Friday, July 13, 2012

The Coolest way to spend money & time ~ by Imoecat

 Good Grumpy Summer, Furriends!  Sorry for not updating this blog again. Yogi on Twitter has been getting busier with many new furriends in Japan, talking to celebs as usual.. We've even started helping homeless cats in Japan via Twitter.

Today, I'd like to talk about one of the homeless cats we helped spreading Tweet,( "We" means me and Yogi). It was like Cinderella story for a homeless cat.
In the last month (June, 2012), oneday we saw the Tweet about those kittens(below).

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Tweet was from the Japanese business man who found those kittens at his job site, he didn't know what to do with those babies, so he contacted the local police dept, and gave those kittens to the police, then later he Tweeted about them. He asked people to pick up those kittens at the police station within 24 hrs to adopt if anyone can do so. (he concerned that kittens might be sent to the health dept of the city gov, and could be killed at there anytime) .
As you see, those kittens looked like days old. just got out of mom cat's belly to the world, but do they have to say good -bye to the world only in days? that does not make sense to the people who care about cats.
we're in US, can not help them physically of course, but at least tried do what we could- Re-tweeted the message to spread the word. we even talked to other people who worried about those kittens, and discussed what we could do for help. So worried.. 'cause not only about the time, they were at the police station as lost and found item, Police could give anyone those kittens away without carefully screening a person. what if someone irresponsible asked for? bad person who was looking for his next torture victims?
we all worried about it.
7-8 hours after I saw the Tweet about the kittens, I learned that someone picked them up at the police station, and they were OK with the person. sounded like the person was involved rescue work or something.. we were all happy to hear that.

But  The Happy story did not end there. The next day, someone told us that the person who picked up those kittens was the mother of the popular Japanese female singer!!!!!!!!!!! and one of the kittens (left one in black and white fur) was introduced as a new family member of the singer's house by the singer herself on her blog!!!!!!!Shoko Nakagawa (Japanese singer) blog
In her blog, she keeps saying the baby is very cute, and she also saying she is thinking of the name for the kitten. so lovely!!
What a Lucky kitten!! (the singer says the same). From homeless to the princess in the star's house! and all it happened in 2 days!
And the mother of the singer is super cool. what would you do if your daughter was a very popular and famous singer? the mother of the singer probably is allowed to do almost anything she wants with her daughter's money and fame, she can even buy anything she wants to spoil herself, but she involves rescue work for cats, likes do things for needy animals, and spends her money to save their lives instead, and the singer can help educate people via media about homeless animals as well.
I really was impressed by this, great story, great success rescue story!!

 Then One more person I'd like to talk about.  Yogi's momsy. Like the singer's mother, Yogi's Momsy does something similar too. Though most her cats are Sphynx (total 10 cats in her house at this time, 7 out of 10 are Sphynx, 2 peterbald, and 1 mixed breed cat with fur), Yogi was a homeless, and Mimsy(one of her Sphynx) has no eyes, and Finley (mixed cat) has no eyes also. there was another blind Sphynx before (died 2-3 yrs ago)  and she has told me that she has adopted a cat who was a tortured victim. For some people, what she owns may look like fascinating (many Sphynx, and can afford to pay for everything for what cats need), but she wants to save cats nobody want basically.
Not only that, recently there was big mountain fire in CO as many of US friends might  have remembered.
the area Yogi house is located was unfortunately involved, Yogi house was safe, but many people in the city has lost their homes, partially or entirely lost what they owned.
few days after the fire, I received e-mail from Yogi momsy, and her message said that she has been helping people who lost their homes, everything for the fire. she let those victims stay in her house, help animals belonged to the fire victims (including horses),  Yogi house was served as the evacuation center for fire victims. many of us know she was generous, but great that she can be generous this much.

 The singer's mother, and Yogi momsy, both, they don't just send money to somewhere with message "here is donation, you can use for helping needy animals (or fire victims)". They pay and they work physically for what they want to help. that is XXXXXX Cool.
Yogi and her Momsy

 I even get mad when a child purrson brings her little friend to our house unexpectedly, can't think of allowing to stay people or hosting them in my house for days...(me not like Momsy..).

So if you ever be a rich, please try to be like Yogi momsy or the singer's mom.

ShanQ for reading,