Wednesday, April 20, 2011

#2. my hairdo

In my funny photos, someitmes I have hair on my head. I'd like to show you some here today.

Sponge hair

Middle aged woman

Mashroom (tall)

Donald tramp





I hope you liked my hairdo.  see you tomorrooo. if you'd like to see the latest photos of me (taken by my mom and in my house, private shots I mean, please join us my fan page on Facebook, you'll see the link at right on this page with my smile face logo. there are more funny pics by fans, other designers, and latest info and photos of me on the fan page on Facebook.  you can make feline furriends and can join feline community on Facebook also. that's fun. Shanks fur visiting my blog tuday. XLXL(instead of XOXO) from Yogi.      


  1. Ooo Butterball, I didn't know your comment was here in April! sorry. ShanQ fur visiting.
    Teri, I like your pink wig !! the pig tail extention is the best look of Yogi.