Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stop ignoring Now!!

Oh No, November has gone!! sorry for no update in the last month.
I've been busy since I've joined twitter 7 months ago,
Now I have over 500 followers including several
celebs and prejident Obama related bijiness.
O yes,  Celebs still talk to me.

This Tweet and pic was retweeted by Heidi Klum

Me talking with Joanna Krupa

I also have many Animal activist friends in Japan now.
I read their tweets to understand what they concern about,
and tell them what US animal activists do.
Two major issues they care about most are about homeless pets,
and Anti-Fur.
There are obstacles to make the situation worse in the country
-Popularity of pure bred dogs/cats, and obsession of getting
Brand name stuff is XXX strong in the country in almost anything.
Even 15,16 yr old teens want to carry Vuitton Handbags,
(when US teens are OK with Guess, NIKE, Gap..)
so  pure bred cats/dog are like Brand name animals for
many people in the country, I feel.
many people want pure bred.
not only the people who can afford want one.
Breeders, Puppy mills are very busy,
they gotta make babies to sell directly,
or Via Pet shop, website.

Pure bred dogs/cats are expensive, do you think they are
always sold out in stores, at breeders?
No- lots of them become left-over, clearance items.
Breeders, shops do not want to those leftover, clearance items to
give away for free, many left over are abandoned in the mountain,
some are killed in freezer, some are taken to animal control dept
in city, etc.. also people who purchased those dogs/cats
give them up quickly, and abandon, or  take them to shelter.
As long as the obsession in brand name stuff, brand name animals
continues or exists in the country,the homeless pet problem will
never end, 'cause in addition to the brand name pets,
street cats/dogs also exist, they causes over population too.

And I want to talk about fur today.
I know it's strenji that me who has no fur
talk about fur, but let me talk.
I'm aware of that some people intentionally avoid or
ignore about the topics such as about
animal abuse, Fur, 'cause seeing the photos
hearing the story about those are scary.
me not feels good either.
you don't need to see the photos, but
can't you imagine how humans get fur from
some animals are skinned alive -including dogs/cats.
can you imagine how painful it would be?
and do you think those dogs/cats can still be
alive after the largiest organ(skin) were taken off?
I just can not understand why the business now
use fur from our closest animals-dogs and cats,
and I did not know what for.

Recently I heard about Russian blue cat's fur coat for human.
Russian Blue?
the grey skinny cats some people own as pets??
Russian blue (owned by Imoe's aunty)

Do you want to wear fur of this cat?
does she need to suffer from XXX pain to be your coat?
how many of this skinny little cats have to die for one coat?
for size M woman,
size XXXL woman?
some people are obsessed with rare stuff,
now they learned that real fur coat made of
little cats like Russian Blue is available.
then do you know what they want next?
A leather jacket of my skin (I mean
leather jacket of Sphynx)? maybe.
Fur coat from Persian cats? Poodles?

If fur products from dogs/cats become normal, popular, then
breeders/puppy mills may start produce cats/dog for fur!
like farmer raise cows for meat!!(or left over pure bred in Japan
may be sent to China to get their fur removed).
you don't need to see the photo of fur factory, farm, but please
think something, and do something you can do to save lives, but
if you own animals, love them, and care about them,
please do not ignore.

This is the famous ignorant women(sisters) in Japan,
not sure what they are really talented in,
Kardashian-like celebs who got attention from media only
for the way they look and gossips.
anyway this is their blog

On the page you see, one of the sisters showing, and talking about
the blanket for her cat, the household pet, cat.
the blanket used to belong to her sister as a coat, made of
a real and very rare snow leopard.
It Must have been with  $$$$$$ price Tag,
probably not worn by her sister many times either
I know recycling is a good thing that she decided to
make the blanket for her cat from Used clothing,
but if she loves her little pet cat, and cares about him
so much, why can't she think of the snow leopard whose
gorgeous fur was taken by human against his will???

If you know anyone in Asia, especially in Japan, China,
please tell them that adopting dogs/cats from shelter is
common in US, Euro, than buying pure bred,
and real fur is unusual. Pleese.

XLXL.. your prejident

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Starved Wrinkly children

Good Grumpy October, Furriends!! I'm grumpy.

I'm always grumpy 24/7/365!! no day off of being grumpy.
The Missing wrinkly child thing has not been solved yet.
and another bad thing happened to our US Cat community
that some irresponsible breeder purrson has neglected taking care of
her cats, they are ELFs (Mix breed of Sphynx and American Curl),
the purrson did not feed them, and all cats (11 of them) got Skin and bone.
(sorry for the image, this was actual photo of one of the victims)
O h  No!!

