Monday, February 3, 2014

What do you think?

I saw this post on FB yesterday.
Sad story,
Someone had left the cat at the Animal emergency care,
and it was the cat's owner, that he was going to commit
suicide, so he brought his cat there.

I think that the owner did not want his cat to be alone in his place
after (if) he died, and he did not want to take his cat to the local shelter
'cause no guarantee for his cat to find a new home,
could be killed there eventually.

It's difficult to tell people, even close friends, or family that
you want to commit suicide soon,
but if he knew he was going to do it, and worried about his cat,
I think he should have looked for someone who could take care of his cat,
though he might have not had many friends.
He could have made up story,
(like.. his friend committed suicide、and his cat needs a new home).
and should have posted it on FB or somewhere.

Once we decided to have a pet, we should take care of him/her for life,
of course, but sometimes human side of situation changes, and they might need to
think of giving up their pets.
such as a person got sick, learned that he/she can not live long, or
have to move in to hospital,
and like the owner of the cat in the photo, he might want to die right now,
Or worst case, owner gets involved in accident or crime( go to prison, or
killed), if they know family or friends would take care of their pets, that's fine.
but if not sure, they should think of it, and prepare before something happens.

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