Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22, 2011 Child purrson

 Hellow. This is Imoe.  I was here all afternoon, and knew that I had to write my blog here, but was unable to start, 'cause the noisy child purrson was around all day with me (still here with me in da same room), the problem of this child purrson is that she has to announce everything she saw or thought at any moment or every moment and her announcement is very loud. yet she does many unimajinable things. (this child purrson has been like that since she was a baby purrson). many toys, she has used in unexpected way.. she even has eaten my poop once when she was a baby purrson.. seriously. (well, oneday she decided to explore my Litter box, and found something looked like a chocolate there. she grabbed the chocolate-look object and went to the living room... mom saw it and thought that the baby purrson was holding a piece of crashed peanut covered chocolate, but eating peanuts chocolate would not be good for a baby, so she tried to take it from her.. but mom suddenly remembered "strenji.. we don't have peanut chocolate in this house today!! what is the object  the child purrson was holding? " ...scary isn't it? (mom was bit late to find it, the baby purrson put it in her mouth).
So.. I envy Yogi and her environment, no noisy Child purrson in her house. I mean human one. although Yogi seems to be angry at her little brother sometimes.

Yogi's little brother Milton, size XXS, less than 1 yr old.
I'd love to have this cute little Sphynx brother rather than noisy human child purrrrson to live with.
Milton knows Yogi is scary. In this pic he looks so happy to see Yogi is ZZZZZ.

Well.. Speaking of baby purrson/child purrson, Recently I saw someone from Egypt posted a photo of cute cat on FB. I wrote comment about the cat (if the cat belongs to the friend, etc..) along with compliments, there were several comments from other furriends before I wrote there, but others wrote their comments in Arabic,  well.. I can read Arabic bit, but I did not think I had to try reading other people's comments about the cat, so I did not read. but later other furriend joined the thread and told me that "Imoe, except us, everybody else's comments to this cat were all negative, they say they hate cats because they believe that the cats cause bad disease to pregnant women!!"  I could not believe it. I thought people in Egypt love cats.  In my Japanese book about Egypt said that Egyptian people don't even get sick by drinking public water(according to the author, everywhere in Egypt, you can find a large water bottles with a cup in public area, and anyone can drink the water from the bottle by sharing the cup, if so.. I can imagine that sometimes sick purrson might use it, and somebody might use it after sick person used..) I've never heard of any disease spread in the country.. so I believe the book that Egyptian people are physically healthier and stronger than other people. Are the number of handicapped or mentally ill people in the country is higher than other countries because they loved cats longtime ago and cats caused illness to human babies and pregnant women in Egypt? I don't think so.

 I heard that they stopped  cherishing cat too much after the coutry lost war, not because they discovered that cats caused disease to pregnant women and unborn babies.
then why are some people still believe the cat disease thing and hate cats for that???
(Toxoplasma, they meant).

So, I brought the subject to the rescue group in Egypt on FB, and I was glad. the people who care about animals, and participate rescue activity were very educated, they said they would do anything not to lose their cats even when they are pregnant. some woman said she was told to get rid of her cat by her mother while she was pregnant, but refused to do so,  her husband understood her and her cats, (that was very good), so she was able to keep her cat, and had a healthy human baby. (isn't that great? the mother of the woman was one of the people who believed that cats could cause disease to unborn baby, but the woman grew up without believing what her mother believed).
the People who joined the talk with me were very educated in the subject, I was glad that some people in Egypt still love cats!! and really love cats.
nobody said that they would choose cats over their babies, but  they said they would do anything to keep their cats in any situation or circumstance.

Well... my mom did not change any her routine even during pregnancy, she was even changing my litter box daily then, but her child purrson is healthy, she even ate my poo, but still healthy.  her doctor did not even suggest mom to get rid of cat(that's me). I think having cats at home is not really scary problem to pregnant women.
Yogi always looks like pregnant, but actually she's not. 
Well, that's all for tuday. see you tomorooooo, XLXL Imoe


  1. Imoe, I would probably be skerred of a child-person. On the other paw, my brother Harley is always ruining my Good Times.

  2. Very interesting post Imoe. I'm glad you posted to the rescue group and found out not everyone feels the say about cats and pregnant ladies there!

  3. Oh Yes, Daisy, our child purrson is verrry annoying, the skinny cat like you, she would try picking you up and chase you around all the time. she probably is annoying than Harley.

    Oooo I've got compliment from I Have cat for my post. we tend to believe that cats are cherished in Egypt or other Mid East countries, because of the history of the country. My mom was curious about how people in Egypt care about cats now, and sometimes was asking about it to her furriends in Egypt on FB, and got an impression that maybe even Spay/neuter thing is uncommon in the country .. so she wanted to ask if anyone in the country know about the correct information of pregnant women and cat issue .. glad many said my post was good. ShanQ.

  4. There seems to be a bond between cats and pregnant ladies. My wife too is so fond of cats, especially when she is pregnant. She sleeps, eats, stay around the cat all the 9 months. Nice post there, thanks for sharing.

  5. Hellow baby Poop, ShanQ fur writing me. Oh yes, I think understanding husbands are very helpful to solve the issue. my daddy was not helpful but at least he did not tell mom to get rid of me while mom was pregnant, so that was OK. Say Hellow to your wife and child purrson and feline child purrson in your house fur me. XLXL, Imoe