According to one of the friends who rescued them, they were dirty
(hairless cats need bath regularly)
Our furriends rescued and helped them to get back to normal size.
Still skinny but closer to normal size for wrinkly cats now.
Latest video

They look OK now, nobody died from the starvation.
Shanks to our furriends who rescued them.
Shanks to my furriends who sent them donation from my fan page.

I don't know the details of how this happened,
not sure if it was because
the breeder purrson was busy with other job, school etc, or had a
financial problem, whatever it was, I wish she contacted someone
to ask for help her cats before she made them skin and bone.
Asking someone for help is a lot easier today, because not only physically,
we can also ask via internet.
(Me, Yogi has found an adopter/foster for 2 cats in Japan as I lived in US).

 A purrson who is irresponsible like this should not have any pets,
especially if  nobody else live with her/him.
There are many people who can not even be responsible to one pet , even to one
human baby, a child purrson also. They were supposed to be happy when the pet, baby
came to their lives at first. I don't know how people change their mind to them,
started to neglect taking care of them, begin to feel they do not want the pet,
baby... I myself was a homeless cat once, so thinking of that makes me really
Some humans are selfish, unreliable, untrustable...

That's scary, scarier than my grumpy face.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

News around Yogi ~September 2012

 Good Grumpy Afternoon, Furriends!! I'm Yogi. There are few things I'd like to announce today, some of you already know that my namager Imoecat has died last Friday(Sept 14), that's why I have to update this blog by myself today. She was 16 yr old elderly cat, not strenji that she passed away anytime, and it happened. too bad, but good news is that her owner is still alive, so her death would not affect my bijiness at all. Blogs, fan pages, Yogi shop OK, no worries.

Visited Imoe house once, I'm dancing. shaken the house hard,
Hippo daddy(Imoe owner) complaining to Imoe about me.

And the Child purrson in Imoe house read me a book,
She has picked the book for me ("I Can Make you THIN") belly interesting.
 I cried for her anyway.

Next topic, Butterball update.(see the previous post last week on this blog)
His dad has just made this video, so you can see what really happened to Butterball.
He still has been with the cat napper, not yet return to his dad.
please watch   

This is awful. my manager Imoe cat has gone, she died, family know she won't be back, but Butterball is alive(I believe), and we know where he is, but we don't know how he's been doing.  it must get his dad crazy!!
as the video says, The local police refused to help his dad get his cat back. what kinda people they are?! it's because "Just a cat"?!  maybe Dad should write to OH senator or somebody. I'll continue updating Butterball incident on my blog , or "Yogi And Furriends" fan page on Facebook.

And  a new follower on Twitter,
Local News station!!

That's all for today. ShanQ for reading. see you soon.



Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tha MISSING Wrinkly Child

Good Grumpy September,  furriends!! Yogi and her furriends have been XXX grumpy.
Do you remember "Butterball",  the Sphynx cat, (Mini-Yogi) ,one of our furriends
we introduced on this blog earlier this year?
Article about Butterball in March, 2012

 Shortly after the article, his dad had to go out of town where he could not take his pet with,
so he had to find someone he could trust enough, to ask for fostering Butterball then.
Yogi Momsy first offered him help, and he wanted to send Butterball to Yogi house then,
The Breeder of Butterball offered the same, she convinced him that Yogi people and he were just friends on FB, never physically met,-yah, makes sense, Yogi people could be untrustable people,
 if Butterball's dad had not known them in purrson, it could be dangerous place to Butterball to stay.
The Breeder convinced him to agree to send Butterball to her Cattery.

Sending your cat to Yogi house is dangerous?

(6 months later),
 Now Butterball's dad has returned home, he could not wait for getting Butterball back as soon as he could, let the breeder know he's back, and wanted to get his cat back.

The Breeder has refused to return his Butterball to him. Nobody knows what does that mean, or why.

 While Butterball dad was away, nobody saw any photos, videos, and even heard anything about Butterball from the Breeder who was supposed to have been taking care of him in the 6 months.
Refusing to return Butterball to his dad means;
Because Butterball no longer exists? -died (killed),? , lost(missing)?,  to cover up something to hide? (e.g.. accidentally got him sick, injured?), or Was he sold someone without his dad knowing it?
If nothing like those happened, and Butterball is safe with her, she must return him to his dad as she first promised.
At first place, it was business that she sold the cat as merchandise to the person, and he paid the price of the merchandise, that's final, the cat is his. did the breeder change her mind after she sold Butterball? suddenly wanted the cat back to her cattery? if so, and if  she wanted to have Butterball  as hers, she should at least refund the price his dad paid plus some money for causing confusion/trouble that she wanted the merchandise back for her personal reason, and used this opportunity to steal the cat by pretending offering foster care.

