Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 27~28, 2011 Egypt

Gud Evvning, I'm Imoe, updating at late night again~. this is today's Yogi funny pic.
(blog version bit different than the one I posted on FB).
The New Sphynx in Egypt.
The Egypt government heard about Yogi  and decided to get her as a new attraction of the country,  they can expect more and more travelers to visit the country with Yogi the Sphynx. Purrfect job fur Yogi as well, 'cause Egypt is in Africa, Yogi has no fur, likes warm place, and  according to her mom, Yogi doesn't do anything, sometimes stays the same place fur hours, and she is the Sphynx, and she is a cat- the animal the country adore most.

But like I wrote about it bit, not really all 100% people in the country love cats now. many people love cats in the country, but in reality, as some of you might have seen on TV, or magazines, books, strays are everywhere on the street in the country.
According to a furriend in Egypt, many people leave some food and water/milk for strays at back door area of their houses. they don't want to have cats as their pets, but they do care about strays and help them  in that way. But those people don't take those strays to vet for spay/neuter then release, so the number of strays do not decrease in the country. the other furriend in Egypt had kept 10 cats in his house, let his cats have kittens over and over.. and his family keeps all babies ..but is that good?? recently he said 5 out of 10 cats died.  I didn't ask about details, but I thought that people who keep cats in their house that much may have not provided each cat even basic medical care such as annual check up and vaccine, spay/neuter... The only hope is the animal rescue people in the country,  I hope more people to learn about how to take care of cats at home correctly.
The other furriend from Jordan, said she did not know about plants that some are dangerous for cats to eat, and until I told her about it, she let her cat to eat plants in her home. she also said not common to put cats name tag. never seen breed like Sphynx, Cornix rex..
I really think people who like animals &  have pets need info in the area of the world.
But Egyptian people told me that they didn't even have cat magazines in their country..  I know that the Mid East often have problems about humans, many problems not solved yet. and keep fighting, and hurting each other physically .. so I understand that lives of other creatures not priority.  But young people enjoy Western culture a lot these days.. so someday soon many of them learn many new things from Other countries, cultures, and start accepting any good info to their lives.

Yogi hopes things get better to strays in Egypt.
well, that's all fur now, see you tomorooo. XLXL , Imoe

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