Monday, March 23, 2015

Good bye "Yogi And Furriends"???

Good Grumpy Afternoon!

I was really sorry for the post on my fan page Yogi And Furriends last week.
Lemme explain about my bijiness furst.

Unlike most cat/dog fan pages. My fan page, this blog, Twitter, Instagram even Yogi shop
at Etsy, are all taken cared by my manager, not my owner. OK?
and it all started not for profit for anyone, but simply because my manager thought I was very unique,
and would be very popular. also she was an artist with college degree, said she gets inspired by me
a lot for her art work.
collage photo of me by my manager

painting of me and  Mini Yogi by my manager

My manager is currently stay at home mom with a child purrson,
she was from other country, far away from her furrmily, 
no grandma or any relatives around to ask for help with her child purrson's care,
can not work outside home at this time.
My Momsy (Owner) gave her purrmission to create and sell my merchandise. 

When she started selling my merchandise, she told momsy to give her part of the sales
money, momsy said not necessary, but manager did not think OK to receive 100% of
sales (since I am not her cat), she thought she should spend the part of  money for something
to make my momsy happy, and decided to give to needy animals.
(that's why we offer pledges and make donation with my name). 

My Momsy cares about animals a lot,
that's why my page often bring the animal related posts,
ask you guys for help spreading, signing to petition, and
Start the discussion about animal related issue. 
I was a homeless cat in shelter once,
but now I have a home with a purrson who takes care of me,
then it's my turn to help others. 

This is what happened about my page last week...
2-3 weeks ago,
suddenly my Momsy told my manager to close Yogi and Furriends,
Manager kept ignoring as long as she could,
opened my page daily as usual.
did not respond to Momsy for few days,
but she learned that Momsy was still saying her to close my page
last week. my manager did not want to argue with her, so
simply did what momsy said.
let me say "good bye" to fans.
then you guys started saying "NO".

So Momsy changed mind, did not allow my page to be closed.
that was wonderful that many of you let her know you cared about  my page.
ShanQ, I really appreciated.

My page will be on FB forever,
my manager has already been training her child purrson(10 yr old)
teaching her how to post photos on my page, my dialogue
(such as "Good Grumpy Morning!), child purrson wants to design
Yogi merchandise too.

I'm prejident, need social media like FB fan page to hear people's voice.

I know many of you admire my Momsy a lot, 
but when you feel she is doing wrong, please tell her so.
she won't hate you with your honest opinion.

ShanQ for your support.