Saturday, April 30, 2011

#11. Yogi Catttooon

 Hellow, Happy Saturday!! I hope many of you are relaxing and enjoying free time tuday. me relaxing as usual.
the latest pics of me have been posted on my fan page on Facebook today. if you'd like to see them, please visit my fan page on FB.

By the way, today I think I am going to show you my Catttooon. but not hand-drawn cartoon, mine is collage catttttooon with me starring. I hope you'll giggle.

 The story is; Me wanted to buy Trident Gum, so I went to the grocery store, but only one left, the shelf for the gum was all empty, so I had no choice, I grabbed the 1 pack I saw in the shelf, disappointed, walking
in the store to go to check out... then I ran into the child purrson whose cart was filled with many many Trident Gum!!  I got angry~~! (*there are 2 of me in this first scene, one of me with bra is flirting someone in the store, just decoration in this pic).
 So, I called my furriend Luna the fashionkitty and placed her in the child purrson's cart, then screamed for the store security purrson, so that the store security purrson can kick this child purrson out of the store right away.

But I forgot about me myself was a cat also, I was kicked out of the store with Luna after all...

The End.

 I hope you liked it. see you tomorrrooooo. XLXL.. Yogi

Friday, April 29, 2011

#10. Rated XXX Me.

Hellow. I have some controvertsial pictures of me , some furriends call those pics XXX, or Yogi Porn. I wonder what you think. Let me show you here today. Shall I say "18 or older"???
 This woman was strenji,, she thought I was a middle aged man with monee, and she thought she should do what Middle aged men like.  I was not amused.
 Now this young man thought I was a grandma with monee and tried to get closer to me. my Burberry purrse made me look like a wealthy grandma.
 Well, I thought something good might be in it, and put my paw in it..Cool Black and white pictureee of me.

What did you think? if you want to complain, please write me. See you tomorroooo. Yogi

Thursday, April 28, 2011

#9. Me and Sports.

Hellow, how are you today? I am grumpy as usual.
you see? (picture at right).

 By the way I'd like to talk about me and Sports.. I mean physical activities today.

It's hard for XXXL size cat like me to get up and move regularly as you can imagine. yes it is. I can't even jump higher than 6"(approx 15cm?) because of my heavy XXXL bottom. but I do try sports or exercise sometimes. I'll show you pictures.

 Me, tried Sumo wrestling, I beat the guy really.
recently I've got the Shape-up shoes, I wear them when I go out.
 Me in Fitness class, attend once a year. it's time for push up. advanced push up should not touch knees on the floor like I do. see?
 Cycling.. just sitting at back but still hard for me to keep my balance for not falling from the bike.
Walk with leash. this is new for the cat world. but more cats have been walking with leash lately.

I think I do make effort, but my size never changes.. still over 20 lbs(approx 10kg) and XXXL. I think I'll go get some treats and take a nap. See you tomorrrroooo.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#8. Me in advertising

Hellow. Oh yes, I have been on some advertising, I'd like to show you some here today.
                                              Banana Boat tanning  products ad. I look scary.

                                                On this bread ad, I play as Ham.
  And on this cat litter ad, I play as a mean cat who does not share litter box. I am visiting the calico furriend who wants to go to her litter box, but I was relaxing in her litter box, reading my favorite book "I Can Make You thin".

I hope you like my ads. See you tomorrrrrooooo.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Movie -Everybody afraid of me (New release). Starring -Me.

Hellow, I would like to show you me in action tuday.  this is me in my house. I live with 6 other Sphynx cats(with me, total 7). I'm the only one who is overweight and size XXXL. others are regular size you can be the witness to see how scary I am. 

I hope you'll enjoy.

#7. Me with Celebs

Hellow. I have some pictures of me with celebs, I'd like to show you some here today.

Angelina and Brad carrying me. some peeple thought that they have adopted a new baby(me)
 Visited Japan and joined Sumo class oneday.  the one wearing Kimono next to me is a famous wrestler.

Dancing with Stars.(TV show)

I don't know who she is,  
I was invited to the White House (but apparently media thought 
that Prezz Obama had adopted me as his new pet).                             

Oh yes, it's fun to meet celebrity peeple only if I know who they are.
seeee you tomoroooooooooooooo. Yogi

Sunday, April 24, 2011

#6. Happy EEStarrr!!

Hellow. I just would like to greet you for Happy EEstar today, and show you my EEStar outfit.

I hope you like it.

