Monday, April 29, 2013

From Yogi shop~The Yogi Eye Mask ! Available again!!

Good Grumpy Evvning!! Sorry for not updating,
I was (still am ) busy with new Yogi merchandise for
Upcoming Mother's day.
though new items are not ready,
this popular item is now in-stock,
4 available at the Yogi shop (
at this time.
The Yogi eye mask!!! ($12)

Scary or Stylish?
If you're interested, please visit
The Yogi Eye mask

Great gift for Mother's day if you hate your mother.

And Free Yogi goodies is a Mother's day
greeting card (5x7, color, printed by
we'll include the card for any purrchase in the next
10 days or so.

*while supplies last.
(card sample- below)
Not bad, is it?

And remember, the part of sales of Yogi shop (approx 10-20%)
goes to needy furriends in shelter, at rescues etc..
we've given him little this month.
Needy furriend in NYC
there are needy furriends in my state, city too,
but we're in CO.
Denver is #5 Cat furriendly city
in US,( Cat Funcy mag said so) .
we just saw that local TV news station raised
$300,000 for local needy animals in just 5-6 hours
in one Sunday afternoon recently.

this pic iteself can tell our city is Cat furriendly

I don't know if NYC does the same,
at least I did not see NY in the top
Cat furriendly city in the Cat Fancy
but I see the info about  many cats
are on deathrow in NYC everyday.
Sometimes I donate needy furriends in
the other city/state too, but
usually I use money to save deathrow cats
in NYC.
We pledged all deathrow cats on Dec 24 and some
on Dec 25  last year after Holiday merchandise
were sold.
pledged 9-10 cats then, and 3-4 were killed, but
was able to save 6-7 of them.
we would like to spend money for donation directly
to help lives instead of giving money to big organization
such as HSUS, PETA etc..
the money we pledge are collected only when Rescue group
pull the cats safely from the cat prison.
(Never asked to send money whether cats are rescued or not).

Anyway, you buy cool Yogi merchandise, and it
always automatically helps needy animals too!!


Friday, April 5, 2013

Official Yogi Shop Open @

Good Grumpy April!!
Today I'd like to announce that Official Yogi Shop has Opened.
It's @

I wanted to open online shop with, but the site is for
Handmade items to sell, I never thought Yogi merchandise was
OK, or considered "Handmade",
but when I looked at the site carefully, I noticed that items like
Computer Graphic (photoshopped) photo enlarged as a poster,
or canvas print, T-shirt with Image which looked like iron-on,
CD by non-professional musicians etc.. were sold on the site.

Most Yogi merchandise are made in similar process of CD
by non-professional singers, or CG (photoshop) art print,
so I thought maybe OK to sell Yogi merchandise there,
and decided to open the shop @ Etsy.

 Here is the link to the store>>>Official Yogi shop

At this time only 3 items in the shop,
but more items will be added soon.

Now you can pay with crejit card, Pay Pal, even check/M.O
and anyone from any countries can shop/order also.
this is very ideal. It was easy to set up too.

Please visit the shop,