Friday, August 22, 2014

Yogi And Furriends in Bailando with Enrique Igresias

Good Grumpy Afternoon!!
as many of you might have seen it already on FB,
I have made a very first Meosic video,
I wanted to make Music/Video for more varieties of entertainment,
but just didn't know how.

Recently My furriend, a singer in Egypt, was talking about new song of Enrique Igresias.
He talked about it a lot, so I checked it out,

I watched the music video of the song by Enrique, then noticed
Hey, there was a contest for making own video with the song.
then I got an idea

- Hey, we should make one with cats!!
and we did!!

Yogi And Furriends in Bailando with Enrique Igresias

The furriends seen on this video are:
Tom Sawyer (sphynx)
Tuna Martin from Acrocats (cat circus)

XXXSpecial Shanks to Enrique for this opportunity,
'cause using promotion music video/song from professional recording artists
seem illegal even to make some fun video
 (You Tube is grumpy about it).
But Officially Enrique allowed fans to use his music video/song
for the contest.

I hope you'll like it.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

He can eet anything!!

Good Grumpy Morning!!
My people had been very busy, still busy for making Yogi bag.
customers told us to make some other new merchandise too,
so now making bags and desiging new merchandise, then updating
Yogi and furriends on FB, and hosting Twitter daily.
that's the excuse of why we did not update this blog for months.

Anyway, today I'd like to introduce one of my furriends from Japan.
He has been on this blog before as the cat who eets strawberries.
The cat who enjoys eeting strawberries.
He can eet anything!!

It is cute and healthy to eet fruits, but this boy actually eets some non-food items as well.
that's scary, he lives with 2 humans (1 man, 1 woman) and elderly feline roommate, and
both his humans have daytime jobs. they are usually not at home daytime on weekdays.
then he probably acts like what Tom & Jerry do whien humans are not around.
He went to the vet for emergency twice in 2014, first it was in January, then
he was taken to yesterday also.
why? because he ate something not considered "food".
his humans were not really sure but they said this rag seemed the victim,
some knot parts were gone.
can you see? the knot parts were gone?

this is scary, imagine your cats eet something not food when you were away, then
hen you get home, and see your cats,
they look quiet, less active, not like how they usually are.
but you don't know what happened to them. it sure is scary, and frustrating.
This boy often eets strenji stuff.
toilet papers.


potty seat
Bananas( not riped as you see)


Spray that pets can feel bitter taste when they lick, his owners use this
but does not work very well 

How can his humans teach him what is OK to eet, and what is Not OK to eet?
if anyone has experience with cats like him, and has any tips/ideas.
please wtrite comments to this blog,
or comments or write on wall on Yogi And Furriends page on FB.
Yogi and Furriends