Sunday, March 2, 2014

The 3rd Anniversary of Yogi And Furriends (my fan page on Facebook)

Good Grumpy Afternoon!
Today, March 2, is the 3rd Anniversary
of my fan page.
Yogi And Furriends (Yogi fan page)

The First post on the page was this pic.
The first post on Yogi And Furriends, March2, 2011 

I want to talk about how my fan page has started.
In the summer of 2010, my momsy (owner)
became furriends with my manager (Imoe) on Facebook.
coincidentally they found out that they both lived in CO.
(my manager thought we were British, only because she had
never seen Sphynx cats in her area, CO, she thought that
people owned many Sphynx cats were all British).

As many of you know, my momsy has been on FB as
Hattie Angles , that is the name of one of the cats in my house,
the Skinny little girl.  the profile pic of the acct was this.(below)
Hattie, this was the profile pic of my Momsy acct in 2010
My manager was interested in Sphynx cat, and thought
Hattie looked unique,
so everytime she saw the new photos posted by Momsy,
she visited Momsy's page to leave comments.
Oneday my manager has learned that one of Hattie's room mates,
looked very strenji-that was me! Yogi!
One of my photos taken in 2010

She was teasing me a lot, but
my Momsy knew she was my #1 fan,
Momsy never forgot to tag my manager in
my photos then.

My manager is the genius of discovering something strenji.
She thought I was super unique.
She wanted to create/manaji fan page for a cat, but
her cat was boring (an ordinary Tuxedo cat).
She wanted a fan page like her furriend Luna's (the fashion kitty)
with many audience.
She had an idea to create mine.
She has got a purrmision from my Momsy for creating
my fan page on FB!
My Momsy didn't believe that I'd be popular by the fan page,
but Hey, look! now I have nearly 3000 fans on FB alone,
and almost 1000 followers on Twitter,
yet many celebs and people in Media know me too.
And I can donate money for needy furriends
by selling my merchandise.
(that makes me feel belly good).
Glad at least I can help others by me
being in public.
we (me, my momsy and manajer) like
to meet many people via my fan page as well..

ShanQ for your support,

Please continue supporting me, and stay with me,

Your prejident

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