Monday, April 25, 2011

Movie -Everybody afraid of me (New release). Starring -Me.

Hellow, I would like to show you me in action tuday.  this is me in my house. I live with 6 other Sphynx cats(with me, total 7). I'm the only one who is overweight and size XXXL. others are regular size you can be the witness to see how scary I am. 

I hope you'll enjoy.


  1. Oh Yogi, maybe they are askeered of your you were trying to be polite and not invade their space. Yes, Disco is also the only fat cat in our house of 5 cats, so everyone has had to adjust their feeding routine but I hide dry food in the bathroom with the door closed and just let the other cats in there from time to time to snack, but not Disco...

  2. they r all scared u might eat them!!! MOL