Thursday, October 22, 2015

Yogi And Furriends blog

Good Grumpy Morning!!

I almost forgot,
we have created a new blog,
but it is for storing photos and posts from Yogi and Furriends
(facebook page, currently not visible).
we have copied over 30 photo albums from Yogi and Furriends and transferred
to the new blog so far.  Mostly old photos from 2011 have been added,
if you are a new fan of me, check them out.

Yogi And Furriends blog

And I know it's almost end of October,
we had not sold anything from my shop this year,
but I know we need to prepare something to sell, at least calendars by December.

We'll try.

the most recent artwork was this, the doll clothes (Not For Sale)

dress made with special fabric, image of me printed on., Silk.

I'll update this blog when I get news,
I hope I can do that soon.

But you know that I am on FB daily,
you can visit my page daily too.

Currently my page is on FB  as
Yogi And Furriends 2

See you soon.