Friday, April 22, 2011

#4. My favorite store-Walgreens

Hellow. I like shopping, and my favorite store is Walgreens drugstore (USA). Today I'd like to show you some pictures of me shoppign at Walgreens.

   I'm browsing the store with Burberry purrse. people leave me alone, they don't ask me fur autographs or shaking paws with me. good people.
 Oneday I went to Walgreens, and guess who was in the store!! it was Kim!! she was in the store for selling diet pills at the store. she gave me her autographed picture and cuddled me.

Kim liked me, she picked me up and walked in the store. she liked meeeee!

Oh No!! A Scary looking middle aged man with Burberry mask is in Walgreens security camera (right bottom corner)!! Is dat robbery?? very scary. Hey, why is this picture included as my Walgreens visit photos here???

 Sometimes Celebrity is there, and soemtimes criminal there , Walgreens sure is a fun place to shop.
See you tomorrooo. XLXL.. Yogi

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