Friday, July 15, 2011

July 14 &15, 2011~ NEW HAT

 Gud Evvning. sorry fur late, I joined the talk fur rescuing death row furriends on FB(*Death row furriends meens the dogs/cats in shelters and when their time is up- always announced  less than 15 hours from deadline, means we have to do something within 8-9 hours to rescue them). I pledged some money for specific cat there. I hope she will be rescued.. I am too far(CO), can not do anything physically to help them(NYC), all I can do is donate money as often as I can, and join the talk and tell my idea or opinions there. sometimes other peeple tell me that my idea or opinion was "good idea!" so better participate the talk than just praying.

 Anyway, we've got a gift from our good furriend from FB today, it was a pretty Hat!! my momsy wanted to try it on my XS female siblings, but they were all gone for charm school  tuday.  Available models were my XS male sibling Milton and XXXL me only.
Miton(my brother) tried it on.

Me tried on.

I look like Scarface(gand or mafia purrson) or something. According to momsy, this was not a gang hat, this was Barbie doll's!!  Milton looks more feminine with this hat. (he's a boy, I am a girl).
Me tried it again. now look like a grandma.
Well, no matter how I look strenji with new fashion items, you guys are always nice to me, tell me that you like my style. so I don't worry about how I look in any clothing, or make up or hair. I would like trying many experiment in fashion & beauty. (and great entertainment for your guys to see it). well, dat's all for tuday, see you tomorooo, XLXL... Yogi


  1. I think you looks purrrty with your new hat! It is always good to try new looks.

  2. Hi Daisy, ShanQ fur your comment. Oh yes, I like to experiment with many styles, and with anything.furriend like you often inspire me. Shanks fur writing me. XLXL