Monday, February 10, 2014

Lady Gaga, What does she want?

Good Grumpy Morning!
Yesterday I saw this picture,
and I got grumpy.

It's Lady Gaga,

She approached to the homeless man, and gave him money, and
took these photos?

then what happened?
was it on the street where other homeless people were too?
if so, did she do the same to others too?
or, only to this man??

I've heard that she has been bullied in school.
I know her mom and she have organized a "Born This way"
charity, or something for that (and they follow me on Twitter).
It's very nice to be kind to others with problems,
and helping them.
"The homeless man said to her "But I smell" , then she said
"Don't worry, I smell too".
that's nice too.

But does she need to proof of it by taking photos like this?
if she always cares about homeless people, why doesn't she
do this everytime she walks on the streets in NYC(or any cities)?
I've never heard of that she was famous for doing this before
yesterday I saw this.

If she cares about people with no power, no money, no homes,
why can't she feels the same to animals?
we saw her showing off fur coats, didn't we?
wearing strenji dress made of raw meat?
I have a feeling that everything is for her publicity.
Uses anything, from a Homeless man to Animals for her
to be on the headline on the stupid tabloid with lower intelligent audience.
that's why I probably got grumpy immediately when I saw this.

I hope people stop making noise to celebs like her.


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