 With no reasonable explanation,  she has been avoiding, blocking contact of anyone she does not want to confront with.

 So as the result of sending a cat to his breeder who was supposed to be responsible in cat care for fostering, Butterball was stolen instead.

 How can we help Butterball to return to his dad safely? Any idea ? (Besides calling local police, and filing complaints with Attorney General in the state where the Cattery is located (OH that is )?) If so, please write to us to this Blog, or on Yogi And Furriends page on Facebook, or Tweet to @Prejidentyogi

 ShanQ For reading.
 XLXL to you all,


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yogi on

 Good Grumpy August, Furriends!! Sorry about no updating for over a month. Unexpectedly the child purrson in my house (I'm Imoe, Yogi manager), has got noisy little stalkers(neighbor kids) who visited our house whenever they wanted, it was XXXX annoying, I was not allowed to sleep, eat, play, and do anything anytime I wanted, during the month of July and until the summer break for kids was over.
(we never let child purrson play with neighbor kids before, and never thought of it, really totally unexpected).
all my other blogs has been delayed for updating also, not only this one.

  Anyway the news is that suddenly Yogi has become a regular for "I can Has Cheezburger' website recently. (*I can has Cheezburger is a popular book with funny cat photos, they have a website too).
I can has Cheezburger(Book)

We've found 5 photos of Yogi on so far. (there might be more).

Pearl necklace

Sweater dress

Tina Turner
Miss. Cleo

Hairless Krishnas.

 Why did this happen to Yogi ? I think it was because our new furriend from the website "Cats, Beavers & Ducks " liked Yogi and shared several Yogi photos on their website.
Cheezburger people saw Yogi photos there, and stole them for their website.
Really, that's how they collect those funny photos of cats, without looking for the original owner of the photos and without her purrmission?(90% of Yogi photos were taken by her Momsy, and 10% by me).
I thought those funny photos in their book were all original taken by the author, never thought that the book was made with photos they found on the internet, yet without purrmission..

 But as Yogi manager, I'd like to use anything for her publicity. Photos stolen by/for the famous Cheezburger site is good for her publicity, so we allow them to use Yogi photos anytime.

 Also Yogi still has been getting interesting new followers on Twitter. Honestly Yogi on Twitter has been talking in Japanese language lately more than in English, I thought Yogi might not get English speaking followers anymore... But new followers did not care.
Born This Way Foundation by Lady Gaga and her mother, is Yogi's follower now.

And Finally...All famous cats must have this follower.
Cat Fancy magajin.


 I know that Lady Gaga has a problem about her Fur issue, we're still at the side of the people who fight for Animal rights, of course, but for Yogi publicity, we let Lady Gaga foundation follow Yogi on Twitter. they know Yogi is a cat, against fur, but decided to follow. we won't support her fur thing. OK.

Yogi is still popular, no problem.
well, that's all for now.
Have a nice grumpy August, Furriends!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Coolest way to spend money & time ~ by Imoecat

 Good Grumpy Summer, Furriends!  Sorry for not updating this blog again. Yogi on Twitter has been getting busier with many new furriends in Japan, talking to celebs as usual.. We've even started helping homeless cats in Japan via Twitter.

Today, I'd like to talk about one of the homeless cats we helped spreading Tweet,( "We" means me and Yogi). It was like Cinderella story for a homeless cat.
In the last month (June, 2012), oneday we saw the Tweet about those kittens(below).

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Tweet was from the Japanese business man who found those kittens at his job site, he didn't know what to do with those babies, so he contacted the local police dept, and gave those kittens to the police, then later he Tweeted about them. He asked people to pick up those kittens at the police station within 24 hrs to adopt if anyone can do so. (he concerned that kittens might be sent to the health dept of the city gov, and could be killed at there anytime) .
As you see, those kittens looked like days old. just got out of mom cat's belly to the world, but do they have to say good -bye to the world only in days? that does not make sense to the people who care about cats.
we're in US, can not help them physically of course, but at least tried do what we could- Re-tweeted the message to spread the word. we even talked to other people who worried about those kittens, and discussed what we could do for help. So worried.. 'cause not only about the time, they were at the police station as lost and found item, Police could give anyone those kittens away without carefully screening a person. what if someone irresponsible asked for? bad person who was looking for his next torture victims?
we all worried about it.
7-8 hours after I saw the Tweet about the kittens, I learned that someone picked them up at the police station, and they were OK with the person. sounded like the person was involved rescue work or something.. we were all happy to hear that.

