Saturday, February 22, 2014

2-22 Japan Official Cat Day.

Good Grumpy Morning.
Today, 2-22 (Feb 22) is the official cat day in Japan.
I remember that even local US news used to report the 2-22 event from Japan
but I don't see it anymore.
The event I used to see on News was
the contest for the cats with unique skills,
such as the cat who scratches his owner's leather jacket.
(the jacket looked miserable!!) but looks like
no contest anymore on 2-22.

But there is a new event for 2-22.
what I heard for this year, was the Special restaurant that
opens only for few days (Feb21-24) ,
it's the event for 2-22 by Fancy Feast Japan.
(FYI, the Brand name is called "Mon Petit" in Japan, not
Fancy Feast), only the people who own ,or love cats are qualified
to eat at there (need reservation) and for free.
(See the photos for details on the news website
2-22 event Mon Petit( Fancy Feast) restaurant

And One of my friends in Japan has given me this photo just now,

According to her, those are Special Donuts for celebrating The Cat Day.
(quantity is limited, and only for today or this weekend in Japan).
Aren't they cute?

Are there any celebration day for cats in US and other countries as well??


Monday, February 17, 2014

The prejident day 2014

Good Grumpy Morning!!
It's a prejident day today, here in US.

To celebrate today,
we've just created the prejident day picture.

What do you think?
I hope you like it.

By the way, how do you celebrate Prejident day?
just appreciate the prejident for the extra day off and do
what you like all day?
Or going to play golf like the human prejident does?


Your prejident

P.S... I think Me, prejident of cats, gonna take a nap all day.

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Valentine's Cat (with Heart marking)

Happy Grumpy V-day!!
Today, I want to introduce you my furriend from Japan.
She has Lovely Heart marking exactly on her chest,
I call her "The Valentine's Cat".
Nana, pretty Calico girl with a Heart marking.
Her name is Nana, she lives in Japan.
Isn't she lovely?
The largest Heart marking on cat I've ever seen.
Some markings on cats/dogs look like something only by the angle, but
look at her heart marking from front and side,
we clearly can see it is a heart marking,
And as I mentioned earlier, it exactly is located on her chest.
that's amazing.
she's gonna be in the new cat Cartoon in Japan soon.
(FYI.. I was asked to be in the Cartoon too!! saw my cartoon drawing already,
but sad news- all my fans may never see it though the job is still open for me).

Well, that's all for today,
I hope you'll have a Happy grumpy Valentine's day.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Lady Gaga, What does she want?

Good Grumpy Morning!
Yesterday I saw this picture,
and I got grumpy.

It's Lady Gaga,

She approached to the homeless man, and gave him money, and
took these photos?

then what happened?
was it on the street where other homeless people were too?
if so, did she do the same to others too?
or, only to this man??

I've heard that she has been bullied in school.
I know her mom and she have organized a "Born This way"
charity, or something for that (and they follow me on Twitter).
It's very nice to be kind to others with problems,
and helping them.
"The homeless man said to her "But I smell" , then she said
"Don't worry, I smell too".
that's nice too.

But does she need to proof of it by taking photos like this?
if she always cares about homeless people, why doesn't she
do this everytime she walks on the streets in NYC(or any cities)?
I've never heard of that she was famous for doing this before
yesterday I saw this.

If she cares about people with no power, no money, no homes,
why can't she feels the same to animals?
we saw her showing off fur coats, didn't we?
wearing strenji dress made of raw meat?
I have a feeling that everything is for her publicity.
Uses anything, from a Homeless man to Animals for her
to be on the headline on the stupid tabloid with lower intelligent audience.
that's why I probably got grumpy immediately when I saw this.

I hope people stop making noise to celebs like her.


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nero-chan, the dog (Japan)

Good Grumpy Morning!

My furriend, Nero-chan , the dogg, has sent me a new photo of her.
she's got a new wig? extension? or hat? , anyway, she put it on her head,
then told me that she tried my hairdo!! (my Oprah-hairdo!)

 Isn't she lovely?
My Oprah-hairdo

In the picture above, you may not really notice,
but Nero-chan actually looks like me without Oprah hairdo.
I've introduced her on my fan page (FB) last year as the dog
look like me.

She has "middle aged man eyes" like mine.

She looks grumpy too.
Nero with the famous Artist in Japan
Me with famous Jackson

It's so nice to have grumpy friends around the world.


Monday, February 3, 2014

What do you think?

I saw this post on FB yesterday.
Sad story,
Someone had left the cat at the Animal emergency care,
and it was the cat's owner, that he was going to commit
suicide, so he brought his cat there.

I think that the owner did not want his cat to be alone in his place
after (if) he died, and he did not want to take his cat to the local shelter
'cause no guarantee for his cat to find a new home,
could be killed there eventually.

It's difficult to tell people, even close friends, or family that
you want to commit suicide soon,
but if he knew he was going to do it, and worried about his cat,
I think he should have looked for someone who could take care of his cat,
though he might have not had many friends.
He could have made up story,
(like.. his friend committed suicide、and his cat needs a new home).
and should have posted it on FB or somewhere.

Once we decided to have a pet, we should take care of him/her for life,
of course, but sometimes human side of situation changes, and they might need to
think of giving up their pets.
such as a person got sick, learned that he/she can not live long, or
have to move in to hospital,
and like the owner of the cat in the photo, he might want to die right now,
Or worst case, owner gets involved in accident or crime( go to prison, or
killed), if they know family or friends would take care of their pets, that's fine.
but if not sure, they should think of it, and prepare before something happens.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Yogi Shop updated

Good Grumpy Evvning!
There's nothing new, but
We've updated Yogi Shop online.
Some are with new price,
Some are back in stock now.

Please visit
Yogi Shop Online

or else.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Funny dog pic of the day

Good Grumpy Evvning,
 (I've been practicing to use this blog space like  memo or diary).

I almost forgot that I have saved this strenji dog pic.
I gotta show you guys here today.

The dogg and his look-alike muffin.

I thought it was strenji, and they really look like.

I hope you liked it too.