Friday, July 29, 2011

July 29, 2011 "Blog" and "Social Networking"

 Hellow. It's been a week since my other blog (Japanese edition) has started. well, I've at least got #1 in the popular post ranking. (my blog itself in Sphynx cat category is #4, was #3 yesterday, but dropped). I'm so happy that I am accepted by the world. (my FB furriends are from many countries -US, Euro, Asia, S.America, NZ & Australia, Indonesia.. and now Japan knows me). I really would like to say ShanQ to you guys fur supporting my fan page and this Daily Yogi blog. No matter how funny thing I write or create, if nobody tell me it's good, I would never know if what I do is OK, so the voice of furriends are very impurrtant.

I am so happy, can't stop screaming "yei, yei~".

my latest post is #1 popular post in Sphynx category.

 I rarely read other people's blogs actually, I know that is not good, 'cause I tend to see my space(blog) through  my own view only.  there may be good ideas on other people's blogs or stories, so I should visit others more often. popular blogs such as I Have Cat and Daisy often write comments here on my blog, and they do to other furriends too. Speaking of dat,  Imoe said that her mom was worried about her extra pounds(she's not XXXL but her weight increased recently), and started watching what she eats, tried to eat less than 1000 k cal daily, then dropped immediataly 2 lbs, but did not lose more than that after that, then she saw a health blog last week, you may not believe, but it said that people could lose weight just by drinking hot water in the morning daily, also similar effect with ginger tea in the morning, her mom tried it. started the last Monday, 4 days ago, and now 2 pounds less(she also did not stop calorie control, no more than 1000/daily) so total 4 pounds gone this month.. you can find almost any kind of info you would like to know, and some info are useful. reading other people's blog is great. why didn't I do that much earlier ???  

 The same thing I can say about FB. I didn't think meeting people via internet was unrealistic, and media often reported about troubles with strangers online, so I did not think I'd try it, But as you know now I have many furriends, and can even make money by selling my merchandise on FB. I'd say this is definitely better than "I did not try it".

Yogi in Yoga lesson,

I really think meeting people and listening to people are important. I hope I can soon find info or blog about wrinkle treatment for Sphynx cats.
No, that  is not blog fur wrinkle treatment fur Sphynx.
Well, see you tomoroooo, XLXL,   Yogi

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