Happy EEStar Sunday, Evvybody!!!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

#5 Yogi in Magajin

Hellow. sorry for little delay for updating here today. my computer has lost memory in this morning, and I had to copy all my photos from Facebook to my file.  (Finally got all my photos back to my file).

By the way, today I'd like to show you me in magajins.

                          Red Book cover with Chris O'Donnell and his furrmily.

I was chosen the hottest hair male celeb!!!(*I'm a girl)

Fashion show article; I'm in the Burberry mankini.(*I'm a girl)

               Fashion article: The big glasses are trendy; many celebs wear it including me.

Another fashion article, the fashion designer purrson Christian Siriano is looking fur a model for his next fashion show. he liked meeee!!! I wonder what kinda dress he's gonna make fur meeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you see, I am mostly in magajins for fahsion. Not Sumo magajines.
I hope you liked seeign me in magajines.
See you tomorooooo!! XLXL... Yogi


Friday, April 22, 2011

#4. My favorite store-Walgreens

Hellow. I like shopping, and my favorite store is Walgreens drugstore (USA). Today I'd like to show you some pictures of me shoppign at Walgreens.

   I'm browsing the store with Burberry purrse. people leave me alone, they don't ask me fur autographs or shaking paws with me. good people.
 Oneday I went to Walgreens, and guess who was in the store!! it was Kim!! she was in the store for selling diet pills at the store. she gave me her autographed picture and cuddled me.

Kim liked me, she picked me up and walked in the store. she liked meeeee!

Oh No!! A Scary looking middle aged man with Burberry mask is in Walgreens security camera (right bottom corner)!! Is dat robbery?? very scary. Hey, why is this picture included as my Walgreens visit photos here???

 Sometimes Celebrity is there, and soemtimes criminal there , Walgreens sure is a fun place to shop.
See you tomorrooo. XLXL.. Yogi

Thursday, April 21, 2011

5x7 Folded Card

Happy Day Pink Mother's Day 5x7 folded card
Shutterfly has personalized Mother's Day cards.
View the entire collection of cards.

#3. My Beauty Secret - Japanese Spa Visit

Hellow. People often wonder and ask me about my beauty secret. I don't know if it is effective, but I do visit Japanese Spa sometimes. (I've heard of that the natural water from mountains was good for health and beauty). Today I'd like to show you some pictures of me in the outdoor Spa bath in Japan.

With Japanese Middle aged man, he's gonna help me clean.

this bath was outdoor, but too small. I expected large bath like a pool and brought a beach ball to play with the middle aged man, but could not use.

The water was warm, it made me feel so good, I slept in the tub.

I'm playing Hide and Seek in the water with the Japanese middle aged man.

I think you wonder why I always in the bath with middle aged men. well, everytime I visit those spas, I am told to go to Men's bath at check in counter, I think people think I am a middle aged man. I don't mind.

what do you think? my furriend Imoecat said she has seen many middle aged man looked just like me.
I hope you enjoyed my Spa pics today. See you tomorrooooo. XLXL(instead of XOXO)... Yogi

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

#2. my hairdo

In my funny photos, someitmes I have hair on my head. I'd like to show you some here today.

Sponge hair

Middle aged woman

Mashroom (tall)

Donald tramp





I hope you liked my hairdo.  see you tomorrooo. if you'd like to see the latest photos of me (taken by my mom and in my house, private shots I mean, please join us my fan page on Facebook, you'll see the link at right on this page with my smile face logo. there are more funny pics by fans, other designers, and latest info and photos of me on the fan page on Facebook.  you can make feline furriends and can join feline community on Facebook also. that's fun. Shanks fur visiting my blog tuday. XLXL(instead of XOXO) from Yogi.      

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

#1 .Polka dot bra from Fredericks

One of my feline furriends on Facebook, Luna the fashionkitty oneday suggested that I should wear bra., so I tried it on (with this clumsy photo edit skill). just to give you an idea what I look like with it, I also put a matchign red bow.scary..

 Luna the fashionkitty(left) her video is below.
 she's my lovely furriend.
 she's my fan club member too!!

Well, then, See you tomorroo.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Hi,  My name is Yogi, I am a female Sphynx cat, live in Colorado, USA. I look like a Ham, Hippo, grandma and middle aged man. I weigh about 20 lbs(approx 10kg), size XXXL for Sphynx cats(others are usually size XS to M). I've been popular lately on Facebook, and decided to have my own blog here also.

But what I update here daily is funny picture of me created by my furriend Imoecat. I hope you'll enjoy.

 Nice to meow you!!!