Thursday, October 22, 2015

Yogi And Furriends blog

Good Grumpy Morning!!

I almost forgot,
we have created a new blog,
but it is for storing photos and posts from Yogi and Furriends
(facebook page, currently not visible).
we have copied over 30 photo albums from Yogi and Furriends and transferred
to the new blog so far.  Mostly old photos from 2011 have been added,
if you are a new fan of me, check them out.

Yogi And Furriends blog

And I know it's almost end of October,
we had not sold anything from my shop this year,
but I know we need to prepare something to sell, at least calendars by December.

We'll try.

the most recent artwork was this, the doll clothes (Not For Sale)

dress made with special fabric, image of me printed on., Silk.

I'll update this blog when I get news,
I hope I can do that soon.

But you know that I am on FB daily,
you can visit my page daily too.

Currently my page is on FB  as
Yogi And Furriends 2

See you soon.



Saturday, September 12, 2015

Yogi And Furriends

Good Grumpy Afternoon!!

I had to let you guys know here as soon as it happened,
but I did not know what to say, and what to do, (we were thinking..)
and now I tell you this here today,

Have any of you been wondering where my fan page " Yogi And Furriends" is on Facebook ?
It's unpublished by FB.
not by our problem, and not our decision, but by FB.

According to FB, my fan page is violated FB policy,
and of course they don't explain what the reason.
The page is still on FB, but only visible to my momsy and manager (admins),
really, it's still on FB,  see?

It happened 3 weeks ago,
We have no idea why FB had to unpublish my page.
they said they found my page violated FB policy, but what did my page do?
we checked what was wrong with recent posts,
Yah, we posted this. stupid thing, was this a problem?
because it was screen shot but not from the link of website?

We were not sure about it.
Without noticing, we have posted a photo of a partically naked man before
(it was cut out from Red Book magazine, a woman 's life style magazine, not
porn magazine), then someone reported it to FB, and FB said they removed it.
So if this was not OK, they were supposed to have removed it, but when they notified us
that Yogi and furriends got unpublished, this picture was still on the page,
then I had no idea what was the violation FB talked about.

We've heard of that Sphynx cats owners have said that
FB had removed their cat's photos,
or sent warning to their account because of violation,
and they said they had no idea what
kind of violation they did.
Only thing they thought was their cats were Sphynx , and maybe
FB considered "naked cat"="naked person"="pornography"????
If so, what can I do?

We can get my page back, but in order to do that, we must find out what was
the problem on Yogi and Furriends, then remove the problem contents from the page,
then appeal to FB,  if FB still believe Yogi and Furriends is not met their policy,
they said they will remove the page permanently. (we must avoid that).

We need to inspect everything in the Original Yogi and Furriends,
the "4 year long"-page which we posted at least twice daily almost everyday,
(so can't you imagine how many posts are there?).
it's gonna be taking months to inspect everything, (I think).
And We know we can not make you guys worry, so now
my new page is on FB .
         Yogi And Furriends 2  
You can visit from this link ^

Or, if you are on PC, please take a look at right side of this page (top)
you can find Yogi and Furriends 2 ads there. you can visit from there too.
(please visit and LIKE the page)

We are aware of the insane individual who has been cursing us since 2012,
she has repeatedly been reporting FB our personal FB accts, pages, and I believe
Finally FB believed her false report to my page this time.
(although we did not even post anything about her recently) .
Not sure if she involved this or not, 
Before this happened, someone from Porn pages on FB posted on Yogi and Furriends
FB do not allow Porn contents, so no such pages are supposed to exist on FB,
but there were, and they posted something on cat page?

Sorry about this, but someone really posted this (censored)

How childish and insane is that?

(But this just proves how popular I am!!
someone is jealous of me!)

Anyway, sorry about my page, and late for
letting you guys know about it here,
Anyway we've got an idea that FB is not reliable,
so we decided to use this blog, twitter, and instagram more from now.
(as we still update daily on FB).

ShanQ for your support.



Friday, August 21, 2015

My left eye update

Good Grumpy Morning!

Sorry, I have forgotten to write about my left eye.

Remember? it looked like this in May?

This was end of May , 2015

As you see, my 3rd eye lid covered nearly 1/2 my eye ,
and the black area in the center of my eye got smaller.

Momsy said  it was probably  Horner's Syndrome, which could take months to
get better, or need treatment,

But within 2-3 weeks, my eye got improved, and now got back normal!

This photo was taken in Mid July, 2015, see? 3rd eye lid not shown.

I think I'm OK now,

Sorry for not letting you know this sooner.



Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Eye problem.

Good Grumpy Morning!!

 As you might have seen/heard from my fan page or
My Momsy's personal FB wall, 
my eye has got strenji,

The 3rd eye lid appeared on my left eye. 
Momsy says there is no leakage, no puffiness,
no infection, One pupil won't dilate.

Has anyone had a similar experience on your cat ? 
can anyone tell what this could be?

Momsy says everything else except this left eye look fine as usual.

Could be fever?

I hope nothing wrong,

Monday, March 23, 2015

Good bye "Yogi And Furriends"???

Good Grumpy Afternoon!

I was really sorry for the post on my fan page Yogi And Furriends last week.
Lemme explain about my bijiness furst.

