Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tha MISSING Wrinkly Child

Good Grumpy September,  furriends!! Yogi and her furriends have been XXX grumpy.
Do you remember "Butterball",  the Sphynx cat, (Mini-Yogi) ,one of our furriends
we introduced on this blog earlier this year?
Article about Butterball in March, 2012

 Shortly after the article, his dad had to go out of town where he could not take his pet with,
so he had to find someone he could trust enough, to ask for fostering Butterball then.
Yogi Momsy first offered him help, and he wanted to send Butterball to Yogi house then,
The Breeder of Butterball offered the same, she convinced him that Yogi people and he were just friends on FB, never physically met,-yah, makes sense, Yogi people could be untrustable people,
 if Butterball's dad had not known them in purrson, it could be dangerous place to Butterball to stay.
The Breeder convinced him to agree to send Butterball to her Cattery.

Sending your cat to Yogi house is dangerous?

(6 months later),
 Now Butterball's dad has returned home, he could not wait for getting Butterball back as soon as he could, let the breeder know he's back, and wanted to get his cat back.

The Breeder has refused to return his Butterball to him. Nobody knows what does that mean, or why.

 While Butterball dad was away, nobody saw any photos, videos, and even heard anything about Butterball from the Breeder who was supposed to have been taking care of him in the 6 months.
Refusing to return Butterball to his dad means;
Because Butterball no longer exists? -died (killed),? , lost(missing)?,  to cover up something to hide? (e.g.. accidentally got him sick, injured?), or Was he sold someone without his dad knowing it?
If nothing like those happened, and Butterball is safe with her, she must return him to his dad as she first promised.
At first place, it was business that she sold the cat as merchandise to the person, and he paid the price of the merchandise, that's final, the cat is his. did the breeder change her mind after she sold Butterball? suddenly wanted the cat back to her cattery? if so, and if  she wanted to have Butterball  as hers, she should at least refund the price his dad paid plus some money for causing confusion/trouble that she wanted the merchandise back for her personal reason, and used this opportunity to steal the cat by pretending offering foster care.

 With no reasonable explanation,  she has been avoiding, blocking contact of anyone she does not want to confront with.

 So as the result of sending a cat to his breeder who was supposed to be responsible in cat care for fostering, Butterball was stolen instead.

 How can we help Butterball to return to his dad safely? Any idea ? (Besides calling local police, and filing complaints with Attorney General in the state where the Cattery is located (OH that is )?) If so, please write to us to this Blog, or on Yogi And Furriends page on Facebook, or Tweet to @Prejidentyogi

 ShanQ For reading.
 XLXL to you all,



  1. Did this man have anything in writing, a contract stating this was just a foster? Does he have a purchase contract showing that the cat is his? Did he have the cat microchipped so proof it was his cat would be simple? If he did, he could contact the registry association and see if they could help advise him. If he didn't, I would say this is a very sad lesson learned...I do fostering of cats and everything is in writing, to protect everyone...

  2. Thank you Teri for writing and advice. I did not know every details, but he has purchased the cat, says still can prove the receipt/transaction at least, and the cat had been with him for the last 3-4 yrs in TX. the Breeder did not say the transaction/registration thing, just does not want to return the cat to the owner for some other twisted reason, we believe. her cattery has had bad reputation that she sold a cat with FLV (I think it was),and did not offer refund or another kitten, but cursed the customer, and acted like a stalker instead, isn't that scary that such a mentally ill person is in the Sphynx business?
    Well, Thanks Teri, I'll show his owner your comment, he might be able to use the info.

  3. Hi Yogi! I am the father of Butterball. We want to thank you for writing this article. Just to clear a few things up. Butterball is not microchipped. There was no contract between breeder and I. However, we do have plenty of email evidence of the agreement. Plus, I have all his vet records. Plus the hundreds of videos on Youtube. Identifying him should not be a problem. Besides, the breeder is not disputing that I own the cat. She just refuses to return him. She said Butterball was traumatized by the flight and she wouldn't put him on a plane again. So I offered to send someone over to pick him up so we could use ground transportation. She has threatened to call the cops if anyone shows up looking for Butterball. This woman is mentally unstable. I'm left with no choice but to drive 20 hours to Ohio, pick up the kitty myself, and drive home 20 hours. As you can see, this will take quite some time and planning. So this is no easy task on my part. I don't mind spending a day or two to get my kitty but this will take much longer than a day or two. I could get it done in three days but I wouldn't have much time to sleep. So, I'm hoping to go up there in about 3 months to get him. By then, I should have the time and funds to make the trip. I hope it works out. I miss Butterball tremendously. Yogi lookalike needs to be back home.

