Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#8. Me in advertising

Hellow. Oh yes, I have been on some advertising, I'd like to show you some here today.
                                              Banana Boat tanning  products ad. I look scary.

                                                On this bread ad, I play as Ham.
  And on this cat litter ad, I play as a mean cat who does not share litter box. I am visiting the calico furriend who wants to go to her litter box, but I was relaxing in her litter box, reading my favorite book "I Can Make You thin".

I hope you like my ads. See you tomorrrrrooooo.


  1. Hello nice to meet you! You made us all smile today Yogi! :)

  2. Hai Jewelgirls!! ShanQ fur joining Yogi fan paji and following my blog. I am always happy to hear that people enjoy my artworks and talking with me.shanQ fur writing me.