Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 31, 2011 "Master Yogi"

 Hellow. this is the last day of July?? more than 1/2 yr passed by although I still have not got used "2011"... well, I repeat "eat-sleep-eat-sleep-bully-eat-sleep.." so I have no conscious that time pass by so fast. By the way, ShanQ fur purrticipating the new series of this Blog "You has a Question fur me" that I tried yesterday.
many furriends seemed to like it, so I sure do it again. please don't hesitate, write me anytime if you come up question to me.

I'm da Master Yogi!!

 Akshally Master Yogi does not meen I know evvything. I just purritneded as a Hippo-Hop artist when I call my self "Master Yogi". But I'll try answer to questions from furriends as much as I can.
Summer concert-Master Yogi is the most popular.
Unfortunately my music and music video is rated XXXL, and can not play in public. sorry about that.
 (well, dat's a common problem in most Hippo Hop artists).

I found a nice Cat Rap song by the good looking young man. I'd like to show you here.

 I think this is cute. 

By the way, I'm with Persian girls on the Master Yogi promo photo (the 1 st photo of this post) as you see.
Speaking of me with Persian girls(actually those furriends are Himarayan), I'd like to show you something..

Ad fur SPA in Los Angeles.
Well, I like it, this is ad for Spa fur humans, once Any hairy purrson (like Persian cats) visit the Spa, she/he can leave the Spa with smooth hairless skin like SPhynx cats!!! (glad the Sphynx model was not me. if I were in the ad, people would misunderstand as if they might get wrinkly and XXXL belly). strenji..

Well, that's all fur tuday. Happy Sunday!! see you tomorooooo.... Yogi

Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 30, 2011 "You has a Question Fur me!!"

Hellow. Today, I'm going to answer to the questions from furriends. Last night, on Yogi And Furriends page on Facebook, I asked furriends to send me any questions - any kinds.. about my real life or imagination world. that'll be fun, and you guys can get to know me better.
Look intellijent with glasses.
Well, then the Question #1 from Betty;
How many times a month do you get a bath, and what kinds of special lotions do you use?

I get a bath anywhere fur once a month to 4 times a month. no speshul lotions. but i bathe in biolage shampoo. (special Shanks to my Momsy to get this info).

Me likes bath.
Question#2 from Angee;
Why would anyone get a purebred cat and then let them go and allow them to be homeless???

I was one of the victims of such people, purebred but abandoned and became a homeless. there are many reasons why people do so  for example,  financial problem, I heard that some people had to give up their pure bred cats/dogs in the recent(current)  economy situation, I also have seen in homeless cat listing that some cats were brought the shelter for no choice because unexpectedly their owners died. After cats/dogs lost their owners, there might be his/her furriends/relatives who cries for the owner's death, and if any of them like cat/dog, they might adopt the pets of a dead purrson, but not always guaranteed,
even if expensive breed, for the people who are not intersted in cats/dogs,  they have no value. not even cute. then many purebreds to be homelesses  as well as regular cats be.

But I have an idea, anyone with pets should become furriends with other cat lover/dog lover people on FB, Twitter..then for example if your financial situation gets bad and has to think of giving up your pet, you can ask someone in your city/state to be foster or adopt your cat/dog. or at least might help finding a foster or adopter in your area or in the same state. I hink my case, I was abandoned because I ate too much. I caused the broke to my previous owner. my furriend Imoe, her furrmily traveled once last fall, she was alone at home then, and worried if her peeple would return to the home safely (all of them could die for plane crash, etc during the travel, she worried), well, I am her nearest furriend, so I asked my momsy if we could pick up Imoe and allow her to move in with us if she lose her peeple. my momsy said she can do that. .. you should find furriends like dat near you. (also you should offer to help if other peeple near you if and when he/she gets a problem that is as serious as she/he has to think of giving up his/her pet). 

I was a homeless once, but rescued and got the nice chair.
Question #3 from Suzanne,
Yogi, do you read much? What is your favorite book?

Yogi:  Like my most middle aged men furriends do, I read once or twice/day in my litterbox.  My favorite book is "I CAN MAKE YOU THIN" by the British author Paul Mckenna.
See? me reading in the litterbox, the book "I CAN MAKE YOU THIN".

Oo this is good idea, I enjoyed answering the questions from furriends, I hink I am gonna do this again. write your questions in comment box or on Yogi And Furriends wall.
well, see you tomoroooooo, XLXL.