But  The Happy story did not end there. The next day, someone told us that the person who picked up those kittens was the mother of the popular Japanese female singer!!!!!!!!!!! and one of the kittens (left one in black and white fur) was introduced as a new family member of the singer's house by the singer herself on her blog!!!!!!!Shoko Nakagawa (Japanese singer) blog
In her blog, she keeps saying the baby is very cute, and she also saying she is thinking of the name for the kitten. so lovely!!
What a Lucky kitten!! (the singer says the same). From homeless to the princess in the star's house! and all it happened in 2 days!
And the mother of the singer is super cool. what would you do if your daughter was a very popular and famous singer? the mother of the singer probably is allowed to do almost anything she wants with her daughter's money and fame, she can even buy anything she wants to spoil herself, but she involves rescue work for cats, likes do things for needy animals, and spends her money to save their lives instead, and the singer can help educate people via media about homeless animals as well.
I really was impressed by this, great story, great success rescue story!!

 Then One more person I'd like to talk about.  Yogi's momsy. Like the singer's mother, Yogi's Momsy does something similar too. Though most her cats are Sphynx (total 10 cats in her house at this time, 7 out of 10 are Sphynx, 2 peterbald, and 1 mixed breed cat with fur), Yogi was a homeless, and Mimsy(one of her Sphynx) has no eyes, and Finley (mixed cat) has no eyes also. there was another blind Sphynx before (died 2-3 yrs ago)  and she has told me that she has adopted a cat who was a tortured victim. For some people, what she owns may look like fascinating (many Sphynx, and can afford to pay for everything for what cats need), but she wants to save cats nobody want basically.
Not only that, recently there was big mountain fire in CO as many of US friends might  have remembered.
the area Yogi house is located was unfortunately involved, Yogi house was safe, but many people in the city has lost their homes, partially or entirely lost what they owned.
few days after the fire, I received e-mail from Yogi momsy, and her message said that she has been helping people who lost their homes, everything for the fire. she let those victims stay in her house, help animals belonged to the fire victims (including horses),  Yogi house was served as the evacuation center for fire victims. many of us know she was generous, but great that she can be generous this much.

 The singer's mother, and Yogi momsy, both, they don't just send money to somewhere with message "here is donation, you can use for helping needy animals (or fire victims)". They pay and they work physically for what they want to help. that is XXXXXX Cool.
Yogi and her Momsy

 I even get mad when a child purrson brings her little friend to our house unexpectedly, can't think of allowing to stay people or hosting them in my house for days...(me not like Momsy..).

So if you ever be a rich, please try to be like Yogi momsy or the singer's mom.

ShanQ for reading,

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yogi And Celebs #2

 Hellow furriends!  Sorry for not updating for a month.  As you might have seen, we met Jackson Galaxy at the local bookstore last month. It was book signing event for his new book, Cat Daddy.  We had to be there for promoting Yogi.  Since the store told us No cats were allowed insider the store, we did not go there with Yogi, but Yogi photo. we asked Jackson to hold Yogi photo, and smile for our camera.

He signed to Yogi with XLXL

And we gave him Happy Cat father's day gift set from Yogi And Furriends.
The Yogi notebook and Yogi pen, w/card.(Notebook sold out already @Yogi shop)

 It was great. Jackson was friendly and talked to us casually. there was his talk before autograph session, he really cared about cats, particularly homeless ones. Not the purrson who acts like as if he likes cats.  he really cares, and thinks/does  what he can do.  He visited the local shelter for lecturing earlier the day, and was on local news to help homeless cats to look for new homes as well. He was in our city not just for selling his book.

 And when I got home from the Jackson event .. I saw new follower notification from Twitter.

Lüc Carl @LucCarl FOLLOWS YOU Author of The Drunk Diet: How I Lost 40 Pounds Wasted. The voice of metal on @SiriusXM Hair Nation & @OzzysBoneyard. Runner, Writer, Rock n Roll Party Maker. Brooklyn, NY ·
*sorry I didn't print out the follower notification from Luc. this texts are copied current status from his acct on Twitter. He Follows Yogi as you see.

I didn't know him, but his Twitter acct has Check mark. some celeb, I bet.  He is an author for the diet book, and DJ for Ozzy Osbourne. Cool.

Yogi on Twitter is XXX successful.  Surrprise did not stop there.
shortly after Luc Curl, Yogi has got this notification.
Even my favorite movie star decided to follow Yogi!!

