Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekly Yogi~ "You has a Question fur me!!"

Hellow. sorry it's been like Weekly Yogi now instaed of Daily Yogi. I've beeeeen very busy lately. it's September now, I gotta start Holiday Yogi merchandise project in Sept, (start designing, planning, ordering smaples etc..).
I've been busy but fine, ShanQ.

Well, today is "You has a question fur me!" . I am gonna answer to your questions.

Q1. from Jose; What's your favorite TV show?

Yogi: Well.. I like to watch "Yogi bear" cartoon. You see, me Yogi, and he's Yogi,  I am a cat and he's a bear. we diffurreent animals, but I find that Yogi bear and I have something in common such as always looking for food,  smarter than humans, and people think we're scary. also Yogi bear does not like sharing, I hink.

Q2. from Daniele; Where is your favorite snoozing spot?

Yogi: "my fave spot to sleep is on top of the buffet on her heated pads, where the table chandelier is. I'll show you the picture of the place".
See?  the Chandelier.

Q3; from Kitty Monga;  What moisturizer for da supple skin?

Yogi "I don't use Moisturizer, and you see what has happened to my skin... wrinkly evvywhere!!".

ShanQ fur sending me questions. if you have any questions (something want to know about me), write me with your question via comments on this blog or on Yogi And Furriends wall.

and Funny photos by Imoe too now weekly, she has made some today. I'd like to post here.
Not only paparazzi from media, even house guests bother me with their camera inside my own home!!

New hairdo.

Me in Dog food ad again, it't talking about something not natural in dog food.
 Well, that's all for now. I have some topics I want to write here, hope I can update more than once a week this week. ShanQ fur visiting. XLXL... Yogi

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  1. Looks like Yogi cannot even get away from papparazi inside her own house~!