Monday, April 18, 2011


Hi,  My name is Yogi, I am a female Sphynx cat, live in Colorado, USA. I look like a Ham, Hippo, grandma and middle aged man. I weigh about 20 lbs(approx 10kg), size XXXL for Sphynx cats(others are usually size XS to M). I've been popular lately on Facebook, and decided to have my own blog here also.

But what I update here daily is funny picture of me created by my furriend Imoecat. I hope you'll enjoy.

 Nice to meow you!!!


  1. HI YOGI! I look forward to your posts!

  2. Hai, Yogi, ets mie, Mitzy Katt. Gwad tew cee yew spredin (hahaha) yerself aroun on FB, yep, yew sur spredin aroun !!~~

  3. Hellow Tamer & Mitzy!! ShanQ fur comments on da furst day!! peeple who don't have their FB acct can not see Yogi, so I decided to expand Yogi space to outside FB. I'm gonna start over here with showing my earlier Yogi pic.

  4. Oh Yogi! We wanted to go back to the beginning and get to know you! You will see a photo of Disco on our bloggie where he is 16# and asks if his butt looks big, hahameow! Good to meet you and Disco says there's a prize in this for you (a pretty pink outfit maybe? There's no calories in that!)