  4. Do you work somewhere where coworkers could donate one of their days off to you so you could take the time to go and get your cat and not lose pay? I understand not flying him though, especially in the summer. Whenever I flew a kitty, I always got a non-stop and only did it when the temperature was between 45-75. I have had people use their frequent flyer miles to fly out to get a cat when I wouldn't fly it due to weather. Do you have a frequent flyer miles from your travel with work? I am afraid if you wait three months that your cat will suffer for that. Could you make plans with a rescue railroad to get him transported back to you? The way that works is each person drives a short leg of a long trip. Check out the Yahoo Group RexcueRailroad. They have many responsible members http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/RexcueRailroad/

  5. Ok, in googling this story on the web, I can see that there's more to this story. Called out of town where he can't take his cat...Buys another Sphynx when maybe he should have spent that money on getting Butterball back. I'm disappointed on so many levels

    1. The new sphynx was a gift from my mother. She surprised me.She saw how devastated I was so she searched online and found Bentley Jr. So we drove 30 minutes out of town, had a nice lunch and picked him up. This in no way affects my desire, and financial ability and obligation to retrieve Butterball. She knew I was devastated and decided to do something nice. Please Google Tracy Hosfelt and groovysphynx.com. Read the hundreds of complaints against this woman.

  6. I've tried to make plans with the Underground Kitty Rescue Network and again with another network. When people started hearing my story they offered to take him through their state. I'm really amazed at all the help that's been offered. So getting him to Texas is not a problem. The problem is getting this woman to release Butterball. She's even threatened to call the police if someone shows up looking for him. Plus she's claiming Butterball is not even at her house but at her friends house. Without going into too much detail, I was incarcerated for 5 months. That's why she was fostering Butterball. I was just released on 9/5/12 after serving 5 months on a two year sentence. (I was released early because even the judge thought my two year sentence was a little harsh for my crime). Nevertheless, the law is the law so I have to be on parole. Which brings me to my dilemma. I can't leave the state of Texas without special permission. My next meeting with my parole officer is in 3 weeks. I'm hoping and praying my parole officer gives me permission to travel to Ohio to pick him up. It can take between 3 and 6 months before I can get the permit. Unless it's an emergency. I'm not sure this qualifies. It's an emergency to me but probably not to my parole officer. We'll just have to wait and see. She has said that if I go, she will give him to me. So I'm just going to be patient. It will work out eventually. I'm just frustrated that someone could be so controlling and manipulative to do something so evil. Butterball was my pride and joy. During my five months in prison, he was constantly on my mind. All my letters were about him. All the letters I received were about him. I just miss him terribly and the evil woman is making me suffer more. As if 5 months in prison isn't bad enough, now this.

  7. Hold up a sec. The new sphynx was a gift from my mother. She surprised me with it. She saw how devastated I was so she searched online and found Bentley Jr. So we drove 30 minutes out of town, had a nice lunch and picked him up. This was her idea. It was a wonderful day for my mother and I.

  8. Teri, ShanQ very much for the info you offered here, very helpful!! (we never though of rescue to ask), and please don't get mad at dad about getting another Sphynx, he says it was a gift from his mom. maybe his mom felt sorry that she did not offer fostering Butterball.

  9. Thank you for sharing the details of your life, I am sorry I was quick to judge. I wish you the best and that you can get your Butterball back...

  10. Sorry to hear mike mayo put bently his new cat to sleep. It is a big responsibility to be a pet owner. At the first sign of his URI you should have taken him to the bet. It could have saved his life and you would not have had to put him down. Did you ever take your new cat to the vet ever? You should always take them within the first 36-48 hours. Would his breeder trust.you with another cat?

    1. The fact is that FIP killed Bentley. There is no cure for FIP. It wouldn't have mattered when Bentley was taken to the vet, he would have died anyway. Bentley started coughing on Thursday. Friday he didn't cough. Saturday things took a turn for the worse. Sunday it was even worse. Monday, Mike called the vet and made an appointment. Tuesday Mike took Bentley to the vet and was told his abdomen was full of fluid. The vet showed Mike the x-ray and a vial of fluid that he pulled out of Bentley's abdomen. Bentley got a shot of antibiotics and Mike brought him home. After about 4 hours his condition worsened. So Mike made the decision to end his suffering. This was by no means Mike's fault or the breeders fault. Sometimes kitties get sick and die. It's a fact of life. If Mike would have taken Bentley to the vet right when he got him the vet would have given him his stamp of approval. Bentley showed no signs of being sick. Trying to blame Mike Mayo for Bentley's death is heartless and pathetic. Mike had nothing to do with Bentley's condition. Bentley was well taken care of and loved.

    2. Hey, I did take Bentley to the vet when I first got him. The vet said he was healthy. To blame me for Bentley's death is downright asinine. I can't believe you have the gall to say something like that to me. And you obviously know nothing about FIP or you wouldn't have said what you did.