Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 30, 2011 "You has a Question Fur me!!"

Hellow. Today, I'm going to answer to the questions from furriends. Last night, on Yogi And Furriends page on Facebook, I asked furriends to send me any questions - any kinds.. about my real life or imagination world. that'll be fun, and you guys can get to know me better.
Look intellijent with glasses.
Well, then the Question #1 from Betty;
How many times a month do you get a bath, and what kinds of special lotions do you use?

I get a bath anywhere fur once a month to 4 times a month. no speshul lotions. but i bathe in biolage shampoo. (special Shanks to my Momsy to get this info).

Me likes bath.
Question#2 from Angee;
Why would anyone get a purebred cat and then let them go and allow them to be homeless???

I was one of the victims of such people, purebred but abandoned and became a homeless. there are many reasons why people do so  for example,  financial problem, I heard that some people had to give up their pure bred cats/dogs in the recent(current)  economy situation, I also have seen in homeless cat listing that some cats were brought the shelter for no choice because unexpectedly their owners died. After cats/dogs lost their owners, there might be his/her furriends/relatives who cries for the owner's death, and if any of them like cat/dog, they might adopt the pets of a dead purrson, but not always guaranteed,
even if expensive breed, for the people who are not intersted in cats/dogs,  they have no value. not even cute. then many purebreds to be homelesses  as well as regular cats be.

But I have an idea, anyone with pets should become furriends with other cat lover/dog lover people on FB, Twitter..then for example if your financial situation gets bad and has to think of giving up your pet, you can ask someone in your city/state to be foster or adopt your cat/dog. or at least might help finding a foster or adopter in your area or in the same state. I hink my case, I was abandoned because I ate too much. I caused the broke to my previous owner. my furriend Imoe, her furrmily traveled once last fall, she was alone at home then, and worried if her peeple would return to the home safely (all of them could die for plane crash, etc during the travel, she worried), well, I am her nearest furriend, so I asked my momsy if we could pick up Imoe and allow her to move in with us if she lose her peeple. my momsy said she can do that. .. you should find furriends like dat near you. (also you should offer to help if other peeple near you if and when he/she gets a problem that is as serious as she/he has to think of giving up his/her pet). 

I was a homeless once, but rescued and got the nice chair.
Question #3 from Suzanne,
Yogi, do you read much? What is your favorite book?

Yogi:  Like my most middle aged men furriends do, I read once or twice/day in my litterbox.  My favorite book is "I CAN MAKE YOU THIN" by the British author Paul Mckenna.
See? me reading in the litterbox, the book "I CAN MAKE YOU THIN".

Oo this is good idea, I enjoyed answering the questions from furriends, I hink I am gonna do this again. write your questions in comment box or on Yogi And Furriends wall.
well, see you tomoroooooo, XLXL.


  1. Yogi, I think I am going to move a magazine rack next to my litterbox so I can read in there, too!

  2. Since we are new Yogi followers, we liked learning your 'backstory' and we don't spend a lot of time in the litterbox fact we race out real fast and happy-like after we've used it, hahameow!

  3. Hello Daisy & Teri!! ShanQ fur writing me again. Oh yes, you guys should read in da litter box. we good looking kitties should have some brains too, (some human females with good looks are often considered no brains, that is not good).
    Yogi & Imoe