Thursday, February 19, 2015

How to Report disturbing images to FB

Good grumpy Morning,

My fan page on FB Yogi and Furriends has been talking about animal abuse/torture
articles on FB lately,

Just few hours ago, we posted something bad again.
I am terribly sorry, but couldn't help doing something.
I at least reported few disturbing images.. and today I saw new feature on report form.

FB now let us report animal abuse/torture, here is how.

when you see a photo you want to report, click the photo to see enlarge, see at the bottom for option,
then "report a photo" in the option tub, you will see this report form appear on screen,
check "I think it shouldn't be on Facebook"

then on the next page of report form, check "something else"

then check "this shows gore or bodily harm"(animal abuse/torture included)
then clickto submit.

It does not guarantee FB to remove all photos from our report, but

I hope this helpful.


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