Saturday, April 30, 2011

#11. Yogi Catttooon

 Hellow, Happy Saturday!! I hope many of you are relaxing and enjoying free time tuday. me relaxing as usual.
the latest pics of me have been posted on my fan page on Facebook today. if you'd like to see them, please visit my fan page on FB.

By the way, today I think I am going to show you my Catttooon. but not hand-drawn cartoon, mine is collage catttttooon with me starring. I hope you'll giggle.

 The story is; Me wanted to buy Trident Gum, so I went to the grocery store, but only one left, the shelf for the gum was all empty, so I had no choice, I grabbed the 1 pack I saw in the shelf, disappointed, walking
in the store to go to check out... then I ran into the child purrson whose cart was filled with many many Trident Gum!!  I got angry~~! (*there are 2 of me in this first scene, one of me with bra is flirting someone in the store, just decoration in this pic).
 So, I called my furriend Luna the fashionkitty and placed her in the child purrson's cart, then screamed for the store security purrson, so that the store security purrson can kick this child purrson out of the store right away.

But I forgot about me myself was a cat also, I was kicked out of the store with Luna after all...

The End.

 I hope you liked it. see you tomorrrooooo. XLXL.. Yogi

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