It's Miss. Foxy Brown, Pam Grier. I could not believe it!! she added Yogi in sec after Yogi wrote something to  her Tweet that day (Yogi was her follower before she followed Yogi).
XXXXX Cool!!
Also.. not followed me but some celebs talked to me such as Ryan and Trista, the only couple really got married and still together from Bachelorette show (ABC TV)

Ryan to Yogi

Trista to Yogi (*she wrote Yogi again last week,. yes, Yogi heard from her twice)

And Real surrrprise ..last night. New follower notification... checked who it was...

"OBAMA FOR AMERICA . CO office" Follow Yogi!!
Wow. glad they finally recognized this important cat prejident in CO, and decided to follow.
this Obama Office acct has check  mark, so it means authorized acct by human prejident ,or his office headquarter.

Even Human prejident office know Yogi now. How cool is that???! I feel very strenji .

I didn't predict anything when I made those funny pics of Yogi with human prejident pic.
also I made one with Nicole Richie.(below, Yogi with Nicole eyes)

With Twitter Yogi has got connected with those people...really strenji..( I never thought I 'd ever even had a chance to communicate with a purrson like Nicole Richie at all). Driving Twitter as Yogi is really cool.

Sorry, no tips for how to get celeb followers, or get replies from celebs. I have no idea myself.

ShanQ for supporting Prejident Yogi.
please continue supporting her, or else.

Imoe cat

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yogi And Bijiness~Sphynx Wear~ Yogi in fahsion photo shoot

 Hellow.  We want to talk about Yogi And Bijiness again. Today want to introduce you Sphynx Wear, the most  popular clothing shop for wrinkly, naked cats online. (Their link is at left side on this page by the way).  they have really cool designed clothing for wrinkly, naked cats.
Since they are bijiness for wrinkly naked cats, and Yogi is a wrinkly naked cat. they became furriends on FB earlier this year. Recently  the store wanted Yogi to try on their clothing, and gave her one. I, Imoe visited Yogi in her house for helping her fashion photo shoot.

Yogi in the Track suit by Sphynx Wear (Black/White, $36)

Isn't that cool? (the white lines are slimming-look effect). nobody would think this cat is size XXXL. I'd like to show you some of the clothing from the store here:
The New Yorker ($36)

Vintage T Ball ($32)

Pink Lemonade reversible dress ($38)
Bubba ($36)
 Aren't they cool? you can go to the store website by clicking the name of the clothing under each photos above, there are more on their website, please visit.

 Back to the fashion photo shoot with Yogi.. there are more photos...the first photo was great but..
a middle aged man who forgot to wear his pants.

We were not sure at this point if the top can cover her entire XXXL belly
Got grumpy
the neck was little tight for Yogi 
Yogi Momsy is putting the top over Yogi head
from side View, Nice.
The same top is available at Sphynx Wear website.
For detail of this Track Suit click here
The real reason why Sphynx Wear wanted Yogi to try their clothing was because they are planning to carry XXX size soon for wrinkly naked cats in Yogi Size. they said the top they gave Yogi should be little too big (but Yogi needs one 1 inche bigger all over at least). If your naked children are normal size(skinny to medium), they will fit.
ShanQ for visiting my Blog. 

See you next time. XLXL~ Imoe


Friday, May 4, 2012

Yogi And Bijiness~Haute Catture - The Home Of Purrberry

Hellow, Yes we talk about Yogi And Bijiness, Today we want to introduce you the Hat Shop owned by our furriend Miss Gatita. "Haute Catture-The Home of Purrberry", Beverly Hills, CA 90212(this is the location of the store P.O Box, the store is online only).
About a year ago, I saw that our furriend Miss Gatita was wearing handmade hats often on her FB page. I asked her about her nice hats then. She said that her mother made those hats for her and her feline sisters. those hats were unique and pretty design, I suggested her to consider starting a Hat Bijiness for cats, and she did. Here's some Hats from the stores. I hope you'll like them.

The Cheeter Hat

The Pink Rose Hat

The Knit Hat w/Pom pom

For Boy cats

The Rose Hat (different design and color than Yogi's)

The Lavendar Hat(?) matching collar
Cool Purple Hat with matching cape
Miss Gatita says that her priority in making hats is comfort for cat customers. She uses only Softest, lightest-weight materials and make openings for the ears, to make sure cats are not aggravated by their Hats.

All Handmade, sewn, not glued.

Not always, but sometimes her store carry wigs as well.
Most Hats  $10-$15 and set (Hat and collar, cape etc) are usually $22 and up.  Ships to most countries.

I don't know if those hats I showed here are still available, if you like any of them and wish to purrchase, please visit the shop page on Facebook. Haute Catture~ The Home Of Purrberry
write the wall on the store page with your inquiry. 

ShanQ for vijiting my blog, see you soon.