Thursday, October 17, 2013

Art and Craft

Good Grumpy Morning!! Sorry for not updating again.
(2 months no update this blog,
3 months no update my blog in Japanese edition)
I've been XXX busy, I gotta make plans/ideas for Holiday
Yogi shop.
I've tried Silkscreen this time, and few images came out
nicely(shown below), made a Yogi doll/pillow, and printed
the image on different colored fabric.
I think I'll make something with this screen print for Holidays.

Silkscreen print#2

I've made Yogi coasters in the summer,

and I've made The Yogi necklace too.*shown with very short ball chain.

Mod Podge gave me comment for my coasters on FB

I hope I can make something for holiday merchandise.  will show you and let you know when I decide.
ShanQ for reading.