Saturday, February 22, 2014

2-22 Japan Official Cat Day.

Good Grumpy Morning.
Today, 2-22 (Feb 22) is the official cat day in Japan.
I remember that even local US news used to report the 2-22 event from Japan
but I don't see it anymore.
The event I used to see on News was
the contest for the cats with unique skills,
such as the cat who scratches his owner's leather jacket.
(the jacket looked miserable!!) but looks like
no contest anymore on 2-22.

But there is a new event for 2-22.
what I heard for this year, was the Special restaurant that
opens only for few days (Feb21-24) ,
it's the event for 2-22 by Fancy Feast Japan.
(FYI, the Brand name is called "Mon Petit" in Japan, not
Fancy Feast), only the people who own ,or love cats are qualified
to eat at there (need reservation) and for free.
(See the photos for details on the news website
2-22 event Mon Petit( Fancy Feast) restaurant

And One of my friends in Japan has given me this photo just now,

According to her, those are Special Donuts for celebrating The Cat Day.
(quantity is limited, and only for today or this weekend in Japan).
Aren't they cute?

Are there any celebration day for cats in US and other countries as well??


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  1. Yogi! Now you are making me want donuts! haha! Thanks for sharing your post! :)