Friday, July 29, 2011

July 29, 2011 "Blog" and "Social Networking"

 Hellow. It's been a week since my other blog (Japanese edition) has started. well, I've at least got #1 in the popular post ranking. (my blog itself in Sphynx cat category is #4, was #3 yesterday, but dropped). I'm so happy that I am accepted by the world. (my FB furriends are from many countries -US, Euro, Asia, S.America, NZ & Australia, Indonesia.. and now Japan knows me). I really would like to say ShanQ to you guys fur supporting my fan page and this Daily Yogi blog. No matter how funny thing I write or create, if nobody tell me it's good, I would never know if what I do is OK, so the voice of furriends are very impurrtant.

I am so happy, can't stop screaming "yei, yei~".

my latest post is #1 popular post in Sphynx category.

 I rarely read other people's blogs actually, I know that is not good, 'cause I tend to see my space(blog) through  my own view only.  there may be good ideas on other people's blogs or stories, so I should visit others more often. popular blogs such as I Have Cat and Daisy often write comments here on my blog, and they do to other furriends too. Speaking of dat,  Imoe said that her mom was worried about her extra pounds(she's not XXXL but her weight increased recently), and started watching what she eats, tried to eat less than 1000 k cal daily, then dropped immediataly 2 lbs, but did not lose more than that after that, then she saw a health blog last week, you may not believe, but it said that people could lose weight just by drinking hot water in the morning daily, also similar effect with ginger tea in the morning, her mom tried it. started the last Monday, 4 days ago, and now 2 pounds less(she also did not stop calorie control, no more than 1000/daily) so total 4 pounds gone this month.. you can find almost any kind of info you would like to know, and some info are useful. reading other people's blog is great. why didn't I do that much earlier ???  

 The same thing I can say about FB. I didn't think meeting people via internet was unrealistic, and media often reported about troubles with strangers online, so I did not think I'd try it, But as you know now I have many furriends, and can even make money by selling my merchandise on FB. I'd say this is definitely better than "I did not try it".

Yogi in Yoga lesson,

I really think meeting people and listening to people are important. I hope I can soon find info or blog about wrinkle treatment for Sphynx cats.
No, that  is not blog fur wrinkle treatment fur Sphynx.
Well, see you tomoroooo, XLXL,   Yogi

Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 27~28, 2011 Egypt

Gud Evvning, I'm Imoe, updating at late night again~. this is today's Yogi funny pic.
(blog version bit different than the one I posted on FB).
The New Sphynx in Egypt.
The Egypt government heard about Yogi  and decided to get her as a new attraction of the country,  they can expect more and more travelers to visit the country with Yogi the Sphynx. Purrfect job fur Yogi as well, 'cause Egypt is in Africa, Yogi has no fur, likes warm place, and  according to her mom, Yogi doesn't do anything, sometimes stays the same place fur hours, and she is the Sphynx, and she is a cat- the animal the country adore most.

But like I wrote about it bit, not really all 100% people in the country love cats now. many people love cats in the country, but in reality, as some of you might have seen on TV, or magazines, books, strays are everywhere on the street in the country.
According to a furriend in Egypt, many people leave some food and water/milk for strays at back door area of their houses. they don't want to have cats as their pets, but they do care about strays and help them  in that way. But those people don't take those strays to vet for spay/neuter then release, so the number of strays do not decrease in the country. the other furriend in Egypt had kept 10 cats in his house, let his cats have kittens over and over.. and his family keeps all babies ..but is that good?? recently he said 5 out of 10 cats died.  I didn't ask about details, but I thought that people who keep cats in their house that much may have not provided each cat even basic medical care such as annual check up and vaccine, spay/neuter... The only hope is the animal rescue people in the country,  I hope more people to learn about how to take care of cats at home correctly.
The other furriend from Jordan, said she did not know about plants that some are dangerous for cats to eat, and until I told her about it, she let her cat to eat plants in her home. she also said not common to put cats name tag. never seen breed like Sphynx, Cornix rex..
I really think people who like animals &  have pets need info in the area of the world.
But Egyptian people told me that they didn't even have cat magazines in their country..  I know that the Mid East often have problems about humans, many problems not solved yet. and keep fighting, and hurting each other physically .. so I understand that lives of other creatures not priority.  But young people enjoy Western culture a lot these days.. so someday soon many of them learn many new things from Other countries, cultures, and start accepting any good info to their lives.

Yogi hopes things get better to strays in Egypt.
well, that's all fur now, see you tomorooo. XLXL , Imoe

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 26, 2011 ~New photos

Hellow, Furst of all, Messaji furrm my momsy to furriends in UK(kinda emerjency):

URGENT WARNING ALERT IN UK - URGENT PLEASE SHARE..LYME VALLEY NEWCASTLE, WARNING!!!! Please do not walk your dogs around the Lyme Valley area ( newcastle staffs )as someone is dropping food injected with anti freeze for dogs to eat.It kills them as there is nothing that can be done to save the poor animals. At least 6 dogs have already died.

