Friday, January 31, 2014

Cat Art for sale (Cat Art Show in L.A.)

I heard about Cat Art Show in Los Angeles (until Feb 2).
I saw some SPhynx themed artwork,
I like this painting particularly(below), so cool.
According to their fan page, those art are still available
for purchase.
(click the 2nd picture -the 3 SPhynxes drawing by Brandon Boyd for details).

Post by Cat Art Show Los Angeles.

you can purchase those art.

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Good grumpy evvning!!

I just want to share the funny video I've  just found,
the mail man and the cat.
I hope you'll like it.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Grumpy New year! 2014

I know it's too late to say "Happy new year"but
really had no time to update this blog and all the other blogs I take care of.
(my blog Japan edition has not been updated either).

Just learned that my furriend Daisy the Curly cat has announced that
she has retired from her blog last year. I didn't know!
Daisy Blog

I know it's kinda difficult to keep updating blog,
it depends on how each purrson feel about it,
the people who thinks the blog is like diary have no problem to update daily.
(very many people in Japan are like that, one of the Japanese celebs who follows me on Twitter
does update her blog more than twice a day sometimes!!)
But people like me not like that,
To me, blog is for writing articles, providing some news/info to people, or
entertain people, like publish a magazine, so the people like me think that I need
preparation for blog, collecting topics, photos, my own opinions, etc..
though I used to try writing something daily here.
it really was difficult to do it daily,

I have Lap top to work!!

I wish I could log in for my blog casually like I go FB to update my fan page daily,
FB and Twitter makes me feel that I am hosting live daily, 'cause people contact me daily there,
Blog does not require me to finish daily update every 24 hrs, or asap.
(people wait for me to finish here).
But when I need to write about something long, or thoughts, topics with many info,
I really need this Blog space,
so unlike Daisy, I will keep writing here on my blog.

ShanQ for supporting me everywhere on the internet.