Tuesday, September 18, 2012

News around Yogi ~September 2012

 Good Grumpy Afternoon, Furriends!! I'm Yogi. There are few things I'd like to announce today, some of you already know that my namager Imoecat has died last Friday(Sept 14), that's why I have to update this blog by myself today. She was 16 yr old elderly cat, not strenji that she passed away anytime, and it happened. too bad, but good news is that her owner is still alive, so her death would not affect my bijiness at all. Blogs, fan pages, Yogi shop OK, no worries.

Visited Imoe house once, I'm dancing. shaken the house hard,
Hippo daddy(Imoe owner) complaining to Imoe about me.

And the Child purrson in Imoe house read me a book,
She has picked the book for me ("I Can Make you THIN") belly interesting.
 I cried for her anyway.

Next topic, Butterball update.(see the previous post last week on this blog)
His dad has just made this video, so you can see what really happened to Butterball.
He still has been with the cat napper, not yet return to his dad.
please watch   

This is awful. my manager Imoe cat has gone, she died, family know she won't be back, but Butterball is alive(I believe), and we know where he is, but we don't know how he's been doing.  it must get his dad crazy!!
as the video says, The local police refused to help his dad get his cat back. what kinda people they are?! it's because "Just a cat"?!  maybe Dad should write to OH senator or somebody. I'll continue updating Butterball incident on my blog , or "Yogi And Furriends" fan page on Facebook.

And  a new follower on Twitter,
Local News station!!

That's all for today. ShanQ for reading. see you soon.



Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tha MISSING Wrinkly Child

Good Grumpy September,  furriends!! Yogi and her furriends have been XXX grumpy.
Do you remember "Butterball",  the Sphynx cat, (Mini-Yogi) ,one of our furriends
we introduced on this blog earlier this year?
Article about Butterball in March, 2012

 Shortly after the article, his dad had to go out of town where he could not take his pet with,
so he had to find someone he could trust enough, to ask for fostering Butterball then.
Yogi Momsy first offered him help, and he wanted to send Butterball to Yogi house then,
The Breeder of Butterball offered the same, she convinced him that Yogi people and he were just friends on FB, never physically met,-yah, makes sense, Yogi people could be untrustable people,
 if Butterball's dad had not known them in purrson, it could be dangerous place to Butterball to stay.
The Breeder convinced him to agree to send Butterball to her Cattery.

Sending your cat to Yogi house is dangerous?

(6 months later),
 Now Butterball's dad has returned home, he could not wait for getting Butterball back as soon as he could, let the breeder know he's back, and wanted to get his cat back.

The Breeder has refused to return his Butterball to him. Nobody knows what does that mean, or why.

 While Butterball dad was away, nobody saw any photos, videos, and even heard anything about Butterball from the Breeder who was supposed to have been taking care of him in the 6 months.
Refusing to return Butterball to his dad means;
Because Butterball no longer exists? -died (killed),? , lost(missing)?,  to cover up something to hide? (e.g.. accidentally got him sick, injured?), or Was he sold someone without his dad knowing it?
If nothing like those happened, and Butterball is safe with her, she must return him to his dad as she first promised.
At first place, it was business that she sold the cat as merchandise to the person, and he paid the price of the merchandise, that's final, the cat is his. did the breeder change her mind after she sold Butterball? suddenly wanted the cat back to her cattery? if so, and if  she wanted to have Butterball  as hers, she should at least refund the price his dad paid plus some money for causing confusion/trouble that she wanted the merchandise back for her personal reason, and used this opportunity to steal the cat by pretending offering foster care.

 With no reasonable explanation,  she has been avoiding, blocking contact of anyone she does not want to confront with.

 So as the result of sending a cat to his breeder who was supposed to be responsible in cat care for fostering, Butterball was stolen instead.

 How can we help Butterball to return to his dad safely? Any idea ? (Besides calling local police, and filing complaints with Attorney General in the state where the Cattery is located (OH that is )?) If so, please write to us to this Blog, or on Yogi And Furriends page on Facebook, or Tweet to @Prejidentyogi

 ShanQ For reading.
 XLXL to you all,