Bad purrson in UK!!! if you're a dog owner in UK, please be careful, and tell others via Facebook, Twitter. etc.
I hope the UK police will catch the purrson soon.

By the way, we have the new photos of me tuday.

Me in zzzzzzzzzzzz with  the middle aged man face.

These two pics(below) look strenji....look like 2 Yogi look at each other.


Wrinkly neck
I'm eeting the code.
I've been busy with my laptop these days.
Well, that 's all fur tuday. See you tomorrrrrooooooo, XLXL.  Yogi

Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011~ My New Blog!!

Hellow. I'm Imoe.  As I advertised many places, Now there is a new Yogi Blog, but it's in Japanese language.
the link (bellow)
Yogi Blog in Japanese

It looks like this.
the same template as this Daily Yogi. but in different color and pic.
The title in Japanese is "Sutekina Yogi sama" (Fantastic Miss Yogi). Well, It started 4 days ago and I've posted twice now. (the 1st post was introduceing myself and what I was going to write about in the new blog, and introduced Yogi to the new audience with several photos of her, and in the 2nd post, I've included Yogi video "Everybody afraid of me" (Yogi reality show), to show people how scary Yogi is.

There is a blog ranking web site that any blogs in Japanese language can register,and can see how popular his/her blog is. kinda competition. everybody who want to join the ranking competition have to decide 3 categories  and 3 sub categories that his/her blog fits in. Yogi blog is registered in Cat blog category (sub-category: the Sphynx ), Comedy blog category(sub category: the funny photo group), and Internet category (sub category: the Facebook group), it's amazing, Yogi is now #5 (was #4 this morning) in the Sphynx Blog ranking (total 15 Sphynx blogs there),   and what I am surrprised most is Yogi blog Japan is #82 in Comedy blog ranking. put of 2,894 comedy blogs. (#18 in Funny photo out of 320 Funny photo blogs) #5 in Facebook category also. it's the 4th day since the blog has started, so this is very good start, and higher Yogi blog goes in the chart, more people will see and know her.

  I know most of you here can not read the language, but if you are curious and want to see it, please visit anytime.
and  if you stop by the Yogi blog in Japanese, please do this. (see the photo below)
please click this photo to enlarge, there are some button at right on the top right side of the blog, whenever you visit, please click any of those. that is the vote for Yogi blog in the blog ranking site.
I think it is not so difficult for this unique character to get attention in anywhere in the world. I'm very lucky to have met her, and allowed to do all writing and art work fur her. ShanQ fur your suppurt always.

Well, den. See you tomoroooooo, XLXL... Imoe

Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 24, 2011 ~The Funny Pics

Hellow. it was verry hot tuday here in CO, really I felt I was lucky that I had no fur.
well, it's Sunday. I don't have topic fur here tuday. lemme show you recent Funny pics tuday.

the Ant hair
Paparazzi always follows me

Appeared as guest on the famous Japanese talk show with my sis GAGA.
The New Afro

I was hungry
  By the way, it's the 3rd day since my Yogi blog in Japanese edition has started. my Blog is at #5 in Sphynx blog ranking(out of 15 Sphynx blogs) #104 in Comedy blog ranking (out of 2890 comedy blogs in Japan). that is very good start. ShanQ fur suppurrting always, very very XLXL. see you tomorooooooo

Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 23, 2011 " the baby hat on the middle aged man".

 Hellow. It's Saturday, Allow me to write short post for tuday. the article from yesterday has received many compliments, ShanQ. we just try remember the topics many people forget about, and bring it here. 
By the way, the new photos of me from yesterday.. My momsy went to shopping and bought the baby hat... to try it on meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee- the middle aged man in her house!!!
why meee??? this is torturing animal! or torturing a middle aged man!!!  why did she not put this on my siblings... size XS Sphynxes, but why XXXL me??

well, I did not smile at the camera as you see, I was not happpppy.
baby hat on middle aged man


And these are the photos of me from tuday, the latest.. few hours ago.
still grumpy about the hat, scary paws

Well, see you tomoroooo, XLXL, Yogi.

Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22, 2011 Child purrson

 Hellow. This is Imoe.  I was here all afternoon, and knew that I had to write my blog here, but was unable to start, 'cause the noisy child purrson was around all day with me (still here with me in da same room), the problem of this child purrson is that she has to announce everything she saw or thought at any moment or every moment and her announcement is very loud. yet she does many unimajinable things. (this child purrson has been like that since she was a baby purrson). many toys, she has used in unexpected way.. she even has eaten my poop once when she was a baby purrson.. seriously. (well, oneday she decided to explore my Litter box, and found something looked like a chocolate there. she grabbed the chocolate-look object and went to the living room... mom saw it and thought that the baby purrson was holding a piece of crashed peanut covered chocolate, but eating peanuts chocolate would not be good for a baby, so she tried to take it from her.. but mom suddenly remembered "strenji.. we don't have peanut chocolate in this house today!! what is the object  the child purrson was holding? " ...scary isn't it? (mom was bit late to find it, the baby purrson put it in her mouth).
So.. I envy Yogi and her environment, no noisy Child purrson in her house. I mean human one. although Yogi seems to be angry at her little brother sometimes.

Yogi's little brother Milton, size XXS, less than 1 yr old.
I'd love to have this cute little Sphynx brother rather than noisy human child purrrrson to live with.
Milton knows Yogi is scary. In this pic he looks so happy to see Yogi is ZZZZZ.

Well.. Speaking of baby purrson/child purrson, Recently I saw someone from Egypt posted a photo of cute cat on FB. I wrote comment about the cat (if the cat belongs to the friend, etc..) along with compliments, there were several comments from other furriends before I wrote there, but others wrote their comments in Arabic,  well.. I can read Arabic bit, but I did not think I had to try reading other people's comments about the cat, so I did not read. but later other furriend joined the thread and told me that "Imoe, except us, everybody else's comments to this cat were all negative, they say they hate cats because they believe that the cats cause bad disease to pregnant women!!"  I could not believe it. I thought people in Egypt love cats.  In my Japanese book about Egypt said that Egyptian people don't even get sick by drinking public water(according to the author, everywhere in Egypt, you can find a large water bottles with a cup in public area, and anyone can drink the water from the bottle by sharing the cup, if so.. I can imagine that sometimes sick purrson might use it, and somebody might use it after sick person used..) I've never heard of any disease spread in the country.. so I believe the book that Egyptian people are physically healthier and stronger than other people. Are the number of handicapped or mentally ill people in the country is higher than other countries because they loved cats longtime ago and cats caused illness to human babies and pregnant women in Egypt? I don't think so.

 I heard that they stopped  cherishing cat too much after the coutry lost war, not because they discovered that cats caused disease to pregnant women and unborn babies.
then why are some people still believe the cat disease thing and hate cats for that???
(Toxoplasma, they meant).

So, I brought the subject to the rescue group in Egypt on FB, and I was glad. the people who care about animals, and participate rescue activity were very educated, they said they would do anything not to lose their cats even when they are pregnant. some woman said she was told to get rid of her cat by her mother while she was pregnant, but refused to do so,  her husband understood her and her cats, (that was very good), so she was able to keep her cat, and had a healthy human baby. (isn't that great? the mother of the woman was one of the people who believed that cats could cause disease to unborn baby, but the woman grew up without believing what her mother believed).
the People who joined the talk with me were very educated in the subject, I was glad that some people in Egypt still love cats!! and really love cats.
nobody said that they would choose cats over their babies, but  they said they would do anything to keep their cats in any situation or circumstance.

Well... my mom did not change any her routine even during pregnancy, she was even changing my litter box daily then, but her child purrson is healthy, she even ate my poo, but still healthy.  her doctor did not even suggest mom to get rid of cat(that's me). I think having cats at home is not really scary problem to pregnant women.
Yogi always looks like pregnant, but actually she's not. 
Well, that's all for tuday. see you tomorooooo, XLXL Imoe

Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 21, 2011 " I'm International !"

Gud Afternoon!! oo I think I love to update my blog in day time than very late night.  Anyway, the new Yogi blog has been created and started earlier today!!!  I am not sure if I can be popular in Japan.  As you  might have known, some famous cats on the internet are Japanese, such as Goma cat, Maru cat,. and purrticularly many Japanese cat owners are creative, though not famous as much as Goma, and Maru, fur example..I have seen a blog by the foster lady who keeps many strays in her house that she was the first purrson started Cat wigs, it was super funny that she put several different wigs on her cat, (Imoe remembered it, that wig cat blog probably gave her an idea of putting many different hairdo on me when she makes my daily funny pics).
Like this,
So.. in US and other countries, people think what I do is funny, but not sure if I am accepted in Japan. I sure would like to know how much I would be accepted in the country. I hope I can crack the people up in the country and get them addicted to me. To advertise, I have registered the Yogi blog in Japanese to the Blog ranking website ( only blogs in Japanese language can register, not this Daily Yogi since this one is in English).
then I had to choose the categories where my blog fit in. I gotta pick 3 categories- #1 Cat (and in cat category I chose "Sphynx" group) #2.Funnies(funny pictures) and #3 Internet(Facebook). dat was easy to choose.

