Saturday, April 23, 2011

#5 Yogi in Magajin

Hellow. sorry for little delay for updating here today. my computer has lost memory in this morning, and I had to copy all my photos from Facebook to my file.  (Finally got all my photos back to my file).

By the way, today I'd like to show you me in magajins.

                          Red Book cover with Chris O'Donnell and his furrmily.

I was chosen the hottest hair male celeb!!!(*I'm a girl)

Fashion show article; I'm in the Burberry mankini.(*I'm a girl)

               Fashion article: The big glasses are trendy; many celebs wear it including me.

Another fashion article, the fashion designer purrson Christian Siriano is looking fur a model for his next fashion show. he liked meeee!!! I wonder what kinda dress he's gonna make fur meeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you see, I am mostly in magajins for fahsion. Not Sumo magajines.
I hope you liked seeign me in magajines.
See you tomorooooo!! XLXL... Yogi


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