now. I've added some deetails today.
I hope I can finish....I do not like to paint animals with hair(people with facial hair a lot.. either), but Yogi has no hair, just many wrinkles, I might like to paint her.

Well, that is what's new in Yogi world this week. please stop by Yogi And Furriends fan page on Facebook, I at least be there daily and hosting the page there. Yogi mom has come back on Facebook and posting new Yogi photos daily lately.

well then see you tomorooo or next week, XLXL .... Imoe

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekly Yogi~ "You has a Question fur me!!"

Hellow. sorry it's been like Weekly Yogi now instaed of Daily Yogi. I've beeeeen very busy lately. it's September now, I gotta start Holiday Yogi merchandise project in Sept, (start designing, planning, ordering smaples etc..).
I've been busy but fine, ShanQ.

Well, today is "You has a question fur me!" . I am gonna answer to your questions.

Q1. from Jose; What's your favorite TV show?

Yogi: Well.. I like to watch "Yogi bear" cartoon. You see, me Yogi, and he's Yogi,  I am a cat and he's a bear. we diffurreent animals, but I find that Yogi bear and I have something in common such as always looking for food,  smarter than humans, and people think we're scary. also Yogi bear does not like sharing, I hink.

Q2. from Daniele; Where is your favorite snoozing spot?

Yogi: "my fave spot to sleep is on top of the buffet on her heated pads, where the table chandelier is. I'll show you the picture of the place".
See?  the Chandelier.

Q3; from Kitty Monga;  What moisturizer for da supple skin?

Yogi "I don't use Moisturizer, and you see what has happened to my skin... wrinkly evvywhere!!".

ShanQ fur sending me questions. if you have any questions (something want to know about me), write me with your question via comments on this blog or on Yogi And Furriends wall.

and Funny photos by Imoe too now weekly, she has made some today. I'd like to post here.
Not only paparazzi from media, even house guests bother me with their camera inside my own home!!

New hairdo.

Me in Dog food ad again, it't talking about something not natural in dog food.
 Well, that's all for now. I have some topics I want to write here, hope I can update more than once a week this week. ShanQ fur visiting. XLXL... Yogi

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weeekly Yogi by Imoe

Hi How are you? I am verrrry sorry for updating this blog less often now. I did not even make Daily Funny photos with Yogi for 2 weeks or so, but I did make some tuday, so I am showing here tuday, also will show the one banned from FB.(I hope Blogger won't be angry at me).

But First, some latest Yogi photos from her Momsy. (why I call her Momsy is because sounds similar to  one of her Sphynx cats names , there is one who is blind, named Mimsy. oneday I was trying to tell Momsy something faster on FB, and spelled wrong, I was supposed to type the cat name "Mimsy" but accidentally typed "Momsy" then, well, strenji, but she's a mom of Mimsy, Momsy sounds matching to Mimsy name,, right?  I thought cute, den started using the name as her nickname).

Yogi in vertical photo
Very E.T  in this photo.
Well then, the latest funny photos of Yogi by me. "The catalog shopping with Yogi"
Yogi wants to order one for winter.
Special fitness ball fur children.
The Body Pillow
And there are more...
Yoga master
Licking  fur by myself and using the product get same result. Licking is cheaper.
Well, this is all for now, I hope you'll enjoy today's post, and to US furriends, Happy Holiday weekend, enjoy!!  XLXL... Imoe

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Me tuday

Hellow. Oh No, I didn't know that I did not update this blog fur 3 days!! verrry sorry about that. I was very busy to design fur new promo items (free gifts fur Yogi merchandise purrchase) tuday. it took all day. really.

And these are photos of me tuday(I meen Aug 30).
I hink I was surrprised by something.

middle aged man in napping

Suddenly looked good.
my new promo photo with Japanese blog title.

There are more on Yogi And Furriends on Facebook. I post different photos from same day/same photo session on this blog and Yogi And Furriends page, (of course). posting same photos on 2 different places is not very good. (fans do not feel they need to visit both places if they see the same thing) some times same stuff here, but usually post or write different things.

well that's all fur now, my Momsy is fine. Shanks fur visiting my blog. see you tomoroooo or 3 days later, XLXL... Yogi