Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 24, 2011 ~The Funny Pics

Hellow. it was verry hot tuday here in CO, really I felt I was lucky that I had no fur.
well, it's Sunday. I don't have topic fur here tuday. lemme show you recent Funny pics tuday.

the Ant hair
Paparazzi always follows me

Appeared as guest on the famous Japanese talk show with my sis GAGA.
The New Afro

I was hungry
  By the way, it's the 3rd day since my Yogi blog in Japanese edition has started. my Blog is at #5 in Sphynx blog ranking(out of 15 Sphynx blogs) #104 in Comedy blog ranking (out of 2890 comedy blogs in Japan). that is very good start. ShanQ fur suppurrting always, very very XLXL. see you tomorooooooo

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