Saturday, October 20, 2012

Starved Wrinkly children

Good Grumpy October, Furriends!! I'm grumpy.

I'm always grumpy 24/7/365!! no day off of being grumpy.
The Missing wrinkly child thing has not been solved yet.
and another bad thing happened to our US Cat community
that some irresponsible breeder purrson has neglected taking care of
her cats, they are ELFs (Mix breed of Sphynx and American Curl),
the purrson did not feed them, and all cats (11 of them) got Skin and bone.
(sorry for the image, this was actual photo of one of the victims)
O h  No!!

According to one of the friends who rescued them, they were dirty
(hairless cats need bath regularly)
Our furriends rescued and helped them to get back to normal size.
Still skinny but closer to normal size for wrinkly cats now.
Latest video

They look OK now, nobody died from the starvation.
Shanks to our furriends who rescued them.
Shanks to my furriends who sent them donation from my fan page.

I don't know the details of how this happened,
not sure if it was because
the breeder purrson was busy with other job, school etc, or had a
financial problem, whatever it was, I wish she contacted someone
to ask for help her cats before she made them skin and bone.
Asking someone for help is a lot easier today, because not only physically,
we can also ask via internet.
(Me, Yogi has found an adopter/foster for 2 cats in Japan as I lived in US).

 A purrson who is irresponsible like this should not have any pets,
especially if  nobody else live with her/him.
There are many people who can not even be responsible to one pet , even to one
human baby, a child purrson also. They were supposed to be happy when the pet, baby
came to their lives at first. I don't know how people change their mind to them,
started to neglect taking care of them, begin to feel they do not want the pet,
baby... I myself was a homeless cat once, so thinking of that makes me really
Some humans are selfish, unreliable, untrustable...

That's scary, scarier than my grumpy face.