Anyway, I believe many of you can not read any Japanese, but if you are interested or if you know someone whio can read the language, please visit or tell someone to visit my new blog.(link below)
すてきなヨギ様(Fantastic Miss Yogi)

Well this is all for now, see you tomorooooooo, XLXL    Yogi

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 20, 2011 Thank You!!

Gud Afternoon!! Thank you very many for visiting my blog yesterday, also many comments with diet tips, idea, and info from many furriends. My momsy read them all and wrote down those info to change my diet.
I thought the topic about health would be boring and nobody would read my blog yesterday, so I was really surprised that there was over 300 visitors and getting many comments yesterday. Wow!!
you know what this means? it means that many people do care about their pet's health. I'm happy to know that.
Me -the largiest potato at right.
Can you see how big I am in the photo above? (the middle one is regular size Sphynx). Not only fat, I think my body itself is basecally large(bone structure, width of body etc..), don't you think?
XXXL(this photo was about a year ago)

Sorry to have posted same photos more than once on this blog sometimes. But  there are always new visitors and new fans, they have not seen those photos yet.

By the way, I just said on Yogi And Furriend page lastnight that I was going to start new Yogi blog in Japanese language when Yogi And Furriends page has reached 500 fans! well, now 506 fans there. Looks like I have to start the new blog today.


Me yesterday.

Well, this is all for tuday, see you tomoroooo, XLXL... Yogi

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19, 2011 Health

 Gud Afternoon!!  well, yesterday my momsy checked my weight, and said that I weighed 20 pounds.
I looked smaller in some of my recent photos, so often somebody asked if I've got shrunk or lost weight, but the weight check yesterday proved that I had not lost any weight and I am still size XXXL. my furriend Imoe and butterball said they weigh 8 pounds as adult cats, if 8 pound cats exists as adult size, well... 20 pound me sure is XXXL.

Me- Roast chicken shape

When I wrote about it on Yogi And Furriends page, some furriend worried about my health. well, I;ve already been not so comfortable to walk, lower body is not very active. there was a video of me from 2-3 months ago that I was curious to catch a toy but other Sphynxes in my house joined me, somebody kicked the toy away, den others immediately ran to get it, but I was sitting, I tried nothing to get it. me no purrticipating competition or play  that require walking/running. Though upperbody is active. But same as human in XXXL, I must do something to prevent of getting sick as I get older. Like I said, I was once a homeless, rescued by my momsy, and now have a house, can eat and sleep anytime. yet now I have meny furriends and fans all over the world. I want to enjoy my life as long as I can, and if I wish, I gotta take care of my health. maybe I am gonna ask my Momsy to switch my food to diet version, and try to move often during summer.
One of my recent photos that I look smaller.
But I always look like this.

But Many fans told me that they like me in size XXXL always..what can I do??
But seriously many dogs/cats have this very same problem now. not only my problem, let's think of this issue.
one thing you can do is to ask your humans not place your litter box and dining area in the same floor of the house. (for example, Litter box in the basement, dining room upstair. so everytime you use litter box, you gotta use stair up and down. you'll do the trip 4-5 times a day, would be good exercise).
if anyone know other good idea, write me anytime.
Well. this is all for now. See you tomorrrrooooo, XLXL... Yogi

Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011 The Yogi Funny photos by Imoe (re-post-random picb)

Gud Evvning. I hate Sunday, and is about to be gone now, I'm happy. I love Monday, 'cause I has nothing to do when most other peeple get busy. Well.. I think I'm gonna post my funny pics by Imoe today.
But first, the Yogi pictre of da day.
The Walgreens robbery.
The  Sexy Mankini
Angelina and Brad adopted a new baby
Christian Siriano picked me for his runway model
Trend 2011~the fat framed glass
If you're new to my world, I think you'll like those funnies. As you see, in my imagination world, I can be anything, and I appear anywhere. don't get mad or don't wonder too much, it's in the imagination world, not real. nobody treat me in funny way in my real world. I have a nice home with responsible purrson, 6 siblings, and yet many fans like you on the internet. I am one of the happiest and luckiest cats in the world.
well. this is all for tuday. See you tomorrrrrroooo. Happy Monday to you, XLXL, Yogi