Sunday, March 18, 2012

Yogi And Furriends #3~Jamaica Cat

 Hello.  As we mentioned earlier this month, we'll talk about Yogi And her furriends in this month for celebrating The First anniversary of Yogi And Furriends fan page on Facebook. I instantly decided to crate Yogi fan page that day, and immediately got the idea of the name of the page inspired by the Children show "Miffy And friends" (used to be on Noggin channel in USA, Dutch author Dick Bruna's famous bunny Miffy's 3D TV show), and that's why the name of the page is Yogi And Furriends.
I think I was right to have decided the name for the page because it is the space for Yogi and her furriends communicate with, and enjoy the talk, post...
Our bijiness card

 Anyway, we'd like to introduce Jamaica cat to you here today.  He's an Exotic shorthair. (shorthair Persian.. that's what our furriend Luna the fashionkitty said).  As you see, he's very very cute. we know him for a long time on FB.
He's verrry cute!

 Not only looks cute, he has very good purrsonality too. He shares his house with other animals such as dogs, other cat, bird, even with a reptile,  and he gets along with them very well except the bird in his house often bothers Jamaica.. (but still he never be aggressive towards the bird. Even when the bird dropped his poop on Jamaica's gorgeous fur, he did not complain).  Jamaica is very nice guy.

Jamaica and Iguana. Jamaica doesn't get mad.
Jamaica and the Bird(I'm gonna eet the bird if I were you, Jamaica.~Yogi)
 He has a job, that is modeling. Modeling for his mom Kris Buenger who is an artist for Pet portrait.  this is the sample fur you to see how his mom painted Jamaica.
The portrait of Jamaica by his mom 
Isn't that cool?

Jamaica and Kris(his mom)

   If you are intersted in Pet portrait or looking to an astist, please visit Jamaica mom's art page on FB(link shown earlier, left side above the Jamaica painting photo). LuvFurArt.

I like this photo, super cute.

  And of course you can also find him on FB if you want to be his furriend. (Ooo I like the pic!)

Well, that's all for tuday.  Shanks for visiting.

XLXL--- Imoe


  1. Birdie pooped on his head! Oh no!!!! LOL Jamaica is such a beautiful boy!

  2. ShanQ for your comment Jen. yes, the bird often bothers Jamaica. but Jamaica is good kitty, never got angry or attack to the bird.