Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yogi And Furriends #2 ~Butterball (Mini Yogi)

 Hello. Oh yes, to celebrate 1 st Anniversary of Yogi And Furriends, Yogi blog talk about Yogi's Furriends in this month.  But before we introduce a furriend, we have news to announce furst that Yogi has now Twitter acct. if you have Twitter acct, pleese follow the prejident of the cat. From the first day, she has got 2 celeb followers (singer Lisa Loeb and Playmate Barbi Twins), and yet on her day 2 on Twitter, Nicole Richie replied to Yogi, and Barbi Twins has retweeted Yogi's tweet twice already. Her Twitter update is in Plug in area(right side of this page. keep scrolling down pleese), or find her on Twitter @prejidentyogi .

 Now talk about furriend. Today we are introducing "Butterball" AKA Mini Yogi, He is a young Sphynx boy looks like Yogi.
He lives with his dad who loves him very much.


 He looks like Yogi, doesn't he? But Butterball has less wrinkles and not grumpy, and he's size S or M.
He enjoys playing outside. (Yogi sleeps all day) . He is very good at catching lizards.
His dad has made many videos of Butterball and you can watch him in action on YOU TUBE. (really there are so many, I can't pick one, so please visit there and watch anything you like).

His dad made this bodysuit for him.

 In the picture shown above, Butterball's dad made him a bodysuit for him (with a sock). Isn't that nice?  many men own pets but not many of them make handmade clothes for their pets. if you watch his videos on You Tube, you'll like them, I mean Butterball and his dad. 

Butterball and His Dad
 We had posted this pic(above) on Yogi fan page with caption "The man visited Yogi and kissed her"
Yogi fans believed it was Yogi.  He really looks like Yogi. But I hope he stays physically active to keep his slim body. (Yogi does not recommend any furriends to be overweight, she knows it is not good). 

 Well, that's all fur tuday. See you next time. 
XLXL... Imoe



  1. Replies
    1. Butterball will never compare to Yogi, He looks like a regular old sphynxy. Yogi is absolutely unique compared to butterball.

  2. Is this post OK with you, Butterball? compare to you, Yogi looks very strenji..well, that's who she is..

  3. These posts are all in reference to Tracy Hosfelt at Groovysphynx cattery in Ohio. Please do not purchase your sphynx from her!

  4. Awww a mini Yogi! I'm not really a "cat person" (Sorrry!!!!) but I really like you and your friends. You are hilarious and I just love your grumpy grumpy face. I'll tweet you a pic of an equally grumpy, very old, tiny dog. You could be grumps together.