Thursday, April 21, 2011

#3. My Beauty Secret - Japanese Spa Visit

Hellow. People often wonder and ask me about my beauty secret. I don't know if it is effective, but I do visit Japanese Spa sometimes. (I've heard of that the natural water from mountains was good for health and beauty). Today I'd like to show you some pictures of me in the outdoor Spa bath in Japan.

With Japanese Middle aged man, he's gonna help me clean.

this bath was outdoor, but too small. I expected large bath like a pool and brought a beach ball to play with the middle aged man, but could not use.

The water was warm, it made me feel so good, I slept in the tub.

I'm playing Hide and Seek in the water with the Japanese middle aged man.

I think you wonder why I always in the bath with middle aged men. well, everytime I visit those spas, I am told to go to Men's bath at check in counter, I think people think I am a middle aged man. I don't mind.

what do you think? my furriend Imoecat said she has seen many middle aged man looked just like me.
I hope you enjoyed my Spa pics today. See you tomorrooooo. XLXL(instead of XOXO)... Yogi


  1. I loved your spa pics, Yogi! I can see your baths are really working! I visited an onsen in Japan last year and loved it!! :)

  2. Hai Ms. Catsparella. Ooo I can't believe it you and I Have Cat are my followers!! By the way, Ih yes, I love Onsen and meet Japanese middel aged men there. if you have visited, I bet you were told that the Onsen bath is good for your health(great for muscle pain, back ache etc..) and also good for skin. I wish it reduce my deep wrinkles...ShanQ fur writing me. plese visit again. XLXL Yogi

  3. Hahameow! Teri says some middle age women look like that, too, laffin n laffin

  4. Since we Sphynx has no hair, our wrinkles on face are exposed, that make us look middle aged man, woman or grandma/grandpa, scary. I am only 6!!~Yogi