Unlike most cat/dog fan pages. My fan page, this blog, Twitter, Instagram even Yogi shop
at Etsy, are all taken cared by my manager, not my owner. OK?
and it all started not for profit for anyone, but simply because my manager thought I was very unique,
and would be very popular. also she was an artist with college degree, said she gets inspired by me
a lot for her art work.
collage photo of me by my manager

painting of me and  Mini Yogi by my manager

My manager is currently stay at home mom with a child purrson,
she was from other country, far away from her furrmily, 
no grandma or any relatives around to ask for help with her child purrson's care,
can not work outside home at this time.
My Momsy (Owner) gave her purrmission to create and sell my merchandise. 

When she started selling my merchandise, she told momsy to give her part of the sales
money, momsy said not necessary, but manager did not think OK to receive 100% of
sales (since I am not her cat), she thought she should spend the part of  money for something
to make my momsy happy, and decided to give to needy animals.
(that's why we offer pledges and make donation with my name). 

My Momsy cares about animals a lot,
that's why my page often bring the animal related posts,
ask you guys for help spreading, signing to petition, and
Start the discussion about animal related issue. 
I was a homeless cat in shelter once,
but now I have a home with a purrson who takes care of me,
then it's my turn to help others. 

This is what happened about my page last week...
2-3 weeks ago,
suddenly my Momsy told my manager to close Yogi and Furriends,
Manager kept ignoring as long as she could,
opened my page daily as usual.
did not respond to Momsy for few days,
but she learned that Momsy was still saying her to close my page
last week. my manager did not want to argue with her, so
simply did what momsy said.
let me say "good bye" to fans.
then you guys started saying "NO".

So Momsy changed mind, did not allow my page to be closed.
that was wonderful that many of you let her know you cared about  my page.
ShanQ, I really appreciated.

My page will be on FB forever,
my manager has already been training her child purrson(10 yr old)
teaching her how to post photos on my page, my dialogue
(such as "Good Grumpy Morning!), child purrson wants to design
Yogi merchandise too.

I'm prejident, need social media like FB fan page to hear people's voice.

I know many of you admire my Momsy a lot, 
but when you feel she is doing wrong, please tell her so.
she won't hate you with your honest opinion.

ShanQ for your support.



Thursday, February 19, 2015

How to Report disturbing images to FB

Good grumpy Morning,

My fan page on FB Yogi and Furriends has been talking about animal abuse/torture
articles on FB lately,

Just few hours ago, we posted something bad again.
I am terribly sorry, but couldn't help doing something.
I at least reported few disturbing images.. and today I saw new feature on report form.

FB now let us report animal abuse/torture, here is how.

when you see a photo you want to report, click the photo to see enlarge, see at the bottom for option,
then "report a photo" in the option tub, you will see this report form appear on screen,
check "I think it shouldn't be on Facebook"

then on the next page of report form, check "something else"

then check "this shows gore or bodily harm"(animal abuse/torture included)
then clickto submit.

It does not guarantee FB to remove all photos from our report, but

I hope this helpful.


Saturday, January 31, 2015


Good Grumpy Morning!!

As many of you might have heard,  one of my roommates "Mimsy has gone on Jan 29, 2015
She was 14 yr old, older than me, had no eyeball, blind.
very smart and furriendly cat.
I am gonna post her pics here today.

Eester 2012. she was fine

XXX'mas 2011, I think

2010 oneday Momsy had an idea to give her eyes
 *sorry if this offend anyone, but momsy(my owner) just  placed the eye ball on her face, not glued on her face.
Mimsy and Tink

Mimsy , Hattie and Milton

Mimsy, Hattie and  me 

 Mimsy was this big in 2011-2012, as you see in the picture above (with me on sofa)
 But look at her in her recent photo with me (taken few weeks ago) below, can you see
 how small she was? I think Momsy said Mimsy was 4 lbs or so in the last month.

Mimsy, Hattie, Tink and me

Mimsy and me (I was grumpy)

Mimsy and me

Mimsy liked to play with a ball.

Many people were impressed by this video that she drops the ball to
the downstair, and finds the ball by herself, then picks up, takes to the upstair
and do the same thing again. (*Again she was blind)

This Video was viewed even by the Cat Fancy magazine,
and they gave her compliment.

Me told Cat Fancy about Mimsy

She was a good cat, we all will miss her, RIP Mimsy.
ShanQ for loving her. Pleaes remember her always.



Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Breakfast At Tiffany's With Yogi

2015 Happy Meow Year to you!!

Good Grumpy New year!!
As many of you might remember, my manager had started painting of my portrait in October, 2014,
and it took nearly 2 months (20x20 big), By the time it was done, we had nothing else prepared for
selling as Holiday Yogi merchandise!!!
designed quickly photo calendar, then as some fans requested, we started designing
"Yogi  Funny photo calendar".
( I mean  we have Classic photo calendar and Funny photo calendar for 2015).
 We have designed some new funny pics for calendar, and picked some from our previous work
 (as seen on Yogi and Furriends in 2011-2014).
We're happy with new designs, and would like to show you some.

We did something new- got me on time machine and sent me back to the 60's, and 70's .
then I was in the Movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" !!
In my calendar, it is called
"Breakfast At Tiffany's with Yogi".
lets see "Breakfast at Tiffany's with Yogi"

The cat in the movie is me!!

Our Funny pic calendar for January,
Audrey is wearing our best selling item
The Yogi sleep mask, and Yogi necklace.

I played as a comforter for her.

Again, I played as a comforter for her in the movie!

 I am not sure if it is a Romantic movie or Scary movie.

Anyway, the Funny pic calendar is available for purchase. (but only 2 left)

(Classic calendar is all sold out.)

O yah, and from the sales of my calendar, we have sent $50 donation to NYC rescues
(for homeless dogs/cats).